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This project completed in May 2018

The situation

  • The level of access that individuals have to CamSIS was previously defined by areas of functionality rather than a set of standard job-related roles
  • There were no individuals in organisations within the Collegiate University with formal responsibility for ensuring that user access was appropriate and regularly reviewed and approved
  • The request process for access to CamSIS or for changes to level of access to CamSIS was inefficient.

Project aims

  • Standardise user access, grouping users performing similar roles within similar organisations across the Collegiate University.
  • Introduce an audit tool to allow Approvers across the Collegiate University to review the lists of users with access to data relating to their own parts of the organisation and, where access levels are incorrect, a process to remove access immediately. Training will be provided.
  • Introduce a more efficient process for requesting, closing, amending and approving access.


  • Staff needing to use CamSIS are now able to more easily and accurately request the required level of access from a list of recognisable options and requests are processed more quickly
  • Staff performing a similar role and across similar organisations now have the same level of access as each other which will help to improve peer-to-peer support
  • User accounts are now more robustly managed, ensuring that the University maintains compliance with a recent internal audit.

Phase 1 completed 29 August 2017

The following materials are available on the CamSIS support website:
  • A list of organisational Approvers
  • An improved account request form with list of CamSIS roles to select from when requesting access, to be approved and emailed to the CamSIS Helpdesk by Approvers
  • A matrix with role permissions to help people to understand and identify which role they need to select when requesting access
  • A policy for CamSIS user access which details eligibility for access to data on the system, the application and approval process and states that Approvers are responsible for verifying on a six-monthly basis that all users associated with their organisation still require access to CamSIS. 

Phase 2 completed 15 May 2018

  • A new online user access request and approval process, to replace the paper-based form
  • An improved process to create, amend and remove CamSIS accounts.
  • A new CamSIS audit tool to support Approvers in completing the audits twice a year from March 2018. Online training material is available that explains why the audit tool is necessary and how to use the tool.

Project Board

Name and job titleName and job title Role on Project BoardRole on Project Board
Name and job titleNeil King, Service Owner, Student Administration System Services Role on Project BoardProject Sponsor
Name and job titleKate Maxwell, Senior User Lead Role on Project BoardBusiness Lead
Name and job titleRaj Dhanaraj, Tutorial Manager (Hughes Hall) Role on Project BoardCollege Lead
Name and job titleSilvana Dean, Teaching Administrative Officer (Faculty of Economics) Role on Project BoardDepartment Lead
Name and job titleRachael Padman, Lecturer, Department of Physics Role on Project BoardProgramme Board Lead
Name and job titleAudrey Leyland, Project Manager Role on Project BoardProject Manager
Name and job titleMark Rowland, Programme Manager Role on Project BoardProgramme Manager


CamSIS releases

The next CamSIS release is on 14th December 2021

Regular vulnerable periods

CamSIS can be unavailable on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 6-9am.

This is known as our vulnerable period - a time when we apply various patches and fixes to keep the system up-to-date and secure.