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Support, Change and Training

Please select the most fitting option from the table below and follow the appropriate guidelines. 

Alternatively, you may be able to resolve your issue more quickly by accessing the materials provided on the left. You will find Step-by-step guides, help with CamSIS Search, training (Moodle), and ways to arrange classroom training. 


CamSIS help in Moodle

CamSIS Training Homepage (includes topics for administrators)

CamSIS for Academics

CamSIS for Students

CamSIS access - request or modify access to CamSIS

If access to CamSIS needs to be given to or removed from a user please use the online registration form here.

An FAQ for user registration, extension, and deletion can be found here.

Need to report an issue? Have a question?
  • An area of the system is not working how you expect it to
  • You need help or support with the system


CamSIS Service Desk
Monday - Friday 08:30 - 17:00

Telephone: 01223 (7)64999
Fax: 01223 (7)66939

CamSIS Training
Monday - Friday 08:30 - 17:00

Guidelines to help log the best data possible can be found here

Request a change to CamSIS
  • You would like a report changed
  • You would like fields changed on the Outbound Interface (OBI)
  • You would like to request changes a page on CamSIS
  • You would like to change the fields that are included in a process
  • You would like to request a change to an integrated application E.g. Digitary
  • You would like a user role to be amended/created
  • ​Other requests for change


Information on how to request or view the status of Change Requests can be found here


The CamSIS release 2020_05 has now been applied and the service available for normal use (Sunday 16th August 2020)