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Weekly releases

We release fixes and new features every Tuesday during the vulnerable period (typically 6am-9am). The system remains available during this time.

Information about what we're releasing each week is sent to the CamSIS Bulletin. Feel free to subscribe with a email account.

Maintenance releases

This is scheduled maintenance for the application of the latest critical patches. Times for these can vary and always require system downtime.

Maintenance releases
2024_01   Tuesday 20th Feb, 7am-10am PeopleTools patch
2024_02 TBC PeopleTools patch
2024_03 TBC PeopleTools upgrade
2024_04 TBC PeopleTools patch
2024_05 TBC PeopleTools patch

Any updates to the release schedule will be reflected on this page and also communicated through notifications to the CamSIS Bulletin.


This page contains information about releases prior to the time we switched to a weekly release model.

History of what was released and when for weekly releases can be viewed by subscribers to the CamSIS Bulletin.

14th February 2023


Call Number Call Details


771740 Add ethnicity to UC_PG_FUND_VW
780076 Added Department ID to UC_PG_FUND_VW (ACAD_ORG)
785706 Add gender descriptions to UC_PG_FUND_VW.
784358 Updated view UC_PHD_REG_VW so that correct ACAD_ORG shows in First Year Assessment header
785983 All the current year's terms now appear in enrolment.
787171 UCPRC344 repeatedly running to Warning for three applicants whose documents have already been deleted.
753601 Apply the latest Application Updates via Image 27 from Oracle.
769631 Apply the latest Peopletools patch, 8.58.22. This also includes patches to weblogic and Java.
782226 New user role for University Security


Update to our Webauth redirection for Raven4Life users.
764613 ODC Data Entry Release 3
13th December 2022

13th December 2022

Call Number Call Details


259738 Update permission for the Departmental MST Administrator role.
486430 Add Checklists section to Admissions tab of 360.
712403 Changes to the Postgraduate Admissions cover sheet
746285 Update the Interview Report Form in CamSIS for the 2023 cycle.
750537 Change field length
697110 Phase 3 of project to update BI Publisher template fonts to Liberation.
751328 SSD buttons not appearing in Supporting Document Repository popup
751595 Unmerge incorrectly merged DfE Apply applications from existing student records.
752588 Change the residency term description from a prompt on 360 as not needed and currently causes a warning message due to the number of values.
756520 Deleted enrolments added in error
757540 Changed the error message that appears on the configuration - Progs for Enrolment Association page as it was confusing.
758879 Script to fix an incomplete Digitary subscription payment and transcript request.
759970 Removing incorrect data so an application can be processed.
760710 Update incorrect supervision report text
648313 Changes to Security Fluid navigation collection
733573 Amended PS_UC_PG_FUND_VW to return terms not yet started and to provide admissions data for all future terms from 2022.
755258 Interview Report forms have been removed from the Interviewing module.
757204 Create new Department Access and Wellbeing user roles
735851 HESA Data Futures Part 2
748130 Student Support Document project -- phase 5b
760327 ODC Project Part 1 Config and Eligible students search
15th November 2022

15th November 2022

Call Number Call Details


487868 New process to add examiners onto exams
624526 SQL that generates list of departmental approvers for CISS applications updated to make sure only approvers with correct combination of user role and acad_org returned.
732403 PA000092 and PA000104 changes
738050 A change has been made to the process that feeds data to the University Card system to return all PG students that need cards.
723514 UCPRC334 (EDM Batch Upload) fails when referee email address is null. We have added a placeholder value for email address to resolve this
725120 Supervision report BIP Template UC_SR_REP_PR has validation errors
728807 Stop the use in HESA flag being reset overnight for Student Exams Result
731033 PFRS report needing to be withdrawn
733679 Delete a set of enrolments loaded via bulk load, due to too many papers included.
736878 Duplicate entries in Basis of Admission have been removed
737684 UCRPT319 (Certificate of Offer Confirmation) erroring when run from GSS
738538 UCPRC171 failure due to view ps_uc_chklst_crit
740723 Remove some enrolments for Easter 2023
741178 Script to mark one SAQ as paid, due to an issue at WPM.
741191 A small number of GAP applicants are stuck in staging
741684 Applicant Import report UCRPT422 - college not being notified of contact changes
742298 PGCE Applicant incorrectly assigned to existing USN
742936 A script to reset values in the CAO Schools Database
744770 Re-run import for all photos to make sure no student photo has been missed
745215 Data fix for transcripts
696215 Enhancements to the way we close down the system for maintenance using Appsian.
726120 New Access and Wellbeing roles for SSC
726328 Create a student EDM documents page
734847 New configuration to create batch emails for Undergraduate Admissions Assessments registration reminders
740762 New configuration to place Visiting students in the feed to the University Card service.
742082 New program to purge the Postcode Directory table as part of Subject Moderation
744422 Change to Search Match rules for DfE
731433 Student Support Document project - phase 5a
4th October 2022

4th October 2022

Call Number Call Details


601731 Add Completed date to OBI
623006 Change to auto withdrawals process to withdraw any conditional offers not accepted within a given time period.
623196 Incorrect error message upon clicking Print Attendance on Exam Attendance page for exam with no attendees.
638641 Add new categories to the EDM file upload
651673 Safety Office Extract - changes to report
706983 Add Total Liability to Offer Letter and Certificate
716057 Remove HESA and HESES process pages from permission lists
667632 BI Publisher templates updated with Liberation fonts (Phase 2 of 538137)
706626 Merge DfE applicant 306143450 into original USN 191040333
709508 **INTERNAL** Changed how we record Move Instructions so that they are sequenced better
711783 Fix issue where CHEK, CHEP and CHET awards were not appearing on transcripts
713414 Release Summary Update Prod Date secondary page not populating correctly.
714253 Backout a change to CISS pivot grids, which was causing incorrect approval stage to be shown
714764 UCPRC344 Main select to get population is very slow
717707 Issue viewing PBI images back of ID cards and history
719531 Decommission CGSRS
725622 Supervision Export Report was writing too many dummy rows causing the columns to misalign
726002 Swapped two nodes on the xml file of the ITT return so that they are alphabetical.
726669 The ITT Return has been amended to pick up Placements within the Census Period.
727948 A script to reset the status of communication emails that had not been sent by SCC_COMMGEN.
708202 Student Support Document project - phase 4b
23rd August 2022
Call Number Call Details


418301 Added translate values to delivered

RELATIONSHIP field to include Next of

Kin and General Practitioner; required for

student self service emergency contacts.

Incorporated RELATIONSHIP and


436760 For CISS applications if the first stage is

skipped (Principal Supervisor) due to

them not being active when the

application is made, emails should no

longer be sent once they are active as the

application will already be on a later

605024 Add instructional text to CISS approvals

page relating to risk assessments and

academic plan changes
618956 Student Registry users requested a new

text box on CISS applications approvals

page to record notes for internal use
659841 Added 5 help choice fields to the students

Self Evaluation Report, added help

choices as filters to three of the pivot

grids Self Eval not Seen by Department,

DC and College. Also added the help

choice information to the self eval export

667698 Changes to the CAS email and pages
678406 Alter BGS Worklist by changing columns

around and splitting out the work activity

into individual columns
688310 **INTERNAL** Update Regression Date

labels and save processing in Release

Summary at technical request.
691611 Added STDNT_CAR_TERM to query

668995 The Apply Decision Export for DFE now

retains the current college. With a change

in application status it was setting the

college back to the default
675884 Remove addresses of type HESA from a

list of students provided by the user.
682805 Issue resolved with the DC Exclusions

tab on College Characteristics Table
689375 Student Registration Disability prompt

order and Pre population of values
693577 The results class of subject NST0 have

been changed to grading basis GRD

(from CLS) as they were missing from the

Class List Report ucrpt055
694506 Student career number corrected on CAS

application data record for two students
695039 Name appearing on the CAS Statement

in Postgraduate Applicant Self-Service

has been changed to the name that

appears on their CAS rather than their

Legal / Primary name which may have

changed since the CAS has been

696302 Reduce the size of table

UCPRC334_HIST and maintain it
706550 New 17 char HUSID values have been

entered into the system. These need to

be removed until the HESA updates have

been implemented
423984 Protect passwords of Admin users not

using raven login
676693 2022/23 ITT Return modified for latest

684970 **INTERNAL** Improvement to Change

Tracker process to better deal with fields

being removed.
696286 Technical Support Only - Setting the

webserver cache folders
699281 Lock SAQ user accounts during the 2022

UCAS Exam Results Embargo
712031 Fix bug when displaying multiple Appsian

637533 Photo API Import
682870 Student Support Document project -

phase 4
683182 Fix EDM issues relating to EDM upgrades
5th July 2022

5th July 2022

Call Number Call Details


682950 Create new user roles, permission lists and SSD configuration for central offices, University library and College observers
683655 New alert banners and supporting functionality for system maintenance notifications
659845 Delete attachment from CISS application at student request
667656 Update UCAS data for duplicate USN
680800 EAA correction request was stuck in Pending
684618 Incorrect character removed from basis of admission text that was causing page error
685055 Delete Grade Roster data to allow for reprocessing
689427 Delete Grade Roster data to allow for reprocessing
651483 Missing AWRD records needed creating
590144 Added ability to print DfE applications in Batch
638742 Change to using multiple columns for primary and other citizenships in Funding Management Portal view
637633 Change to using flattened names table in Funding Management Portal view to improve performance
650739 Fix issues with applicants not appearing in UC_OA_APPL_VW
660714 UCAS application import report now includes miscoded choice 7s when the choice number is concatenated with the extra round number
673061 Support Documentation for EAA can create a blank reference in a particular scenario
673912 Fixed issue with FoE Student Questionnaire reports
ESR-284 Fix bug where the list of other recipients ("This email has been sent to...") was no longer appearing in administrative emails for SSD
679886 Updates for the 2022 UCAS cycle for ivStarH data
646461 Version upgrade for APEX Interviewing
657832 HESA Data Futures Phase 2 - Disability and Legal Sex
668046 Student Support Document project - phase 3B
17th May 2022

17th May 2022

Call Number Call Details


483109 Populating subplans for MBBCH and VETMB
531349 If a student gets a program change, check if the degree on the Ceremony request table needs updating.
585134 Add applicant number and admit term to applicant withdraw email
590142 UCPRC420 (Postgraduate Anonymisation) updated to anonymise new DfE Apply table SAD_UC_ACOND
604872 Correct the transfer to checklists from Offer Summary page for postgraduate applications when applicant has multiple applications.
611939 Update fonts in all UC_ BI Publisher templates to open source equivalents - Phase 1
628589 CRSID is now a searchable field on the GSSC Approval Status page.
631285 NON_STU registration administration
646124 Added Preferred First Name to the table used for Jackdaw data.
647165 Add 'Insurance required' option to Working Away configuration
647638 Update Graduation Reporting process to allow earlier creation of the MA after the conferral of the BA degree.
649346 Add PROG to CISS final approval/denial emails
450461 Updating minor messaging and process flow issues with Graduation Activity Guide
470551 Rows will now be deleted from UC_FORMQUALS to keep it in sync with qualifications at UCAS.
590786 Former students later becoming admin staff (UC Peoplesoft User) and not being able to see reports in process monitor due to Primary and Process Profile permission lists not being updated to PPALL/PRALL respectively.
636815 Update FAKEUCAS config to remove obsolete UTT UCAS tables.
649320 Remove rule 320 from Financial tracker rules as it is a duplicate entry.
655422 Cancel a Digitary Subscription
655733 A new Download to Excel button has been created for the DFE Tracker.
659582 Supervision report text updated at user request
546807 User Accounts Automation: automated Enrolment Security and added to Side by Side
554747 Brexit related code fix for PGRD admission - remove passport message that depends on EEA citizenship
629430 Student Support Document project - phase 3
643263 HESA Data Futures
651144 Changes to the API feed for the My Cambridge Application
22nd March 2022

22nd March 2022

Call Number Call Details


574864 Assign new milestone BUSD (Doctor of Business) security to users with appropriate roles.
626758 SMI feed import changes 1) Clear the Campus on Pool Processing when latest pool outcome = 'Interview' 2) Add 'Pool Interview College 1' and 'Pool Interview College 2' to CamSIS process UCPRC444
634137 Add FIRST_NAME and LAST_NAME columns to Funding Management Portal view
638645 Changes to ICEtoCamSIS interface
486928 Assign new milestone MARCH (Master of Architecture) security to users with appropriate roles.
623519 Fix to remove supervision commenting todo items on CamSIS for Academics if College Graduate Tutor submits their comments via Graduate Supervision tile on behalf of the College
627563 Certificates of offer showing incorrect course start date - communications need to be reset.
629508 UCAS application import report changed to report the correct choice numbers as miscoded.
629906 Remove student self eval report at the request of the student
631139 Transcript for students showing "0 blank" which should not be included for student who was credited course and now on uncredited course
632679 Empty to-do list items causing SQL errors in CamSIS for Academics
634357 WPM needs seperate pathway ids for test and prod environments
635119 Data fix for a dodgy character in basis of admission, so that offers can be sent.
636481 Given access to link at the bottom of the 'Add/Update a Person' page to 'Citizenship'
637432 Fixed backend processing used in UCPRC426 (Add COND row) and UCPRC411 (PG withdrawals)
638224 Fix data which was stopping Student Support Document "Chasing-up list" from loading.
643908 Data fix to remove an old CISS application
635089 Upgrading Appsian SSO/Logging to the latest build (22A57)
641708 A view that brings in EAA Approval comments was missing a join causing random comments to appear in some situations.
623040 Student Support Document project -- phase 2B
634562 Add application fee and international status to the CamSIS Digital Admissions API
15th January 2022

15th January 2022

Call Number Call Details


298787 Added CRSid to the search page of Add/Update a Person
495733 Delete redundant rows from uc_clg_cnct_ssn and uc_clg_cnct_tbl
538719 Small change to query UCRPT041 to avoid NULL exam date/time in Exam Exceptions Report
610555 Remove Print Cover Sheet Link from GSS
614766 Reopening the enrolment window PA000397 (Late exam window) PA000031 (COLL_UG_TUT_OFFC) PA000330 (Coll ExamAdministration
497640 Brexit related code fixes for student self service.
523090 Providing access to the Graduate Supervision Data Export for International Students Team and Gates Trust.
552259 Fixed data anomalies in the Graduate Allocation by College report
566090 Remove duplicate WAPP/SELF rows from the application stack for 57 applications.
590380 UC_CAPO_RPT when run in feed mode and with over 15000 CAPO's to generate no longer uses too much memory.
593077 PS_UC_EX_CLAS_EXAM no longer being left with orphaned rows when paper is 'unscheduled' and 'rescheduled'.
594187 Additional service indicators added to users with the Student Registry Administrator user role.
600684 On the Examination warnings page the tick boxes for colour blindless could sometimes get out of sync. The colour blind flag is now auto-ticked from the colour selection box.
603942 A fix to UCRPT134 to allow a comma to be used within the additional text field.
604162 Data script to fix a DfE applicant who had been search matched against the wrong USN.
609419 Remove child rows from PS_UC_SCTN_CMBND correctly
610013 Fix to Student Support Document career security
610118 Adjusted the AGE calculation in admissions view PS_UC_ADMISSN_VW2
611683 Further changes to the PFRS report to enable it to be used for Engagement Monitoring for students on visas.
612982 Duplicate request for Digitary transcript were run in instance 3207039. Transcript always is generated for the sequence 1 and so it was transferred to Digitary. Mark sequence 1 for 305586241 for digitary transcript as 'Request completed'
614962 Fix for Digitary transcripts to update the request status to Success.
619074 Delete self evaluation report for 304416314 MT2021 at user request
620512 Remove character from contact name causing issues on the GSSC Approval Status page for a particular person.
624039 Add ACAD_PROG column to UC_PG_FUND_VW for Funding Management Portal
631483 Remove 2 users from the distribution of UCRPT422
599604 Added translate values of 'No Disability' for DfE application mapping
594436 WPM for Transcripts
606510 Student Support Document project - phase 2
620474 Updates to Self Service Transcript messages
621983 Change the Applicant Feed for the Digital Admissions to return JSON instead of XML.
14th December 2021

14th December 2021

Call Number Call Details


281918 Adding preferred names to OBI
570371 College Decisions page - when the offer details grid is empty and SAD_UC_FREE_FORMAT contain text, an unnecessary leading "and" is added the the generated letter text
571449 Add new service indicators for degree engagement
573348 Manage the exam enrolment window via permission list changes
578694 Add application date to Change in Student Status page.
264927 Corrected role data for Graduates who had completed their course of study.
436733 The Interviewers Report has been getting slower each year. Amendments made to the process to make it faster.
495581 Fixed the issue where passport and visa data was no longer displayed on Community > Points Based Immigration > Photo Upload > Upload Images) due to changes made in F0122899
535284 Formatting improvements to csv output of the college offer letter report
556127 Restore T900 course data to SAD_UC_COURSE Corrected the code that auto-populates the course code on the Confirmation Entry page. This now correctly populates the course value based on the application/entry year
599578 Delete rules 910 and 912 from aid year 2022 in Financial Tracker
601634 Put back some missing code for Google Analytics
603050 Fix bug which was prevented SSD emails being sent to all recipients when the "to" list was longer than 254 characters.
606468 Remove redundant combined courses deleted from vanilla tables but not uc table
606693 Data fix to allow a substituted UCAS applicant to be imported back into CamSIS.
608869 Data script to insert missing FormQuals data for some UCAS applicants
594524 Enhancements and bug fixes for Student Support Document project
12th November 2021

12th November 2021

Call Number Call Details


353030 Add worklist item for College Graduate Tutors to comment on termly supervision reports
573317 Closure of the enrolment window for students.
574764 New view for the GAP team to reference data in the BGS Worklist
578922 Add description fields for aid category to funding view.
580644 Changes to permission lists PA000104 and PA000092 relating to exam enrolments.
589155 Script run to add HR_PBI_VIEW role to Cambridge Trust userrole and role to existing users.
594518 Inbound Interface Summary
545562 Maintain Person Details page now being kept in sync with organisation contacts.
557433 Small fix to ensure unique constraint error doesn't occur with the Gates Trust common attribute in UCJOB077.
567549 Removed validation on phone numbers supllied via UCAS, DfE and the GAP systems.
574155 User gets error when using apostrophes in run control id, e.g King's, for running the CAPO process. SQL has been updated to ignore this.
575829 Data script to delete a supervision report.
578712 Data fix script to correct an incorrect effective sequence on an applicant and student record.
579675 Delete the CAO postcode directory data.
580049 Data script to delete a supervision report.
585560 Delete a record from SAD_UC_STARW for an applicant who is no longer withdrawn at UCAS.
587063 SAQ payments page access granted for CAO.
587876 SAQ Delete orphan rows from UC_SAQ_UMS_DONE to fix buffer error.
588542 Data script to correct an alumni email address to allow them to log in.
589407 Add WPM transaction id to the SAQ payments page
589514 SAQ Remove invalid character PS_UC_SAQ_QUAL_TBL. UC_SAQ_Q_TOPICS preventing applicant from submitting SAQ
590537 Delete several 2022 rules from UC_FT_RULE_TBL and associated table at user request.
591153 Orphan rows on exam timetable need deleting to stop errors.
592245 Fix special character in student's CISS application which was preventing the application from being opened by adminstrators.
594775 Remove redundant run control ids for urc20.
568587 Add 'Programme' as a filter to Change in Student Status dashboards
585231 DFE Tracker PDF was showing incorrect Personal Statement. The BI Publisher report and query have been amended.
586227 Updates to PGCE admissions checklists and associated configuration.
586977 Search Match lookup view amended to pick up new DfE Apply applicants.
588492 Small change to the view behind the DFE application tracker to get max timestamp.
541142 Student Support Document project (phase 1)
549215 CAPO Automation and API Feed
578758 Additional changes/improvements for the new DfE application system
5th October 2021

5th October 2021

Call Number Call Details
504550 Created a new view of applicant data for use in the postgraduate funding portal
518539 Ordering for 'Reason no SELT required' configuration has been added for ISO.
519376 The ELQ field on the HESA > Update Student Data page has been hidden as this information is no longer collected.
520484 ELQ indicator has been hidden in the ICE2CamSIS interface as no longer required.
530568 Financial liability data feed for the funding management portal.
541614 Amendments for the Open Applications Allocation Algorithm to calculate Residency correctly following Brexit
567071 Graduate Route changes - including a message on the extract page and a fix to the population issues on the search page
441894 Units Taken now populated within the Mass Enrolment process.
477078 UTT data for past applications were not anonymised when most recent application anonymised - steps added to UCPRC420 to ensure those applications reprocessed.
536266 UC_SUBMITTED_DT was returning blank values within the UC_CLG_ACAD table due to an incorrect join on tables, this has now be fixed.
536368 The self-service (GSS) CAS statement PDF now shows the passport number used in the application rather than the passport with the highest expiry date.
536567 Attendance Roster was removing some Special Conditions depending on their Career Number. This is now resolved.
539787 Fixed an issue with the Interview module as a result of deleting a table during UCAS decomissioning work
541158 User Role Maintenance page displaying Student Responsibilities has been fixed, allowing new rows to now be added. The layout of Add/Update Person>Biographical Details page has been adjusted following an alteration resulting from PUM21
556206 Reversal of the modal window on PBI pages introduced by image 21 as it prevented related content from working
557012 Data script to clean up all U/F rows from UCAS
558250 No department approvers were available for an application on Monitor Approvals page - script has been written to reset it to the beginning of approvals process.
559373 Validation error upon photo upload caused by code fix from 499848 has been resolved
559539 Default visa permit type has been changed from TRE to STE on PBI Upload Images/Visa Details page.
564518 Student Registration fix for ITT return record UC_HESA_PLMSRCH
564928 New fields SAD_UC_POCC2020 and SAD_UC_SOCECO2020 added to the application import process.
572619 Amendment of an array in the Cobol Program SRPCEXTR to allow all new School Types in.
577570 Applied an Oracle fix for the OnReadyState error exprienced on Maintain Applications
546219 UCJOB090 (main application import) has been cancelled Both scheduled instances of SAD_UC_TRANIN (which both relate to UTT as the UCAS transactions are manually sent by CAO as and when ready) are cancelled.
575155 Updated the CamSIS migrations navigation collection with migration page shortcuts.
563309 Further changes/improvements to the new DFE Apply service
2 September 2021

2 September 2021

Additional Project Release

Call Number Description
506819 SAQ updates for the 2022 cycle
508688 DfE Apply
518893 Enable WPM payment system for SAQ 2022
17 August 2021

17 August 2021

Call Number Call Details
291845 Decommission obsolete Faculty of Education placement projects
343048 New UGRD mass matriculation process via population selection query
499848 Change error handling for inactive visa type on PBI Photo Status page so that users are reminded to add a new row for new visas rather than editing the old ones.
521045 Duplicate USN needs deleting from STDNT_CAR_TERM and ACAD_DEGR
526271 Statutory updates for the 2021/2022 ITT Return
529884 Enable permission for ICE to configure Shibboleth access to ICE courses
530067 MATR fixed for PGCEs
532741 Update our eSales URL configuration to use Realex PSP rather than Barclays
533724 Amended the template for St John's College's Verification Letter for fax number
533876 New academic org FYMC (Foundation Year Management Committee) created
535117 Update digitary transcript request status from On Hold to Completed for 304408054
536136 Email functionality for Graduate Route Immigration
537510 Ensure users stay within the Student Programme/Plan component when adding or changing records
539446 Disable the data view used for the University's Asymptomatic Screening Programme study
540083 A fix to include those who change programme in the Graduate Route list
540267 Remove new validation to keep phone numbers as numeric only
544422 Added Birthdate to the CamSIS Card API
545017 Graduate Route Immigration work - second part of statutory work
545591 Closure of SAQ accounts
546159 UTT Roundno has now been correctly converted into delivered UCAS table
549191 New fields on Page & Field configurator are out of sync between parent and child records causing a buffer error, script run to fix this
550194 Configuration changes to support the 2021 UCAS exam embargo
553954 Data for an old UCAS course has been deleted to fix issues with Confirmations
6th July 2021

6th July 2021

Call Number Call Details
  Improvements and Fixes
291855 Decommissioning of old/unused code and unused objects
391354 A new version of the College Offer Letter has been written to replace SQR report UCRPT252 (Student Admissions>UCAS Processing>UCAS Decision Processing> College Offer Letters).
426494 The code behind the Role Maintenance page has been amended to improve performance.
480800 SQR report UCRPT252 (Student Admissions>UCAS Processing>UCAS Decision Processing>College Offer Letters) has been decommissioned at it has been replaced by a new report.
498805 Run control ID has been made a required field for the Supervision Data Export (UCPRC432_RC) as without an ID the report will not run.
499786 New functionality for the statutory requirement relating to the graduate immigration route
508773 The Tripos part grouping for Academics now returns the correct data for the current academic year regardless of any gaps in term dates.
511992 GitLab repository updated to combine multiple webserver files into a single folder.
518802 The message text for PFRS supervisor emails has been updated and an additional reminder scheduled.
521037 Capacity limits in enrolment requests have been overridden before being processed for Covid classes
521400 Query UCRPT319 has been updated to prevent duplicate finance information appearing on the applicant confirmation letter where a plan has multiple course loads in UC_HESA_ACD_PLN.
522598 ICE audit table has been updated to include BIRTHCOUNTRY.
524236 Old run control ids and parameters for UCPRC008 have been deleted.
527343 A duplicate attribute for Gates Trust for application 10627996 has been removed.
529062 Students at the Judge Business School can now be matriculated again.
529663 The Examination Warnings page no longer fails to open if there are more than 4,000 characters in the comments field.
530620 Fonts have been changed on the Paper Transcript template, and configuration updated to handle a unicode character in a student name.
531297 A UCAS data import failure due to a UCAS error has been resolved by removing an old application from the staging records.
534570 Restored a UCAS application and SAQ for an applicant who had been previously cancelled and then reinstated.
534677 Changes to our Release Notes report to use more granular categorisation that maps to categories in our Service Management Tool (HEAT).
CUAAW-12 The layout of the 'Side by Side' security page has been amended.
CUAAW-13 The User Roles component has been updated to make it easier to use, and to include more security configuration options.
430770 A record has been rewritten along with the queries UC_STUREGXFR_CAREER & UC_STUREGXFR_CLASS to show correct registration information for terms after the admit term.
477738 A new query DEP_PGD_REC_DC_PRS_DATA has been created to enable Degree Committees to query supervisor data.
517359 The query UC_42128_CRSE_NO_CLASS has been fixed.
526116 Added Interview Location view to the query tree for CAO to use in their queries.


18th May 2021

18th May 2021

Call Number Call Details
180534 Updated labels in Student Self Service when referring to Programmes or Subjects so that they are consistently presented.
29187 The Syllabus Plus Component Interface on UCINT002 has been moved from CLASS_DATA to UC_CLASS_EXAM
344266 The Qual Type for exam results has been changed to use the UCAS-supplied long description
360011 UTT Decision Processing Letter Text no longer disappears upon saving.
382150 The definition of the 'College Decision' search field on the College Decisions page has been corrected.
383676 Letter text is now displayed consistently on custom as well as delivered pages related to undergraduate admissions.
403276 Process UCPRC008.sqr no longer requires ADMIT_TERM as a run control parameter, it now processes rejected applications where a DENY/DEPT row has been added on the application stack within the last 7 days.
406093 Attributes table now limited to one row per attribute per USN regardless of how many academic organisations user has access to.
431577 Correct ATAS statement/s now show in Student Self Service.
460206 A data fix has been run to resolve the issue of APEX report Interview Letters not returning results for Kings Classics 2021 interviews.
462568 The APEX and BI Publisher versions of the Interviewer's Report have been fixed so that they have a consistent layout for the A-Levels section.
466457 Enable Cambridge Admissions Office to turn Pooling on or off through configuration
467130 A step has been added to UCAS Applicant Anonymisation process (UCPRC314) to delete all RPOOL comments from admissions comments.
474141 Add field BIRTHCOUNTRY to ICE2CamSIS webservice and import the data into CamSIS
492571 Feed for Card Office
497639 The Visa Application Status button in Postgraduate Applicant Self Service has been hidden
497646 Decommission the custom classic migration pages
498754 The Checklist Management - Person search page has been fixed to remove rows that look like duplicates
499322 Changes in course now correctly pull through the UCAS College code in the College Decisions and Cambridge Admissions Decisions pages
499912 The default language paragraph has been removed from CAS Application - Basis of the offer and the default value of HEI has been removed for field Reason SELT Not Required
501664 Comments now appear on the printed version of PFRS reports using BI publisher
504730 Old exam rows have been removed from an EAA request
506188 The UCAS Applicant Import Report now runs correctly when the "since last report" option is selected and the report is run on a recurrence rather than directly from the run control page
507006 Redundant exam information has been removed from an EAA request so that an amendment can be made
509671 A customisation to the UCAS search match results page has been removed following a fix supplied by Oracle.
510246 Deletion of a Supervision Report for Lent 2021 at the supervisor's request
511789 Supervision report progress and text updated for a student at supervisor's request
511993 Approvals page has been prevented from being rendered in an excessively tall and wide window
514194 A script was run to correct a Digitary transcript which was stuck in processing
518939 Configuration updated to potentially allow MSt students to apply for Change in Student Status in future.
UUL-541 A large number of custom objects used by the old custom UCAS interface have been decommissioned.
501666 Implement Shibboleth-based single signon with support for Raven4Life users
502774 Digital Admissons: Logic amended for CAMPUS & ACAD_PLAN fields in the CamSIS flattened data
23rd March 2021

23rd March 2021

Call Number Call Details
188188 Mc names issue resolved by Oracle - our interim fix has been removed
209787 The Transcript Qualification field has been expanded from 60 chars to 120 characters.
299499 Country code field for phone numbers is going back to it's delivered format, only allowing numerical values to be added to ensure errors do not occur during the postgraduate applicant import.
346718 Applicants who have received a Reject by Default or Decline by Default at UCAS will no longer appear on the UTT Quick Decision Entry page.
348143 Add deletion functionality on digitary transcript admin pages. Correct student self-service to display correct messages when digitary transcript is deleted.
367005 Prevent Student Registry from approving CISS applications where a student has multiple principal supervisors.
384295 Applicants whose previous applications have been anonymised before they reapplied are no longer excluded from automatic account creation in CamSIS
433807 Removing access for postgraduate course (MPhil, MRes and MEd) administrators to enrol their students on modules/papers for 2020/21
434747 Change lookup for UCAS year and amend sort order for search results on Review App GCSE School Data page.
443822 UCAS Cancelled applications not being processed by UCPRC126.
449304 Allow updates to visa details from PBI Photo Status page.
460818 Add a character count to the comments field on Self Service supervision and self-evaluation reports.
462568 The APEX and BI Publisher versions of the Interviewer's Report have been fixed so that they have a consistent layout for the A-Levels section.
467953 Make "Study Method" a searchable field in CamSIS Search
468016 Add admit term to Change in Student Status Overview pivot grid
468812 Fix 'Working Away Today' query and pivot grid to only show students who are away today
475082 New fonts added to unix process scheduler so that special characters in thesis titles render correctly on transcripts
475094 Give Raven4Life users access to supervision and self evaluation reports
476264 Warning message if a project is deleting any impact analysis config records to remind us to remove them from config.
476785 Fixes to prevent changes at UCAS being missed by the UCAS App Import Report
481853 Change to Student Circumstances notification queries have been amended for performance reasons.
482284 Set Student Self Service Personal Details page back to vanilla and reapply custom changes
482803 DDDAUDIT report states that UC_CLG_CNCT_TBL and UC_CLG_CNCT_USR have indexes that exist in app designer but not in the database. These indexes need rebuilding, and UC_CLG_CNCT_TBL needs duplicates removed for that to happen.
482805 Rename backup tables so that their names are correctly formatted. This prevents them from being picked up by DDDAUDIT and allows UCPRC447 to delete them when appropriate
484911 Permission list change to give Student Registry team correct history access for pro forma set up page
486101 Duplicate basis of admission appearing due to programme change
486657 Combined Move Instructions report (UCRPC380_MI) not picking up records/views to build/alter if List rather than Project is selected. Full list of calls to be migrated added to top of report.
490033 Revert changes made as part of the Shibboleth Single Sign-On project.
490968 A script to remove a Digitary subscription.
492225 Digital Admissions Project: New API and flattening process for Admissions Portal data
493483 Passport Number disappeared on the Photo Status after the last Release
494740 Set correct USN when transferring to "Student Programme/Plan" from the CISS dashboards' "Actions" menu
496183 Make the Visa applications page visible and editable for EEA nationals, and remove the message stating that EEA students do not require a visa.
499744 Add USN and CRSid to csv report UCRPT132 (Student Timetables by College).
499897 Enable ESS users to apply for Change in Student Status
500678 An approved EAA request was stuck on Pending status
501722 BI Publisher report UC_UG_DEC has been updated to fix the formatting on offer terms
62115 Existing student fee view UC_STDNT_FE1_VW does not contain correct college information
UUL-410 Decommissioning the custom Academic Interest table
9th February 2021

9th February 2021

Call Number Call Details
280325 Alter queries to remove security so that a College user can see results data for all Colleges minus names.
343410 Changed the degree supplicant page to stop a withdrawn status being changed to either in person or in absence if the student is on the supplicant list for another ceremony, attending in person or in absence.
357844 Digitary requests status corrected in CamSIS.
406093 Attributes table produces multiple rows for users with multiple academic organisations. Limit this to one row per attribute per USN regardless of how many academic organisations user has access to.
433089 A number of customised areas of CamSIS have been updated in response to Oracle delivered changes to key structures in the UCAS tables.
434448 Image resizing in 19c databases.
438679 In Student Self Service, additional address rows are now available for some countries.
438825 Pool Applicants page prompt on UCAS PID show unscrambled name in non-live environments.
443407 New job for finalising the Undergraduate Open Applications process.
449211 CamSIS Academic Interface tweaks for Enrolment Approval process.
454251 A small number of exam results from UCAS which were overwritten in error have been restored.
460515 Implement Shibboleth-based single sign-on.
461083 Fix the email button against an advisor in the Academic Relationship section of the Student Record tab of the student details page so that it sets the to address as the advisor rather than the student.
461322 Fix the UCAS anonymisation process so that it anonymises delivered UCAS records correctly.
461653 The radio buttons on the CAPO by Interview Order print out page now works correctly.
466525 Change made to permission list PA000362 to give ISO access to view and amend the Visa/Permits Table.
466649 A Digitary subscription was removed.
467127 A script to remove all historic Pool Comments from the Pool Applicants page.
467210 Fix a numeric to character comparison in Clinical Schools process UCPRC333 that caused it to fail.
468002 Delete 3 old rows of data on UC_FORMQUALS
468879 Permission list changes to enable Pooling.
471350 Re-opening of the Enrolment Window January/February 2021.
474549 Removing the redundant UC Fluid User role as everyone now has the Fluid interface by default.
475203 Revoke Pooling access for Colleges.
482808 DDDAUDIT run as part of current tools patching revealed several tools tables that exist in the database but not in app designer. Most of these tables don't exist in CS92U019, either in the database or in app designer, and will be dropped.
15th December 2020

15th December 2020

Helpdesk call reference


315600 Interviewing Form Report is producing incorrect dates for GCSE qualification years.
353649 Decommissioning BMAT Import
353655 Decommissioning TSA import
405351 The PBI Photo Status page has been amended inline with Brexit requirements. Additionally, the nationality results column now strings together all nationalities where a student has multiple nationalities.
410164 SMI Consume service needs to point to SMI Dev when in CamSIS DEV and DAT
414014 Updates to messages and email templates to reflect the change from Graduate to Postgraduate
430290 UTT anonymisation - change to postgraduate anonymisation process to retain the value in SAD_UC_APPYEAR on PS_SAD_UC_APPLREC for anonymised PGCEs and also a script has been run to anonymise historical data.
434316 Decommission Apex Filtering
440948 ULNs are no longer used to match incoming applicants from UCAS, and all existing ULNs in CamSIS have been removed.
444264 Tools 8.58.07
444265 Concatenate the list of nationalities in On Add CAS Application where multiples exist
449775 Queries using view UC_ADMISSN_VW can omit applicants if their residency term does not match their admit term
453345 Remove 11 Financial Tracker rules for 2020
453558 A script was run to fix a stuck student approval.
456029 Recreate trigger for GSSC data audit record
456876 The translate values and field description in CamSIS Search for UCAS approval status has been corrected.
457994 A number of scripts were run to populate a run control record as part of resolving corrupted data in the Card database
459291 Add blind grading numbers to exams in self-service
463508 Script to fix a PGRD application stuck in staging due to an Acad Career error.
465406 Add translate value to INSTR_ROLE field
Projects  -
450909 Digital Admissions: Hide Pool Category field in the pooling grid as this is no longer relevant.
450912 Digital Admissions: The Interviewer's Report Form has been updated for the 2021 admissions cycle.
455905 Digital Admissions: New Interview Report Form that doesn't need interviews to be scheduled in the Interviewing module.
459775 Digital admissions import of winter pool offer outcome in SMI to CamSIS feed
448075 COL_PGD_REC_PGRD_FORMER_UGR D has been created to help Colleges identify post graduate students who were also undergraduates in the same College


11th November 2020

11th November 2020

Helpdesk call reference


297543 Remove PERSONAL_DATA from custom views
312262 The Graduation Ceremony Application process carried out by a student in Student Self Service now has a confirmation message displayed after submission
391048 Thesis data is now displayed for Doctor of Education students in Student Self Service.
400384 A second date field has been added to Change in Student Status applications
406579 Alter the csconnect page to enable additional users to be added
408131 Scramble process has been changed so it does not create function-based indexes for PS_NAMES table.
416646 The UCAS App Import Report has been improved so it can be run more easily by multiple users, and also now correctly includes all rows on the summary output.
420847 Message catalogue change for 20101/404.
424926 CamSIS Search As of Date where tag value = MDQQ/VTQQ now picking up medics/vets if they have future dated rows
425572 SQL fix for HESA tables where student registration responses have been deleted. PGCE data is now being carried forward
427713 A script was run to restore the Easter exams timetable data
429797 Incorrect DEIN/SELF and WADM/GNR rows to be removed from application stack for two students
433460 Opening of the MPhil/MEd/MRes enrolment window
433461 Student registration now carries forward previous degree information for PGCE students.
436556 Incorrect supervision reports to be deleted via data change script
436563 Student religions have been blanked.
436717 Password generation has been fixed so that SAQ passwords are not created with % characters
436970 A change has been made to the notification template for CISS
438224 A fix has been made to the UCAS Applicant Import Report to cope with table structure changes introduced in Image 018
438787 An applicant record has been fixed that was causing the UCAS overnight import to fall over.
439304 A fix has been made to the OBI to correctly handle UCAS reference data following changes to the table structure.
439510 Fixed an applicant record causing the UCAS overnight import to fall over.
439635 The UCAS/GTTR Applicant Import has been fixed so that it can process new StarW rows when the applicant's record has been updated.
439699 The process UCPRC428 that updates mappings between UCAS IDs and CamSIS IDs has been updated to handle delivered changes to table structures.
439821 Two applications that had been merged onto the same USN have been unpicked into two separate records.
440043 The file layout tag for HIN has been changed to match the xml file.
440420 Some unprintable characters were removed from a data field to prevent an error appearing for an applicant filling out the COPA
440752 Data has been deleted from CAO's Postcode Directory table to allow new data to be loaded
440853 UCAS Import is no longer failing due to an incorrect log message.
441273 Remove some enrolments set up by accident for ART1 students
441365 The UCAS application import has been amended to correctly update name and address data if that changes at UCAS after the initial application is received
441429 Extra rows have been corrected on the UTT StarK record after an issue with the Applicant Import the previous day.
442020 Ran a script to correct duplicate rows on the UTT StarK record following issues with the applicant import.
442042 Changes to: message catalogue change for 20049, 15 message catalogue change for 20049, 33
template file update to report definition UC_GS_CAS_PR with effective date 21/10/2020
442064 Ran a script to un-merge two UCAS applicants who were incorrectly searchmatched on ULN
443576 A duplicate SAQ header has been deleted.
444108 Added Functional ID to the Call Release Details Search page.
444215 A script has been written to anonymise an applicant record.
444513 Message Catalogue entry 20043/404 has been updated.
444617 Change SQL on HESA config for UCPRC368 / 26 / 170.
445595 Religious Preference is no longer being removed for students who reapply to Cambridge via the GAP.
447027 A duplicate SAQ has been removed.
447449 Closing student self service enrolment window
447451 Closing enrolment approval window for Colleges and DoS.
449081 A duplicate SAQ has been removed.
Projects  -
429715 Digital Admissions - Add Pool Tag, Last Name, Middle Name and First Name to SMI feed for UCAS applicants
430709 A number of queries have been amended following changes to key structures in delivered UCAS tables
434863 Query COL_UGD_ADM_REFEREE_ADDRESS has been updated to use flattened tables to improve performance.
435003 New query for King's College to replace their admissions list sourced from Filtering.
6th October 2020

6th October 2020

Helpdesk call reference


289395 The student photos on Academics page can now open full size in a new tab
299392 Config page to define programs to process when calculating admissions targets as part of the Open Applications Allocation Algorithm (OAAA),
312262 The Graduation Ceremony Application process carried out by a student in Student Self Service now has a Confirmation message displayed after submission
324504 Tables relating to UTT have been added into the postgraduate anonymisation process for unsuccessful applicants.
346350 Drop expired backup tables
346351 A student's programme has been added to the email subject line and task description for self evaluation.
364096 ** Internal use only ** Call Release Details and Move Instructions now have a Fluid Versio
373234 User-requested change to college choice information for specified Darwin doctoral applicants
390846 Improvements to exam warnings for special conditions
390953 Future term accidentally activated now needs deleting from term activation records (ps_stdnt_car_term and uc_srtrmac_tmp), as requested by users.
395616 Permissions have been changed to allow GAO users to view EDM document configuration.
396889 Replace references to Graduate Admissions with Postgraduate Admissions and equivalents.
397085 Corrected the spelling of 'Submission' in CamSIS for Academics
397870 Allow ICE to MATR applications in ICE programmes owned by BGS, such as ADL6
401660 Improved performance of the Graduation Ceremony Report, UCRPT099, as this was running out of table space for ceremony OC08.
404837 Remove the redundant GTTR folder from the UK Statutory Interfaces localisations menu
405355 The CAS application search page has been amended to allow users to exclude nationals of UK, in preparation for Brexit.
405542 Upgrade to PeopleTools 8.58.05.
407970 Amend functional indexes in CamSIS to normal ascending
408519 Gender on college characteristics table is now consistently uneditable to those without the relevant permissions.
409139 A duplicate student record has been cleaned up.
409706 In Self Service, Address Line 4 for UK addresses will now appear.
410043 Data fix to correct applicant records that were withdrawn by the postgraduate D19 process.
411908 Add an extra step to check admissions comments in the graduate offer making activity guide.
413629 Apply Oracle Campus Solutions Image 018
414115 Fix to issue where a user may not be able to choose a preferred phone number
414716 Correct labels for Student Tags.
416140 Helen's Hopper: update undergraduate applicant records based on second confirmation period outcomes
417493 Amended message catalogue entry for the Academic Details page in Student Registration
418141 Hide the Visa Details section from the SAQ for the 2021 admissions cycle
419891 Insert "Completed" row into the paper transcript record (UC_PAPR_TR_RQST) for three students as requested by the Student Registry
420404 Delete row from the financial tracker fees setup (UC_FT_RULE_TBL)
421308 Remove file layout check on Schedule of Classes file uploads due to a temporary issue
421811 Fix to applicant login pages to allow account creation with application number
421885 Updated SAQ message catalogue entries ahead of the 2021 application cycle opening
421920 Update to no longer show a 'No Success' message where the process to launch the MRBATCH schedule in non-live instances of CamSIS fails following a refresh of that instance.
424010 Logic of ITT return amended to accommodate Anonymised applicants.
424458 A script has been run to clean up errors in the UCAS import relating to late changes in A-level results
424940 Self Service Enrolment has been opened from 1 October.
425127 Delete supervisor report for supervisor nga25, student 304278099
425142 Changed message catalogue entries to open the SAQ for the 2021 application cycle.
427294 A number of enrolments created in error have been removed by running a script.
427708 Addition of record for OAAA admissions targets (UC_UGRD_ADM_TGT) added to query tree QUERY_TREE_UC_2 to enable CAO to access this data via queries.
428185 Fixed an issue on the View Online SAQ page causing an error message to display
428442 Apply emergency fix from Oracle to resolve the broken Program Plan Stack, which was caused by the application of Oracle Campus Solutions Image 18.
428791 New logic in the overnight CamSIS for Academics process to remove enrolment to-do items for non-current DoSs.
432629 The Cambridge Application Print Out program has been amended in response to a delivered change in the structure of UCAS tables.
433375 Remove access to CamSIS Filtering as it is being decommissioned
433413 Technical upgrade of the Interview module
Projects  -
416937 Fix query for Working Away administration so that users can search on name or CRSid.
421516 New public queries to replace Collegespecific requirements in Filtering.
430251 A new query was created for the Covid Screening project
16th August 2020

16th August 2020

Helpdesk call reference


276778 CI for Excel to CI Fin Tracker Fees Setup
296022 Fixed the Activity Guide headers to display the current College in line with 360 Degree View.
310368 2 new Excel to CI spreadsheets created. One for Teacher Reference Numbers and one for Placement Schools.
347057 A page on 'Enrol in an Exam' was missing a label 'Add' which screen readers need
383888 Create new app engine to synchronise enrolment counts between CLASS_TBL and STDNT_ENRL

A MATR row for an applicant has been reversed to allow it to be rekeyed

394363 Remove redundant homepage tabs for Student Self Service, Extended Self Service and Graduate Admissions Self Service.
398149 A configuration change was made to give CAO users access to run one-off imports of UCAS exam results from delivered to custom tables.
402180 Emergency contact phone number should not show if it is linked to other number
402985 A macro fix for Student Registration.
404908 Work to enable/disable the 2020 UCAS exam embargo.
405572 Lock all the SAQ accounts
408802 Bulk Enrolment Import added to MST Superuser role
408975 Remove Message Catalogue access from permission list PA000063.
409139 A duplicate student record has been cleaned up.
411401 Remove a special character from First year assessment dept comment field. Is causing page to error when degree committee use it
412343 Message catalog changes for COPA
249100 Changes to college allocator to allow new gender options in CamSIS
373930 Add new socio-economic data fields to graduate applicant import as part of widening participation strategy
377699 Work to integrate CamSIS with the Subject Moderation Interface (SMI)
396008 Non Student Login pages
401178 A query has been created to provide extra checks on valid supplicants for graduation
410097 New Summer Pool Coversheet queries
7th July 2020

7th July 2020

Helpdesk call reference


298094 New ExcelToCI to add DISC/GEXM/GWUP rows to Program Plan stack for ICE
324505 New ExcelToCI to add DISC/GEXM/GWUP rows to Program Plan stack for Student Registry
325543 New ExcelToCI to load Student Groups for Student Registry
327511 Change to permission lists to enable pooling - 2nd June 2020 8-9am
374276 Fixed transcripts so that Fields of Study are returned against the correct Career/Career Nbr.
376927 The Undergraduate Pooling page has been amended to default the current UCAS cycle year in. Also removed the required field on pooling college.
382628 Include the "Approved for degree" message on transcripts where not yet conferred.
382924 Script to restore emplids of anonymised applicants to the UCAS reference table, as it turns out to break the UCAS applicant import.
386317 When creating a student registration account, the code now looks through all surname types for an applicant.
386715 The configuration record for which Programme / Plan combinations are doctoral and non-doctoral has been amended to prevent problems saving data.
393525 Data fix to remove staged enrolments that were created in error.
396678 Script to force a higher enrolment cap on the two classes used to include Covid-19 texts on the transcripts for all affected students.
398182 A script has been run to clear out exam timetable data for the Easter term to allow scheduling of retakes in September.
398207 A script has been run to remove a student supervision report uploaded in error.
UUL-982 The transfer from Maintain Applications to delivered UCAS pages has been corrected so it no longer requires an additional user click
326006 Changes to CAS to ensure we only accept 'Male' and 'Female' genders for PBI purposes, whilst still allowing 'Other' and 'Unknown' on the student record.
326877 Student Registration
381572 Fixed queries DEP_PGD_ADM_PGCE_MAILING_EF, DEP_PGD_REC_PGCE_DATA_EF and DEP_PGD_REC_PGCE_DATA_EF_HEC OS to work with four digit entry years.
12th May 2020

12th May 2020

Helpdesk call reference


213511 The workflow process UCPRC305 keeps appending CamSIS Search results to UC_CS_TEMP. It has been amended to clear the previous results first.
240614 Change to College Observer role where '360 Degree View - read' role is being replaced with '360 Personal Data - read' role
292453 Additional permissions added to Departmental MST Administrator role
297089 The checkbox on CamSIS for Academics is too small. This has now been made larger to help avoid accidentally opening up the student details page
319135 Deletion of invalid portal registry structures.
319152 Fixed Batch Job Schedule page so that tick boxes accurately reflect process scheduler status and jobs can be scheduled successfully.
335960 Unused offer codes are no longer calculated on the College Decisions and Cambridge Admissions Decisions pages.
336803 Each student's current programme status is now listed in the Postgraduate 'Supervision data export' CSV file.
337998 Change portal error pages to prevent headings from being cut off
338083 College decisions can no longer be added or edited after a decision has been made in Cambridge Admissions Decisions, or imported from the ivStarC table at UCAS.
338102 Add a link to Student Registry website on the PFRS Supervision digest email to provide extra guidance to academics on the supervision process
341746 The entry year field in converted data from custom UCAS records has been updated to 4-digit years.
343794 The letter text for Conditional UCAS offers is now correctly formatted with HTML tags and counts A* as one grade, not two
351373 Existing scramble processes did not incorporate UC_BGS_WLIST. UC_WRKEDBYACTIVITY - new process UCPRC441 created and added to job UCSCRMBL. This will not have any effect in the live environment.
354492 The terminology used in CamSIS for Academics has been updated. The Exam Results tab is now known as Examinations. Also, the hover-over text has been amended so it only shows where the tab holds no information
356350 A bug has been fixed which prevented downloading multiple documents from 'Maintain Applications' if the applicant's name contained special characters.
357578 Judge Business School users are now able to view their students' Source of Fees - security of search record UC_MSTUFEE_SRCH has been updated accordingly.
358202 A data fix has been run to allow CRSids to be imported for two PGCE students.
359598 6 new EDM document groups have been created. These are for GAO internal use only.
360025 Pool Applicants search now requires either college or acad plan value but not both.
362759 An SQL error has been fixed which occurred when users provided Working Away application form feedback longer than 256 characters.
363609 Trigger UC_FLT_ACAD_PLAN_TGR's dependence on UC_FLT_PLAN_TB prevents users from using new plans as soon as they're created
365951 Warning messages added to Student Self Service regarding graduations and transcripts.
366819 Exam Timetable data for Easter 2020 has been backed up to allow amendments for remote assessments.
366941 A script has been run to remove emplids in converted UCAS data where applications have since been anonymised.
368303 Users can now access the output of the Syllabus Plus Exam Schedule Extract directly, rather than waiting on technical staff to retrieve it for them.
370791 A script has been run to remove exam scheduling data.
371845 Updated message on the Exam Timetable page for students.
372347 Exam timetable data reloaded from the backup file created in call 366819.
374272 Purged audit data from the 20 archived ones that are older than 2 years.
374690 The message displayed on the College Decisions page has been updated.
  None This Release
344587 CRSid has been added to the query COL_PGD_ADM_EVALUATION_EMAIL
24th Mar 2020

24th Mar 2020

Helpdesk call reference



Closure of the MPhil/MEd/MRes enrolment window

314133 Update user role ICE Programme Administrator to expand access to service indicators
316474 Updated role Student Registry Administrator to expand access to BGS service indicator
316785 Updated the College Characteristics term prompt to display the term values in descending order
330736 Update Hughes Hall college verification letter template
332693 The search page for Citizenship and Passport information can be slow. The code behind it has been modified to improve performance
336914 Fix bug which prevented users from rerunning a search on the 'Student details' page of CamSIS for Academics
337419 Some rows were not being returned in OBI UCAS tables
338043 A query security record has been added to SAD_UC_OTH_OFF so that it can be added to the query tree
339961 Permission list migration to close NST enrolment window
341384 Fix bug which prevented users from searching for names containing apostrophes (e.g. "O'Donnell) in CamSIS for Academics
342067 Exam Level and Tariff Score data has been added to exam result data converted from custom tables
343006 UTT Decision Processing - Quick Decision Entry - when Decision is set to C, Offer Code is automatically set to CL
343041 Change permissions list for Business Course Admissions role
343363 Application of PeopleTools version 8.57.12
343407 The delivered UCAS transactions process will no longer update applications that have already been canceled
348310 Closing the NST exam enrolment window for colleges
348320 The ceremony config table has had a change to allow the Student Self Service tick box to be visible when the participating in Absence Only box is ticked
349306 Fix bug which prevented photographs from showing on some Extended Self Service pages
350133 Open correct checklist in BGS Offer Making Activity Guide when an applicant has multiple offers
355084 Fix bug where admin page for Change in Student Status was sometimes blank and/or academic plan was incorrectly displayed
356027 Remigration of a Description field from our vanilla environment which allowed more characters than expected
357838 Amendment to a supervision report
  None This Release
341299 Migration of query COL_ALL_REC_GRADUATION_W
351866 ACAD_PROG ADL6 not included in query UC_BGS_PSEL_ADMP_GBGSA109, the population selection query behind the 109 CommGen
11th Feb 2020

11th Feb 2020

Helpdesk call reference


275127 The validation on change of course dates where there are PBI overrides in place has been fixed.
294683 A New External Links tile has been created to provide access to URLs that sit outside of CamSIS. These include Change Request status updates and the list of Directors of Graduate Education.
300464 The PBI Photo Status page has been amended by merging the Image Validation tab in with the ALL tab for better downloading results
300827 All qualifications for an applicant are now visible on 360 Degree View - even if they are imported on different days.

2 new process recurrences created: M-F at 7:45am Monthly 1st Monday 4am

304545 The 'My Current Students' filter button in CamSIS for Academics has been fixed to only show students who are current as of today
304557 Changed the text for Basis of Admission code GOLAC
305373 A fix to Student Summary Report (UCRPT341) which was displaying incorrect Previous Institution due to exchange programs
313046 Minor updates to CamSIS Search field descriptions and locations, including a new field for Citizenship Status Description available in Admissions and Records searches. We've also changed all references of GTTR to UTT to represent up-to-date terminology.
316886 Fixed a bug where email from CamSIS for Academics were not stored correctly if the BCC field was unpopulated.
317894 Fix to Supervision report header which was showing incorrect student details in CamSIS for Academics
320810 New evaluation code for Murray Edwards College
320828 Fix to CAPO By Interview Order Report to stop it producing duplicates.
321488 Self evaluation tasks for programmes with future admit terms have been removed.
323323 The update of the OBI table for Student Fees (STFE) will now only be done under UCINT006. Prior to this change it was also done under UCINT004.
324456 When searching for a single student to print an FSM letter, they were not being found. The search record has now been changed.
324772 A data fix script was run to remove duplicate data from the graduate application load.
325547 Disable Pooling Access from 1pm 23rd December.
327011 The link for students to manage their @cam email address in Student Self Service has been updated to point towards Lookup.
327807 Some tweaks have been made to the views containing Pooling information to help with performance.
327812 The hard-coded insert of an enhanced criminal record check for medical and veterinary applicants has been removed and application conditions will in future be controlled via the existing Offer Library by Course functionality.
330176 The anonymisation process UCPRC420 can lock users out of Production when running. A modification has been made to resolve this
330212 Amendment to supervision reports for two students.
330609 Metadata tidy up of 3 redundant views. UC_UI_INFO_VW UC_UI_EXAM_VW UC_AS_ACDGRP_VW
330649 Giving permissions for PA000397 and PA000031 to open enrolment window
331376 When the EDM deletion process failed last year a number of documents were left in the wrong status. A script has been run to correct them.
332121 EBL result subjects are now correctly shown in UCAS pages.
333120 Deployment of the latest Appsian build (202).
333410 Fix made to the COPA print out by adding the COA Header Id to the file names to make them unique. This was done because we could have two people with the same name applying for the same course at the same college.
336270 UCAS entry year changes are now formatted to 2 digits as required by UCAS.
336692 Data fix to correct department attribute data for MRC.
336854 Data has been corrected to prevent a search error on the Cambridge Admissions decisions page.
337820 Excluded the college of POOL from the Graduate College Allocator setup page.
337838 Data script to assign a different USN to an incorrectly search-matched UCAS applicant.
338623 Removed orphan rows for a student in Basis of Admission.
339912 Clean up incorrect rows in ICE inbound interface.
344020 A change to the onscreen confirmation message that appears when you submit payment for an overseas Interview
76424 Change request: College/Term info and link to Fee Details (UC_CLG_STFE_TBL) added to 360 Finance tab.
UUL-978 The choice number is now correctly populated in the Contact Details output of the UCAS App Import Report.
UUL-993 The search page for UCAS Applicants has been corrected so that re-applicants are displayed as expected
342032 UCAS/UTT project final code drop.
311781 The query SR_CUSU_DATE_QUERY_201819 has been fixed to include all CRSIDs in the data population.
325925 Query COL_UGD_ADM_POOL_LETTERS has been rewritten to improve performance.
326032 Changes to query security record UC_IM_CAS_QRY and the query PBI_UKVI_REPORT due to performance issues.
10th Dec 2019

10th Dec 2019

Helpdesk call reference


133992 Student summary Report - Add degree conferral status for Cambridge degrees
245338 The RQF value now appears correctly on a CAS application if a student has a plan exception
269355 Fluid for Academics amended for Student Questionnaires, to restrict sections to only those with security access.
274545 CamSIS Search to bring back all student registration information, not just the oldest
277622 Changes to job 1000000074 so Gates Trust can view Finance information
279157 changes to job 1000000086 so Finance Division can access CamSIS Search
280983 Decommissioning of old Adviser Self Service code following the deployment of the new CamSIS for Academics functionality.
284053 changes to job 1000000139 so Service Desk can access CamSIS Search
284746 Add new acad_org/uc_org_role combination to UC_ROLE_MATCH so that GPGC and GPGD students get assigned correct self-service roles by UCRELROL
289936 The emergency contact phone number table is truncated rather than scrambled as part of UCPRC335 - will now scramble rather than purge.
290926 Changes to permissions list PA00104 and PA000092 to allow MPhil and MRes administrators to enroll students for 2019/2020
291599 Confirmation Letter UCRPT319 has a new data source to provide enhancements
297052 Incorrect application withdrawal needs deleting
298457 The approval stage has been added for student status changes displayed on the academic To-do list.
298930 Made a change to the audit tables on PSOPRDEFN to remove the field VERSION as it can cause system locking
298935 We are changing the way the EDM password gets changed after each environment refresh. This only applies to non-production environments
300768 Updated job 1000000041 so Graduate Admissions Team can view CNED data
302472 The UCAS App Import Report now handles cases where applicants apply to both graduate and undergraduate medical courses in the same year
303784 Users with both college and department access to CamSIS Search can only display department related fields
305135 The Interviewers Report in the Interviewing module has been updated with the latest statutory changes for the 2020 cycle.
305333 Closing of Self Service Enrolment Window 2019 for PA000066
307695 The Cambridge Admissions Decisions page now correctly checks for existing College Decisions being sent to UCAS.
307705 The performance of searches on the Cambridge Admissions Decision page has been improved.
307872 A script has been run to correct the miscoded applications table following updates at UCAS.
310479 Removed previous instances of digitary requests from student
311815 Add 3C configuration for emails in adviser self-service
313977 PFRS - Copy supervisor comments into report text and delete the comment
314002 Data has been deleted from CAO's Postcode Directory table to allow new data to be loaded.
314356 PFRS - Copy supervisor comments into report text and delete the comment
314900 Recurring Students for EAA now have their data pre-populated correctly
316568 ** INTERNAL USE ONLY** Fixed a format issue with the date on Call Release Details for the prompt on Release
318102 Fix for date in Self Eval Reminders
321409 Fixed the fonts in the new Interview Report Forms so that they are always black.
287810 PFRS Phase 8 (Decommission)
297806 UCAS/UTT Localisations Phase 3
302513 The query COL_UGD_ADM_COLL_CAO_DECISIO N has been rewritten to run faster after the performance was affected by the UCAS/UTT localisations project.
305401 Small change to query UC_BGS_CGDS_ADMP_ACST to get course start date based on the latest program plan stack row, rather than the effective date.
311781 The query has been fixed to include all CRSIDs in the data population.
29th Oct 2019

29th Oct 2019

Helpdesk call reference


178804 Deactived WADM/QUAL action/reason combination, ran script to convert existing WADM/QUAL to WADM/FAIL and updated the GBGSA120 communication process.
181692 Remove warning message 20005, 714 regarding previous UK study from Maintain CAS Applications pag
181693 Remove acad_org security from graduate college allocation report so that any college can run a report for all other colleges.
243448 The anonymisation process ucprc420 was run again for a number of students, where the process previously failed.
248921 Anticipated date and date required blank for PHD milestones where student had future-dated PHD row in ACAD_PROG these dates now appear
255200 Exam warnings are now being generated for students who add SPLD as a condition to existing requests.
262869 Degree Table Common Attributes is now delivered. This script moves our custom values into it so they appear correctly on transcripts and relevant pages.
265597 Aligning EDM document upload dates in CamSIS Search (File Upload Date) and the EDM documents related content window.
267910 The Offer Letter has been amended. Short Course duration now reflects FullTime and Part-Time differences. Additional fields have been added to the letter as well as course specific information relating to PhD and CPGS courses.
268039 UC_HESA_CARELEAVER value is now getting pulled across from UC_ICEPAY_INBND to UC_HESA_STU_CAR for existing students applying for another course.
275014 Unassigned pigeonholes unavailable for reassignment due to undeleted attributes have been tidied up and made available
278550 Script to delete a stuck 'Pending' CISS application for a student
278798 Change to Run Control IDs for COPA Print Out so that locations are removed when a new year is selected.
279520 Tidying up admissions stack for applicant who accepted offer twice
280118 Fixed the email address for an ESS user so they can retrieve their password
280991 *** INTERNAL USE ONLY *** Combined Move Instructions has changed its source from a PSQuery to an XML File via Connected Query.
282521 A number of database objects used by Filtering have been rewritten to improve performance after the UCAS/UTT localisations project went live
282924 Access has been restored to the PBI Data tab on the Academic Plan Table component, which was accidentally removed as a side-effect of the UCAS/UTT localisation project
283414 A SQL error in the Cambridge Applicant Print Out has been resolved.
283908 Outstanding issues from Adviser Self Service project have been resolved.
283952 The pop-up windows in student exam enrolment have been fixed to ensure they are the right size for tablet devices.
284906 Exam enrolment has been enabled for students, academics and administrators
288808 Change to a CAPO Cappendix template.
288975 EBL results that stopped being visible after the UCAS localisations project implementation on 10 September 2019 have now been restored.
289185 **INTERNAL USE ONLY** New batch job for scrambling
289971 Some qualifications that were missing from display on 360 Admissions tab have been restored.
290603 The population of Scottish Higher results on the SAQ has been corrected
294411 The OBI and the CAPO now correctly handle applicants with multiple UCAS statement records
294686 Fixed the Faculty approval process so that all plans are included further down the Academic Organisation tree.
294882 UCAS/UTT fixes for release 7
296243 Clean up enrolment worklists left behind when a student stack becomes inactiv
297167 The APEX view IV_CANDIDATE_SCORES has been rewritten to improve efficiency
297264 The delivered process PERS_REFRESH has been amended to prevent it failing if users are active on the system
300293 Updated Bulk Enrolment Import (UCPRC059) so that it can handle the situation where an enrolment already exists.
301509 The performance of UCPRC317 has been restored following changes made under the UCAS/UTT Localisations project.
UUL-786 Removal of navigation to a number of items which are now obsolete following the UCAS/UTT Localisations project going live.
UUL-920 The line number in the decision elements table is now displayed in the Cambridge Admissions Decisions page
UUL-922 Transaction codes for UCAS decisions are now correctly generated from the Cambridge Admissions Decisions page
223695 Change in Student Status project: phase 3 (creation of a new administrative component)
263663 Postgraduate reporting Phase 7
278559 Added join between UC_STDNT_ENRL and CLASS_TBL to remove duplicates for query SR_EAA_EXM_OTHR_LOC_TTABLE_C ON
284021 New query DEP_PGD_REC_PGCE_DATA_EF_HEC OS for the Faculty of Education
285119 Change to UC_BGS_PSEL_ADMP_GBGSA109 query so no longer picks up postgraduate applicants with the Application Method 'Other' (OTH)
285736 Amended query PBI_UKVI_REPORT
10th Sept 2019

10th Sept 2019

Helpdesk call reference


115219 A performance enhancement has been made for UCPRC037 so that it runs faster
115223 A performance enhancement has been made for the Card/Jackdaw interface process UCPRC337 so that it runs faster
138766 360 Degree View - Maintain Service Indicators button and link made to work
167402 The flattened table process UCPRC181 has been running slower. Recoded how we gather stats
169346 Verification letter for Christ's College
192496 A fix to the Grad Offer guided process, which can currently lose the NEXT button on the second from last page, if data changes are not first saved
210628 The data behind the Add COND page has been redesigned to make it load quicker
224647 UCAS/UTT project
226781 Creation of a new secured view for exam results
234697 Permanent fix needed to remove orphaned rows from EDM audit table
236738 Incorrect Run Control IDs deleted
237059 Fix introduced to enable opening of EDM documents if special characters are present in the file name
239677 Fix to make sure the taught/research field on Plan Additional Info is showing the correct information
242447 Academic condition to provide evidence of withdrawal from current study does not appear in the list of offer conditions (it appears in the further information section)
244069 PG Reporting phase 6
244660 Deleted incorrect supervisor report by al515 for is448
244988 Adviser Exam Enrolment changes
246741 HTML area causing Degree Supplicant - Admin > Add Supplicant auto search
253540 CamSIS Search time-out for ICE documents search
259299 Migration of updated SAQ message (20045, 915)
259449 Remove Clinical Supervisor Details from Student Self Service Placement Schedules
260427 Column header 'Rank (Optional)' replaced with 'Rank' in marks upload csv file.
261963 Bug fixes for new Adviser Self Service
262262 Preparation for the UGRD Admissions exam embargo
262442 360-level academic organisation security added to CAS, Visa and Passport pages
262906 Default value to be recorded in Financial Aid Interest field for new users
263182 Script to move the CAS details from one emplid to another (same student)
263700 Subscribe to digitary link in student self service to open in a new window
265024 Queries created for Wolfson College: COL_PGD_REC_BANK_LETTER_ALL_W, COL_UGD_REC_BANK_LETTER_ALL_W
265977 Student Tags in CamSIS Search to use effective date and effective sequence
267281 The CAPO merged pdf report had stopped working after Image 13 went live
267499 Batch transcripts not being generated for students with BAO (BA Ordinary) degree.
268923 Fix to correctly return Student Tags in CamSIS Search
272101 Query DEPT_REC_STUDENT_ADVISERS created
272446 A new service indicator for registration has been created
272832 Remove IRLAGREEID field from HESA Extract XML file
274024 New view created for EAA tracking of approval process stats
274037 Fix the programme view for Student Registration so it only returns distinct rows
274083 New terms added into the EDM Term Setup config page
274574 UCAS data conversion was failing on duplicate results
277991 The Class List Opt Out for Self Service wasn't working correctly when the current date was outside the opt out date ranges.
278181 SAQ message catalogue entries updated for 2019
31458 Due Date fields made non-editible for GBGS64 checklist
77255 Create a new index on ADM_APPL_PROG to improve the performance of Financial Aid process FAPTRMU1
UUL-22 Query security for Oracle delivered records relating to UCAS & UTT
UUL-7 Rewrite of Fakeucas for UCAS/UTT project
UUL-739 Updated message catalogue entry 20045,21 to give a better response to users if they enter a UCAS Personal ID which does not match their COPA record
  PFRS code release
  Academic Self Service code release
  UCAS code release
23rd July 2019

23rd July 2019

Helpdesk call reference


127585 Updated UC_HESA_STU_CAR CI to allow Student Registry to bulk update ELQ values
156601 New BGS RULE 84 workflow created
172908 Changes to the process that gets documents from EDM uploaded by GAP to improve performance and prevent it from failing during the busy periods.
188894 Decommissioning unused objects/code that was flagged up in academic structure projec
214687 NST Part II Subject Allocation - Update label from Dissertation Only to Single Subject. Change to the messages section of NST Part II Subject Alloc > Definition Setup so the message input here is the one the student sees in Self Service.
220086 Decommissioning UCRPT376 Community->College Folder -> Student Records as of Date as this functionality should be done via CamSIS Search
222585 Fix to replace malfunctioning student questionnaire declaration questions with a new Declaration tick-box for Y/N questions. The new question will be required, and must be answered with a Yes to allow submission of the Student Questionnaire
227141 ECF question on COPA to be visible for all types of application rather than conditionally.
227811 Update to Org Tree ACAD_ORGANIZATION.
227981 New rows to be added to Fee Code Exclusion Table
229086 Add apprenticeships to HESA return for 2018-2019
231414 ITT statutory changes 2019
232488 Apex Interviewing - issue with candidates appearing twice in search results due to effective dates being ignored in view.
235556 Campus Solutions Image 013
236354 1) User can now see run control ids saved from Student Fee Extract 2) Extraneous run control ids deleted
241982 College allocator validation looking at doctoral status rather than study method resolving an issue wihich was causing applicants to be assigned to incorrect colleges.
243496 The old 'Feedback' tile has been removed and replaced with a new 'Help' tile that points towards relevant support material and the helpdesk contact details.
244856 The Reference Numbers generated on the EAA Exams Supporting Documentation page can get out of sequence. A new method of creating the number has been created.
248838 Decommission objects associated with UCRPT231.
248844 Decommission query UCRPT347_XMLP
250174 The homepage message for Academics was updated to notify them of the upcoming interface changes
250313 Fix to improve the performance of one of the CamSIS filtering population processes.
252341 Insert missing EDCSMU02 plan which was accidentally deleted.
255794 Changes to COPA declaration message and confirmation email text via Message Catalogue 20066 (75 & 914).
260324 UCDYNROLE recoded for checking a single role of 'Standard Non-Page Permissions' as the performance was causing UCRELROL to take days to complete.
71987 Correction of PLNC to PRGC rows following a new method of recording changes post-Academic Structure changes.
90868 The exam information grids on the student records tab of 360 has had the security changed from just Career to Student/College
198829 UCAS localisation data conversion and configuration
214966 PG Feedback and reporting Phase 5
242397 Activating adviser SS and removing access to old adviser s
244980 Notes addition to adviser SS project
246784 Query SRS_CUDO_SUPPLICATS updated for CUDAR
4th June 2019

4th June 2019

Helpdesk call reference


120773 Correct a number of application centres where they do not match the application stack's final row.
122847 Add ranking to exam results page hidden until user clicks to see it
183810 Run clean up script for UCPRC344
195401 Year and term fields to be added to CamSIS Connect ACAD table
205022 Prompt for Component Name on Move Instructions Special Instructions tab providing incorrect, truncated data. *** INTERNAL USE ONLY ***
210397 Creation of new fluid homepage for internal use by the CamSIS technical team
219928 Added record UC_TERM_FEE_CFG to the HESA Query Tree
222830 Incorrect emplid in SSAR tables needed updating.
223176 New message catalogue entry 20049, 33 - changes to text in UK Immigration section of Graduate Self-Service
225274 Decommissioning UCJOB008 - Print Pool Cover Sheets
228847 Links in Change in Student Status emails have been fixed, and will now correctly open the student's application.
230885 Fix to correct a partial decommissioning of a defunct record.
230900 A script to remove the application of a postgraduate applicant whose data has been merged with that of her sister, a current undergraduate. This should allow GAO to resend the application to CamSIS.
232044 The ORG tree has been amended to update now defunct University Partner Institutions.
234066 Correction of data to allow a Postgraduate Student to apply for Leave to Work Away.
234250 Fix for an intermittent issue which causes an error when attempting to access the 'Working away' application form.
234482 Additional access provided to the Student Records Superuser role.
234888 Statutory change request - replace all references to JACS codes with CAH3 codes, hide "Print ATAS Details" button in Graduate Self-Service.
235467 Report template updated for addresses.
236485 Fix to allow special characters in Electronic Document Management processes.
238482 Table UC_MSTUFEE_VW added to Query Tree
189138 Introducing a new user interface for Advisor Self Service (dormant).
197123 New query built for Graduate Admissions to track activity guide progress BGS_A_COND_OFFERS_ACT_GUIDES
30th Apr 2019

30th Apr 2019

Helpdesk call reference


179637 Interviewers Report now correctly shows the GCSE School Score for the school the applicant did their GCSEs at rather than their current school.
185851 Student Adviser Mass Change - alter Replace Adviser so that it uses different dates for the start date of the new adviser and the end date of the original one.
200151 Addition of Schools Database access to departmental Undergraduate Admissions user role.
202367 Process UCPRC008 which sends the rejected application emails for GAO postgraduate applications has been failing when communication sequence numbers get out of sync. A fix has been added to the process to amend the sequence numbers when this happens.
207423 Addition of Passport/Visa photos to the UIS Service Desk user role.
209978 Users of both new Fluid Approvals Tile and the older approvals system would a system crash. This has now been resolved.
218229 Edited peoplecode function EvaluateCareer so that warning message only appears the first time a GCLD/GCA row is saved in Maintain Applications
222390 A fix to Apex Interviewing to correct a column sorting issue.
228326 Removal of defunct code which was causing errors in Student Registration.
229386 Digitary Verification Letters have got out of synch. Script written to sort the data out
231240 Delete incorrect row from table which was stopping a postgraduate student from applying for Working Away.
181465 New query DEP_PGD_ADM_E_AND_D_REPORT created, showing Equality and Diversity information for students
226942 Fixed an issue with the "Students without a PRS" tile where terms run consecutively one after another.
13th Apr 2019

13th Apr 2019

Helpdesk call reference



The process which refreshes adviser todo lists (UCPRC353) has been rewritten to improve performance.


A change to generate warning emails when the EDM upload process (UCPRC342) has not completed successfully.


A fix to prevent duplicate actions showing in CamSIS for academics.

163157 Part II allocation - update translate values
167179 On the 360 Admissions tab the Financial Tracking total finances and remaining liability amounts no longer overlap with the currency in certain browsers, making them more readable.
170772 Removed a customisation on PSOPRDEFN to make CamSIS more reliable and patches quicker.
174913 Set the SetID to UCAMB in User Defaults for all users with administrative roles
181314 Renaming Business Administrator role to Postgraduate Student Admin (Basic) and making this role available to all departments and faculties.
181928 PeopleTools 8.57.04 Upgrade.
182860 Postgraduate Workflow email contents updated to give information about contacting ICE for MSt related workflow, and GAO for all others. Also return address has been changed to noreply.
183250 A script to remove defunct attributes from a deleted student record.
188187 CISS Status Overview pivot grid now shows the max registration date relating to the correct plan for the student
198287 Removal of now defunct Grey Heller Mobile as part of the Tools 8.57 upgrade
198290 Changes to internal pages (Change Tracker) used to manage PeopleTools and Image updates.
200677 Correction of students with an incorrect value on the communications sequence number table, which caused Postgraduate Admissions communications (UCPRC008) to fail.
201912 Improvements to internal Move Instructions pages to allow splitting out of Data Migration Workbench.
202693 Fix to Postgraduate Admissions COND row process to prevent it from failing when an applicant status is no longer valid
203038 A data fix to data converted as part of Postgraduate Reporting and Feedback data conversion
205232 Addition of a Postgraduate Reporting and Feedback page (UC_PROG_DOC_NDOC) to internal permissions.
207363 Changes to College user roles to make 'Configure Exam Verification' page read only.
207866 Fix graduate summary page to show correct checklist where applicant has 2 applications with offers.
209626 A fix to ensure all relevant students are returned on am adviser's To-do list.
212915 Homepage message tiles updated for PeopleTools 8.57 release
214222 A fix to ensure that deleting a Food, Seating, Meds request in Exams Access Arrangements works correctly.
217029 A data fix to remove unnumbered Support Documentation from Exam Access Arrangements.
219694 A fix to ensure that Exam Access Arrangement labels can now be printed for a single student.
220307 A fix to ensure that the Attendance Roster correctly picks up Exam Access Arrangement details after the Generate button is pressed.
220397 Homepage message tiles updated post PeopleTools 8.57 release
222623 Removal of an accidental College comment added to a supervision report
92753 An update to the Academic Organisation tree to move Biological Anthropology under Archaeology.
118741 A new 'Working away' application form has been created as part of Change in Student Status project
193143 Postgraduate reporting and feeback project phase 4
202915 Query SR_CUSU_DATA_QUERY_201819 amended to return additional fields.
208188 Amended queries EXM_EXAM_WARNINGS_SPLD and EXM_EXAM_WARNINGS_TOTAL to only return the current College.
5th Feb 2019

5th Feb 2019

Helpdesk call reference


104361 Remove "Message dated" from Messages and Warnings in Graduate Self-service.
113715 Two fixes to 360 Degree view preferences. 1. Correctly collapse sections when printing from 360 Degree View. 2. Correctly open on the correct page when a preference has been set.
117797 Decommissioning redundant areas of the system following Academic Structure.
146359 Student exam timetables have been added to the 360 Student Records page.
155894 A fix to return a blank prefix for advisors if they do not have a prefix set up.
156156 Small fixes to the Outbound Interface to correct missing data for the Careers Service
156187 Changes to accommodate CAH3 codes as a replacement to JACS codes, and to identify the correct course definition based on Academic Plan HESA data.
159634 A fix to ensure the UCAS applicant import only sets a National ID if one doesn't already exist.
169099 Change to the Degree Committee User Role to allow users to record changes of Academic Programme.
170811 Changes to Raven configuration to reduce maintenance overheads.
171298 A change to allow users to insert images into Student Registration email templates.
175174 A fix to prevent users being temporarily locked out of CamSIS while an overnight security process runs.
176699 A change to the Graduate Admissions User role to provide access to the GEMP student group.
180339 A fix to prevent an error message appearing on some navigations, for some students using mobile phones
180916 A fix to prevent Interviewing users being shown an invalid login page after a session times out
180994 A fix to improve performance of the EDM Workflow process (UCPRC305) for postgraduate applicants.
182518 Replacement of the PGCE Admission Navigation tile
183225 Update to the 360 Degree View Student Records tab to show the correct exam location in line with Exam Access Arrangements.
183230 A fix to show that supporting documentation for Exam Access Arrangements have been correctly deleted.
183235 A fix to prevent an error message being displayed when changes are made to ATAS.
183236 A fix to prevent display issues when recording multiple comments and subsequently cancelling.
183535 A fix to allow users to correctly create new Academic Programmes.
184272 A data fix to remove an applicant that could not be loaded in CamSIS, to allow the correct applicant to be loaded.
184774 A data fix to remove incorrect supervisor reports from two students.
185444 A change to access to temporarily disable the Pool Applicants page for Colleges ahead of the Winter Pool.
185805 Reenabling access to the Pool applicants page following the Winter Pool
187246 A fix to allow Graduate Anonymisation to occur correctly for uploaded documents
187540 A fix to allow for online deletion of Digitary requests, and a data fix for one outstanding request
187878 A fix to correctly exclude subjects in Exam Access Arrangements.
187891 A fix to improve the usability of prompts on run control pages for Exam Access Arrangements.
187916 A separate letter has been created to accommodate Exam Access Arrangements fot Food Seating and Meds applications.
188761 A change to the ICE Programme Administrator user role to provide access to ICE Labels and Update/Create Prospects
189547 A data fix on a communication table to allow the correct production communications.
189825 A data fix to allow a Graduate applicant to be correctly loaded into CamSIS.
191111 CAS numbers have been added to IST_REC_MONITOR_BY_DATES.
192533 A new FOE PPD Admissions user role has been created
193458 Implementation of Critical Patch 8.55.27.
194244 A fix to correct the To-do List buttons that were not showing in Safari
196826 A data fix to remove incomplete Exam Acccess Arrangements activity guides.
196833 A change to add the View Approval Chain link to the Exam Access Arrangements Request Summary page.
196836 A change to switch the Break Time and Extra Time fields on Exam Access Arrangements requests.
197090 A change to allow users users to delete Exam Access Arrangment requests with the status "Started, not submitted"
197131 The UC_CLG_MIN_MAX record is now available to use in queries.
199782 A data fix on a communication table to allow the correct production communications.
200972 The Exam Access Arrangements approval emails changed to show the short descriptions (EAA,FSM)
97916 Configuration between Jackdaw and CamSIS has been improved to improve reliability.
178324 Postgraduate Feedback and Reporting project phase 3
189110 Further improvements to Graduate Offer Making.
147422 Two new queries to help the Cambridge Trusts monitor their students changes in student status.
173252 A new query to identify students that have been registered for a dgree other than PhD following their first year assessment.
187902 End Time has been added to the Exam Access Arrangements letter
188728 New Pivot Grid reports to help manage CamSIS releases.
11th Dec 2018

11th Dec 2018


Helpdesk call reference


115217 Fixing fee data for a student.
141954 Fix to always show the most up to date name for an advisor in the Student Summary Report.
142480 Pre-clinical tags have been associated with the new Medical Sciences Tripos and Veterinary Sciences Tripos plan codes.
142868 Fix to return previously incorrectly anonymised previous institutions, and prevent future removal.
144902 Various fixes to the College Student Photos and Student Summary report run control pages to restore and fix the Academic Plan field prompt filtering functionality.
146314 Sata fix to correct an application record which was missing an MATR row.

Change labels from 'Change in

Circumstances' to 'Change in student status'

156694 Additional access granted to the Business Course Administrator role.
161390 Change in student status email templates changed
162228 8.55.26 October Critical Patch
162247 Director of Studies role change to include permissions to Undergraduate career.
164052 Fix to remove students from showing up in the To-Do list of someone who isn't that student's adviser
164199 Fix to correct two applications that were incorrectly merged
164630 Fix to prevent Self-evaluation showing data from previous unsubmitted selfevaluations.
166656 Changes to security to close the enrolment window for students.
166691 Fix to the HESA process to make it run more quickly.
167494 Added NATION to the ITT return
168508 A data fix to remove staged enrolments that were bulk-uploaded in error.
168966 Amended user security to close the exam enrollment window.
169131 Changed the information displayed on the Class Lists Opt-out page, and opened the Opt-out window.
169760 Schedule EDM/BGS workflow generation to run more frequently for a subset of rules
169924 Service indicator configuration changes
169944 Enrolment Approvals now always shows the Next button when it should.
170882 Additional access has been added for Language Centre and Graduate Admissions Office users.
171141 Removed applicant listed as error in Constituent Staging so the corrected application can be processed.
171359 Moving an SSAR file from one USN to another.
171695 Fix to ensure that Self-evaluations are created for the correct term.
173473 Additional access has been added for some users with access to HESA information.
179386 Reinstating access to Pool Applicants for College users.
180909 The EDM references upload no longer fails if someone has a name longer than 50 characters
92531 Fix to correct the format of downloaded exam marks spreadsheets.
108642 First year assessment and post graduate reporting phase 2
120732 Second part of the class list opt-out project. First phase delivered the basic page and static message to students. This phase allows student registry to configure end dates for careers and subjects.
159778 Graduate Offer making activity guide, graduate offer summary page and associated configuration.
97750 New functionality so support the application for students to take examinations in a location other than the designated exam room.


COL_ALL_REC_GRADUATION_EMAIL to return students whether a current Home or Mailing address exists or not.


New                                                        query

COL_PGD_REC_SUBMIT_BY_DATE to show postgraduate students who have submitted within a provided date range. The query also shows the final thesis title and an approval date where applicable.



Query to show all PGRD students that have been approved between a prompted date range. Returns submission date for first submission only.

29th Oct 2018

29th Oct 2018

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106995 Anonymise CAS data for unsuccessful undergraduate and graduate applicants
112292 Permissions have been changed to roll out constituent staging to ICE for their MSt students
120852 PeopleTools 8.55.25 has been applied
121184 The OBI now populates the STFE table with the college held in new view UC_COLL_TERM_VW.
123834 The assignment of degree checkout status has been corrected.
130076 Image 010
132523 The new Fluid user interface is now enabled by default, rather than relying on security settings.
132652 Applied Oracle-issued fix for compatibility problem with Kaspersky virus protection.
132768 Fix the issue where logging in through ESS would fail to save an EXTL address correctly, creating a malformed address instead which would break constituent staging.
136498 Text changes have been made to the CIC notification messages.
139094 Duplicate rows have been removed from the ITT CSV file
140156 Enable financial tracker data to be added to graduate applicants prior to COND row being added.
140280 A script has been run to clean up an admissions record.
141456 Open exam enrolment window
141855 Report producing too many students since academic restructure. Altered report to correctly compare student career number instead of academic programme
141878 Change to grad applicant import so that the passport start date value supplied by GAP is imported into CamSIS
142764 The template and files for the Exam Enrolment Report have been updated.
144085 We have improved the error handling in the process which updates records in CamSIS when letters have been signed at Digitary.
144919 An 'Unofficial transcripts' link has been added to the Student Records tab on 360 Degree View. This provides one-click access to a students' unofficial transcript rather than needing to go via the Self Service tab.
144926 A new section for 'Student identification numbers' has been added to the Personal tab in 360 Degree View.
146617 A script has been run to remove duplicate student career rows and allow the CGSRS security process to keep running.
146681 The Class List Opt Out window has been closed.

Migrating permission list PA000104 to allow access to Self Service Enrolment (Staff)

154538 A script has been run to reset some Academic Verification Letters so they could be re-uploaded to Digitary
155767 Allow Directors of Studies to approve exam enrolments from the Student Summary page.
158263 A script has been run to remove UCAS data on applications and acceptances by school which was loaded incorrectly.
159246 The Undergraduate Administrator Job Role has been updated to provide access to enrolment choices
160951 A script has been run to correct data held in the Open Allocation tables following the Academic Structure changes.
161483 The link to the enrolment video on the academic homepage has been corrected.
161870 Duplicate data has been removed from the SAQ A-level table, and the view used to populate the OBI SAQQ table has been updated.
164134 Homepage Tile message changed to reflect downtime on 29th October
75381 Change request to make the DBS section of the Graduate Application Coversheet more prominent.
76432 A new import process and table has been created to store postcode data for use in reports created by Cambridge Admissions Office.
88536 Change the way "start date" is populated in the Certificate of Offer (UCRPT318) to be conditional on whether an alternative start date exists or not.
88791 Postgraduate Feedback and Reporting features will replace the CGSRS for writing student reports. It will also be used for changing NOTAF students to PhD or other qualifications
131494 The query SR_PGD_ADM_OFFERS has been created for the Student Registry
145847 The query IST_REC_MONITOR_BY_DATES has been amended to correct the action reasons being excluded from the report.
160369 Change to query COL_ALL_ADM_CITIZENSHIP to add citizenship status description field



11th Sept 2018

11th Sept 2018

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104954 ITT changes - adding field SERLEAVE to the ITT return
120903 Generates the date of offer on offer letters those offer holders who currently can't see their offer date.
125642 A script has been run to clean up a transcript request preventing requests uploaded to Digitary from being marked as Sent.
125811 Textual updates for this year's SAQ.
126370 New fluid tiles to access navigation collections.
129810 A script has been run to correct postcodes which did not pass validation in the UCAS import.
130502 Corrected email data to fix an issue preventing all PGRD applicants not previously in CamSIS from successfully posting from GAP to CamSIS.
130691 Grade Boundaries are now shown in the results details in Student Self Service and in CamSIS for Academics
131235 The letterhead on the Churchill College Verification letter has been updated.
132708 Added access to report UCRPT250 Exam Stats Report
133265 New fields UC_HESA_PLMNTDYS and UC_HESA_PLMNTSCH to be added to ITT reports
134480 Increased error logging to enable more accurate troubleshooting of new students unable to reset their password and hence complete student registration.
136340 Textual changes to the SAQ ahead of the 2019 undergraduate admissions cycle.
136962 We have updated the wording about opting out of class lists
24208 Undergraduate applicants will now receive system-generated emails to remind them to register for pre-interview assessments
76425 The security on the COPA print out has been made consistent with other views of the COPA in CamSIS, and CAO have been given the ability to manually link a COPA to a SAQ where the applicant did not do so.
81386 Correction to the query PV_ALL_SUPV_RPTS to prevent it from sometimes returning applicants instead of students, as well as students from acad orgs which the user shouldn't have access to data for.
128182 Fluid SSS tidyups - Usability updates for student self service
134454 Reintroducing fix from 42696 which had been overwritten. This fixes the issue with an already saved number not being able to be used as an emergency contact phone number.
72103 Exam Enrolment Verification Pilot
7th Aug 2018

7th Aug 2018 


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104649 Populate date required and anticipated date on milestones when a supervision report is approved for a registered NOTAF
106173 The FOE Enhanced role has been given access to update the Religious Preference field for PPD students.
106677 Update selected references in CamSIS from jobs to roles.
109882 Plan changes in the admissions stage are not registering when CAS applications are generated - fix has added effdt to relevant view and function.
111122 All CULP language awards will now be included in the Degree section of transcripts.
112856 The run control record for the College Student Exam Results Report has been corrected so new run control IDs do not trigger error messages.
113844 A code fix has been applied so that new transcript requests are automatically created without error when a degree is conferred.
114090 Fix to use the Academic Plan Degree Override table when adding the COMP/SUCC row, where applicable.
114513 Updated underlying logic for prompt view UC_FACQA_TRM_VW so that it now displays enough terms for CPGS approvals.
114872 A digitary subscription has been removed at the request of the user.
114983 The loading of public login pages (SAQ, COPA, ESS, GSS, StuReg) has been corrected.
115271 The text of the COPA submission email has been updated for 2018.
116749 A digitary Academic Verification letter request has been removed at the request of the Student Registry
117371 Reinstate index to stop security process from locking CamSIS.
117947 The Delete ID process has been amended to ignore all audit tables in order to improve performance.
121079 A script has been run to lock all the SAQ user accounts during the UCAS Exam Results Embargo.
65202 Fix to the fees data preparation process following the new academic structure.
65226 Added advisor's email, student's preferred email and student's CRSid email to letter generation (CCLTRGEN) output file.
74099 Decommissioning unused objects/code that was flagged up in academic structure project
76427 GCSE result data in the Interviewer's Report now comes from the same view as used for Subject Moderation.
88491 For student financials reasons, a view returning college per term is needed taking into account students changing college.
94011 Added step to UCAS Anonymisation process so that transcripts of anonymised applicants were deleted in line with GDPR
94736 Return button on term kept page, accessed from 360 degree view, was white. This fix has returned he button to the standard CamSIS button colour.
73603 Student Self Service Project
99667 Migration of Academic and Administrative Fluid Homepages
114029 Migration of three new queries for the School of Humanities & Social Sciences: SHSS_MATR SHSS_ACCEPT SHSS_COND_OFFE
3rd July 2018 


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100503 Change to allow all Digitary requests from an individual to be updated to Complete, not just the latest one.
101178 Send anonymised IP address command to Google Analytics to comply with GDPR
102574 Replacing SAF with Notification Plan in the Grad Applicant Offer Details report.
102861 Fix graduate applications stuck in constituent staging
103845 Improvement to the display of exam results to Directors of Studies.
104145 Logic to select the College description on the student transcript has been corrected to take effective date into account.
104295 Duplicate document requests no longer result in entire batches of transcripts being re-sent to Digitary
105130 The process to upload documents to Digitary now sets a Warning and raises a HEAT incident if there are documents which cannot be uploaded 
107770 Added final approval date to the Change in Circumstances 'Status Overview' pivot grid 
109288 Fix to intermittent vanishing of the postcode label for COPA questions A4.1 and A6.1.
109789 Added File Upload Date to CamSIS Search and amended BGS_A_DOCUPLOAD queries.
110070 Fix graduate application stuck in constituent staging.
111049 The transcript templates have been updated to correct the URL for the Quality Assurance Agency
111385 The process UCPRC058, which automatically updates and creates user ids, has been amended to stop attempting to update the old Digitary Class database when alumni return to the university as students.
112083 Wording changes to the COPA
3049 Text "* indicates a compulsory field" on COPA personal details page (UC_COA_PERSDTLS1) needs to be on one line and aligned with the bottom of the frame.
32725 When a CamSIS Search produces more than 5000 rows, Attributes are now returned in the resulting .csv file
41457 Update user preferences to use timezone = Western European Time In order for the timestamp on BI Publisher reports to take into account daylight savings.
49069 Script to reinsert a MATR row back into the Application stack for 302978078/10437669
69378 Display all countries (apart from GBR) in addresses
72206 Fix to ensure that graduate applicants who were created as a duplicate USN will receive their self-service login credentials once the USNs have been merged.
74482  Application of Oracle released Image 008 to CamSIS
76430 The Interviewer's Report in APEX has been amended to include a new tickbox to show that identity has been checked against the photo submitted when applying.
78452 Changes to a record used in the OTH_OTH_FIN_CHECK_STU_FEES queries, to return a concatenated list of Student Groups for each student
78610 NQF codes on applicant facing emails and CAS statements changed to RQF descriptions. NQF references on staff facing pages changed to RQF.
83775 Fixed issue with blank values appearing in the Change in Circumstances pivot grid.
88853 Critical security patch.
90095 Additional access for the PRAO Observer role
90992 Added a filter for 'Application type' to the Change In Circumstances Status Overview pivot grid.
92268 Applicant listed as error in Constituent Staging - remove so the corrected application can be processed again.
95848 Fix to ensure that the degrees listed on the Graduation Ceremony Report are listed in ascending order based on the degree seniority.
95917 Fix to stop incomplete checklists being incorrectly marked as completed when saving another application for the same graduate applicant.
96171 Add access to ICE users to be able to update applicant/student religious preferences for HESA purposes.
98062 Removing all references referring to criminal record from the COPA, in line with GDPR requirements.
98636 Code changes and a script to resolve problems with a transcript uploading to Digitary
109580 Reinstate the splash screen (landing page) on CamSIS for Academics.
37649 New process to anonymise data for unsuccessful graduate applicants, to ensure compliance with GDPR.
73658 Improvements to the Change tracker following use for the update to IMG008.
15th May 2018

15th May 2018 

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42696 A fix to correct a validation issue when updating emergency contact telephone numbers.
48689 Results for courses with a grading basis of classed should now appear on transcripts.
54104 A change to remove "(0 credits)" from the results on transcripts
66878 A fix to ensure that the correct subject results are included on transcripts.
69776 Changes have been made to ensure that undergraduate medical students that change tripos in the third year are returned in CamSIS Search.
71815 Changes to the way that degrees are conferred following a congregation
73519 Improvements to performance for internal processes used in CamSIS release management.
75285 The query UC_HESA_DLHE_DATA_TRANSFER has been restored to use by the Careers Service.
A new query UC_HESA_DLHE_DATA_TRFR_PRE_C NV has been written for data not converted in the academic structure project
76193 Changes to the Graduate Application import process (UCPRC401) so that any applicants with a last name starting in 'Mc', or a blank last name (denoted by full stop or a hyphen), are automatically suspended.
76669 Deleting page personalisations for a user which was preventing them from accessing 360 preferences.
78763 Amendments to the application coversheet (UCRPT317)
79033 A fix to prevent SQL errors on the CamSIS User Audit tool, including additional validation on the page to prevent duplicate values being recorded.
79270 The Non GP Placements by Term report (UCRPT361) has been amended to work correctly following the Academic Structure project.
80300 A small change to the Release Summary page used as part of the CamSIS release management process.
80366 Fixes to an internal report used for CamSIS release management
83056 New value of M for exam locations to allow an additional location to be recorded for students sitting exams in other locations.
83060 A fix to degree conferral dates that were updated incorrectly following a congregation.
86405 The Academic Organisation hierarchy has been updated to align now defunct organsations to an appropriate active department for security purposes.
94820 Configuration and test page for the new version of Digitary (Digitary CORE).
76731 A fix to an issue where the incorrect approver was recorded when a Change in Circumstances form was saved for later processing.
F0335687 Changes to the HESA extract following the Academic Structure project
59638 The query COL_PGD_ADM_EVALUATION_EMAIL has been updated to remove duplicate results, and warn users when an applicant's Residency Term does not match their Admit Term.
90106 The query EXM_OTHER_LOC_BY_COLLEGE has been amended to avoid duplicate results for students who have attended multiple colleges.
3 April 2018

3rd April 2018 

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23755 Decommission Apex Questionnaire processes and associated objects
36489 line of code in method Convert_Back_Student needs commenting out to prevent session blocking issue
38095 Students Eligible for approval now selects only those with an expected graduation term as given on the run control page
42649 COPA and SAQ validation of postcodes for England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland to be same as GBR.
45441 Removed a check on decisions being entered for application center changes as it is no longer needed and was stopping new applicants from being entered on the system
49524 Graduate Supervision Reports cannot open Completed Courses.
53429 The CRSid field on User Role Maintenance needs to be made a required field to ensure that all of the appropriate security is given to the user.
56321 Delete a Digitary profile.
59530 Some graduate certificates of conditional offers weren't showing the date of offer.
60294 Delete a Digitary profile.
60602 Tools upgrade 8.55.21
61287 Delete a Digitary profile.
61623 Change Tracker Part II: Phase IV
62191 New Org BLTO added to Tree
63022 Jumping from 360 to Maintain Applications gives a 'display only' view, when the user actually has access to 'update' data
63433 Fix the way milestone security is added and updated when a user's jobs are changed
63671 Archive queries no longer needed
65207 Student tag on the 360 degree view should be from the top of the program plan stack
67465 In the Application Information/Actions section of the graduate application login to CamSIS, disabling the "Print Certificate of Offer" link for ICE applicants, who have offer letters produced outside of CamSIS.
68098 UCPRC407 failed due to 4 rows of data in UC_IM_MONITOR.
69141 Original decision was not to convert the data on this page as there was a project to re-develop Special Conditions. This project did not go ahead, however the decision was not re-visited.
69177 Update old HSMLTX plan to HMLTX in Admissions
69334 number of students enrolled onto MDB4 displayed on the page use to assign Blind Grade Numbers to students: Records and Enrolment>Blind Grading>Assign Blind Grade Number/Word
70305 Term Activation Batch Process will now take into account the academic group from the run control when enrolling on the term kept classes
70669 Enrolment on Combined sections incorrect.
App engine program written to correct data
71005 In 360 the 'Return to Search' and 'Previous in List' buttons need to be spaced apart.
71419 On 360 Finance Tab, if the selected USN has no data, a FERPA link is displayed. This is to be removed.
71798 A new Role (UC_UIS_SERVICE_DESK) has been created in DEV, along with a new permission list (PA000443 - UIS Service Desk). this is for the new UIS Service Desk job.
73294 PA000444
73325 PGCE placement terms causing problems in PGRD Change of Circumstances within Self Service
73326 Exam Data and Stats Reports not returning any results
74091 Digitary pro-forma letters now include the qualification description for all careers, as Academic Structure changes had reduced this to just Undergraduates
50727 A new self service page to allow students to opt out from result publication.
53993 Remove the User Registration and Audit Declaration sections of the Academic Audited Jobs tab of the Job Security Audit page and replace with text.
59734 Change in Circumstance project CIC
67727 Change to query SRS_EXAM_EXUBERANCE to include practical exams, and missing data
71966 Fixed the discrepancy on the 'Stats on Active Students' tile where it was reporting different numbers in the filters when compared to the exported list.
78658 Query UC_SEC_ADMIN_AUDIT_UNAUDITED has been created to return users that have not been audited within a given audit window (determined by the prompt)
26 September 2017

26th September 2017 

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23604 The Student Registration Process no longer asks ICE students to pick up their RAVEN credentials.
23608 Corrections have been made to the HESA Extract process.
23671 Query report to indicate possible peaks in post exam exuberance.
23783 OTH_OTH_FIN_CHECK_STU_FEES rewritten as OTH_OTH_FIN_CHECK_STU_FEES8 so that the aggregated list of student groups takes into account the "as of" Date prompt value.
23835 Another accented character has been added to the translation function that allows EDM filenames to be created from student names.
23862 Another accented character has been added to the translation function that allows EDM filenames to be created from student names.
23888 Fixed the message that was appearing when the Get Supporting Documents button is clicked on the Visa Details page via 360 (Personal Data tab), Maintain PBI Images. Added a check that a new row has been added to ensure data is not lost.
25444 The University Transcript signature has been updated from 1st October 2017.
27017 Financial Tracker rules have been removed for years less than 2017.
27260 Exam Enrolment Project.

New search record for 360 Degree View to resolve issue with the 'Active Student Stats' tile on the new home page for some users.

30636 College Graduate Tutors no longer see Approvals for past Students in Adviser Self Service.
32141 The roll-forward of dummy courses in the UCAS mapping table has been amended to account for a new delivered field.
32224 Grade Roster rows that don't have equivalents in Student Enrolment deleted as part of academic structure changes.
32246 Basis of Admissions removed when there is no Basis of Admissions Code.
32303 The view used in a number of College Fee queries, has been updated following the move to a single Business Unit for fees.

Changes have been made to prevent an old incorrect application being selected for processing by the graduate application import.

32395 A change has been made to correct auditing of the College Characteristics Table.
32407 Fixed incorrect Academic Load values in Maintain Admissions and Student Programme/Plan information as part of the Academic Structure changes.

Blank data rows for Class Notes have been removed.

32420 A number of delivered student financials records were rebuilt to take account of a new longer field definition delivered by Oracle, which allowed the SSAR upload to continue running.

Changed the Effective Date and Effective Sequence of some admissions data so that it can be handled by the academic structure changes.

32521 Missing application centre information has been resolved as part of the academic structure changes.

Remove data with missing aid years from the Financial Tracker that correspond to the SAF aid category.


Preferred email address has been changes from CRSid from 1st September for new graduate students.

32923 Data in Basis of Admissions that was previously blank has been set to value of 'N'.
33051 Incorrect Financial Aid data has been removed as part of academic structure changes.
33079 Application deleted which had not person data.
33337 Applicant Advisor page has been changed to use current rather than summary data
33344 CRSID email addresses are set to preferred from the first day of the student's admit term.
33433 Prevented an incorrect application being selected for processing by the graduate application import.
33558 Customisation have been reinstated to allow instructor to be added to Instructor/Adviser and Schedule of Classes
33726 The cancellation of a GSSC form in progress no longer deletes earlier applications for the same Status Change.
33886 Specific applications have been deleted.
33896 Updated the academic plans for the applicant rows for specific students.
33936 Updates to the admission record in preparation for the academic structure change.
33997 Updates have been made to the academic plans for both the applicant and student rows for a list of students.
34265 Corrections made to the ITT Return.
34334 Prevented an incorrect application being selected for processing by the graduate application import.
34367 The "Create a new APT Instance?" message on the Student Programme/Plan has been removed.
34619 Applicant Academic Programme lookup is now retrieving the correct maximum effective date.
34639 The calculation of the College field in the OBI table for student fees has been corrected to use Account Term rather than Item Term.
35690 Change In Circumstances Project Phase 1.
35746 Resolved issue with Exam Monitoring Configuration audit records.
35831 The order of fields in the ITT Return XML output has been corrected.
36293 Remove 2 redundant rows from Enrolment that will cause a duplicate issue for the Academic Structure Changes.
36377 Corrected Award Codes for Honours and Awards in preparation for the Academic Structure Changes.
F0319158 It is now possible to choose a date range when running the Kofax Audit Process.
F0335486 Finance query for Clare Hall has been updated to correctly return balance.
29th August 2017

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23694 Change has been made to correctly return the College in the OBI finance data.
23744 Add new style Jobs for users to User Role Maintenance.
23837 The help link has been removed from the upload documents page in Graduate Applicant Self Service.
23991 Added a new question to the SAQ for Free School Meals.
24025 Added SAQ submitted date/time to the CAPO print out. Made the surname on the first page and in the footer bold.
24096 Query COL_PGD_ADM_DEPENDENTS has been created.
24106 ITT Return has been updated to cater for revised fields.
24135 Fixed the Graduate Application Import to ensure that MSts are not being set to Online Continuers when they have previously been a Cambridge student.
24142 Phoenix Teaching Rooms added as an option for Exams at College Request.
24211 Additional configuration has been created to manage the SAQ communications for mature colleges.
24432 Fixed Milestones duplicates as part of data conversion issues for academic restructure.
24550 Changes have been made so that GRAD and PGRD students can have early access to Student Self Service.
26076 Classes have been removed that have no offerings and no enrolments in preparation for the Academic Structure changes.
26213 Classes that have an org owner of OOHP have been updated to HPHP as part of the Academic Structure changes.
26371 Incorrect rows removed for Subject Moderation.
26395 Changes have been made to the Matriculation form to comply with General Data Protection Regulation.
26629 The CamSIS project Change Tracker has been updated.
27165 Update to security for users for the new style Jobs in User Role Maintenance.
27279 User Role Maintenance has been updated to ensure that only CamSIS staff have access to add the new Jobs for administrators.
27288 The data protection statement has been changed in Student Registration.
27695 User Role Maintenance search performance has been improved.
27873 The label for 'BMAT Candidate Number' has been changed on the 360 Degree View Admissions tab (Test Results section) to 'Candidate Number'.
28002 Fix to ensure only the appropriate security is deleted when access is removed through the User Role Maintenance Page.
28249 The ICE import to CamSIS was corrected to allow ELQ values to be updated and saved.
28296 Graduate Applicant Conditional Offer Certificates information have been corrected.
28822 Updated Checklist Item rows that have invalid HTML tags.
28878 The creation of graduate applications now correctly results in 9-digit USNs.
29140  The photo upload for the COPA is restricted by size.
29350 Corrections have been made to ensure that the course details on the Student Registration - Academic Data tab is displayed for all students.
29380 The correct message is now shown when there is no phone number for an Emergency Contact.
29426 Fields for Milestone Security have been added to the User Role Maintenance page.
29590 Resolved a configuration issue with the HESA Extract.
29989 2632 Graduate applications had been accidently withdrawn. These applications have been reinstated
30047 Student Elections have been reinstated in the Tree Manager.
30598 Created audit record extract tool for Academic Structure project.
30646 DEIN row added after MATR on application stack for application 10417214 has been removed.
30683 Clean up an incorrect application information as part of the Academic Structure changes.
30726 Provided information for monitoring GSSC Applications.
30741 UCJOB071 has been reinstated.
30986 COPA email text has been updated.
31189 Name has been separated into First and Last name in the user audit view.
31535 An Admit Term filter has been added to the 'Missing College Advisers' and 'Students without a PRS' tiles.
31554 Change incorrect application numbers in preparation for Academic Structure project.
F0316400 Changes have been made to the Online Graduate Application so that access for applicants pre-offer is through the Graduate Applicant Portal rather than Graduate Applicant Self Service.
F0330298 A new process has been created to maintain Financial Aid Terms in support of the work to go to a single Business Unit for Fees.
F0334429 Change has been made to the Graduate Application import to default in values for National ID.
25th July 2017

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23990 Incorrect Grading Basis corrected in Enrolment in preparation for new Academic Structure
24057 Eligible To Graduate process now only processes students who have been assigned an Expected Graduation Term.
24340 The Roll Curriculum Data Forward process now correctly joins by Course ID as well as subject.
24585 New fields added to HESA Acad Plan table & trigger recreated lost when release Q2_17 went live.
24586 Added a field to the audit table on UCAS D1 Decisions and restored the audit trigger.
24588 The layout of Grades & Further to Class Notes in CamSIS for Academics has been made clearer for cases when there are multiple result papers in the same term (e.g. 2nd MB students).
24589 Restored audit trigger for Academic Structure mapping table.
24638 Two applicants fixed who have college choices set for the wrong gender in preparation for new Academic Structure.
24771 Graduate applicants with missing 1st choice college have been resolved.
24837 5 incorrect rows have been removed from Maintain Applications.
25015 An incorrectly inserted row in Academic Plan has been removed in preparation for new Academic Structure.
25533 The COPA declaration and Terms & Conditions have been updated.
25573 Data has been corrected where Expected Graduation Term is less than the Admit Term in preparation for new Academic Structure.
25642 Removed applicant only data from Honor & Awards.
26313 Access has been changed to allow Raven4Life and ESS users to access CamSIS from mobile devices.
26485 PBI monitoring data has been removed where the applications have since been removed or cancelled.
26554 The COPA declaration has been amended following advice from Legal Services.
26720 The COPA submission confirmation email has been updated.
27017 Financial Tracker Rules set up data has been removed for years less than 2017.
27123 Removed applications for AUGD career which are not needed.
F0283113 Graduate Conditional Offer email now relates to Application Number rather that Academic Plan for Principle Supervisor.
F0322510 Access has been set up to allow certain users to have access to the new CamSIS Fluid homepage.
F0324316 Audit tool has been created to allow user access approvers to audit user access within their organisation.
F0324939 Photos are removed from anonymised undergraduate applicants.
F0328968 The Graduate Conditional Offer Certificate has been updated.
F0329899 Term activation rows have been removed where there are no Student Program Plan in preparation for the new academic structure.
F0330595 Application Program Mumbers have been set back to zero in preparation for the new Academic Structure.
F0330771 Previous Institution and Care Leaver added to the pages used for managing ICE enrolments
F0331713 A large number of rows in Term Activation had Academic_Load with a blank value. These rows have been updated to N.
F0332568 The External Organisation lookup in Student Post has been changed so it allows college users to only access those 'owned' by their colleges
F0333196 Change Tracker deployed for internal CamSIS processes
F0335547 The latest upgrade to CamSIS, Image 005 has been deployed.
20th June 2017

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24094 (HEAT) Security has been amended to allow the International Student Office to maintain Partner Sponsor information.
F0276982 (Support Works)

Resolved issue with Monitoring Enrolment where having an excluded sub-plan leads to enrolments being

excluded for other years than the year it is relevant to.

F0316986 Decommissioning data that is no longer used for the Graduate Application.

Adjusted the checks on the Free Format Field in College Decisions so that it correctly checks for the

maximum number of characters allowed.

F0326396 Deleted a Digitary Subscription.
F0330062 Change to auto-fill Partner Institution when a CAS is created.
F03304037 Correct 2 applicants' data to allow checklists to be added for graduate applications.
F0330522 HESA 2017 Changes.
F0330729 In Interviewing, the Interviewers report no longer shows duplicate rows if the applicant has multiple Academic Interests.
F0330967 22 rows in Application Evaluation removed.

Rows in tables EXAM_CLASS and UC_EX_CLAS_EXAM where CLASS_EXAM_SEQ = 0 were causing

problems with one of the academic structure data conversion CIs - these rows have been updated

to CLASS_EXAM_SEQ = 0 via a data change script.

F0331292 Delete a row from Online Application in preparation for Academic Structure Data Conversion.
F0331451 Delete a digitary subscription.

Removed data fron Student Elections without a counterpart in Student Records as part of academic

structure work.

F0332133 Deleted rows in Term table that have no equivalent Student Record as part of academic structure project.
F0332348 300 Finance rows without other finance data have been removed as part of the Academic Structure project.
F0332392 Three rows that are present in Transcript Text have additional data added as part of academic structure project.
F0332648 The duplicate 'Recognized Child' label has been removed from the drop-down menu in the Emergency Contact Information page.
F0332834 A new question on Free School Meals eligibility has been added to the COPA.

Deleted 14 rows from Calculate Application Fees which do not have equivalents in Maintain Applications

as part of the academic structure project.

F0333099 Decommissioned Composition Fee Ref Table as it has not been used since 2009.
F0333582 Allow users to maintain advisers for discontinued students.

The default text for Acad Plan Description has been shortened in two processes Send requests

to Digitary and Create Transcripts.

F0333983 Data has been corrected in order for students eligible to graduate to be processed.
F0334037 Correct data for applicants to allow checklists to be added for graduate applications.

Delete data from Basis of Admissions where it is not associated with a Student Record as

part of the academic structure project.

F0334208 Adjustments have been made to the Academic Mappings page to pick up latest active and non active plans and programmes.

eSales configuration and text have been updated to reflect the increased Overseas Interview Fee for



Change to security to allow department users to access Transfer to Student Adviser in One Row for

CamSIS Search.

F0335642 New query created to list exam results for Masters students COL_PGD_REC_EXAM_MARKS_ALL.
F0335647 CamSIS for Academics has been changed so that users only have access to the correct students.
F0335688 Checklist Item Set Up security has been changed.
16 May 2017

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F0289495 New fields have been added to the Query COL_UGD_REC_BANK_LETTER_ALL_F
F0310613 New field to ivgFormQuals so that it is imported by the PGCE Applicant Import
F0317213 Added USN to the Exam Data and Stats Report
F0320672 Changes have been made to the Call management within CamSIS
F0321883 Added extra audit logging to the process for creating and disabling accounts.
F0323833 Resolved the issue with the Tuition Group link on the Finance tab in 360
F0324679 Allow the Academic Career for Faculty Programme Quals page to be varied, in preparation for Academic Structure project.
F0325187 Correct data in Student Programme Plan and Maintain Applications in preparation for the Academic Structure project.
F0325220 Update adviser data so they are active when assigned to applicants
F0325644 Change Academic Career for applicants in Residency as part of preparation for the Academic Structure project
F0325692 Removed incorrect term/class data as part of the academic structure project
F0327590 Data added erroneously to the Student Programme Plan by a process has been removed
F0327659 Creation of audit trigger page for CamSIS staff.
F0328571 Applied Peoplesoft Patch Image 004, which fixes bugs reported to Oracle, and has new content and features.
F0329011 Audit table created for Schedule of Classes - Meetings tab
F0329257 Generating attendance rosters now handles dates correctly when the exam date is outside of the term dates.
F0329555 Delete incorrect rows from financial Student Post as part of the Academic Structure project
F0329605 The Graduate Supervision Reporting process failed due to issues with attached documents. This has been corrected.
F0330140 New security access has been set up for HR department users
F0330163 Security has been changed to allow Judge Business School admissions staff access to Residency information.
F0330416 Removed extra data from Graduate Graduation as part of the Academic Structure project
F0330435 Duplicate College values have been removed from Maintain Applications - Graduate College Choices tab
F0330591 Delete incorrect data from Supplicants as part of the Academic Structure project
F0332289 Data has been resolved for 2 USNs
F0332529 The text sent to MSt applicants on receipt of application has been updated.
21 March 2017

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F0309644 The signature on the University transcripts have been updated from 3rd January to the Acting Registrary, Emma Rampton
F0310149 The CAS Statement printout now includes the progress justification field
F0312490 Renamed the HESA fields, pages and components to designate them as a Cambridge customisation
F0313188 A fix has been applied to ensure College eligibility is being calculated correctly for Undergraduate Open Applicants
F0313840 Financial queries have been changed from Business Unit security to College security
F0315805 Documents downloaded from the Graduate Admissions worklist now have accented characters removed from the filenames before the files are created
F0316049 The CamSIS Search for Graduate Admissions Workrule 34 has been updated
F0317615 The URL to download the offer booklet for graduate applicants has been updated
F0319196 The Syllabus Plus import has been corrected to allow the data file to be loaded
F0319563 The Exam Entries Timetable Check report now also checks that locations have been assigned
F0319918 List of advisers on prompt for College Questionnaires is now filtered by College
F0319947 The *J Import has been corrected following the 9.2 upgrade
F0320514 Add information about Jobs using a Process as related content on the Processes page
F0320564 Removed the need to use CIP Codes on the Academic Plan table
F0320717 Access to the Pool Applicants Page has been removed from College users as of 21/12/2016
F0321561 The HESA Source of Fees code has been updated from 05 to 91 from 1st August 2016
F0321771 Changes have been made to related actions links in Maintain Applications and Add/Update a Person so they open a new window
F0321774 Updated reminder email sent to academics for Master's Self Evaluation
F0321797 Managed the enrolment access during the Lent term
F0322517 Process updated to convert applicants names for Graduate Applicants to mixed case
F0322854 A CGSRS report for a student has been corrected
F0323204 Two subscriptions to Digitary have been deleted as the students requested a refund.
F0323620 Added owner 1 and owner 2 details to the OBI User Security page to indicate who owns the OBI accounts
F0323909 Delete unused information from Student Programme Plan, in preparation for Academic Structure data conversion
F0323917 Removed unused Student Attributes from Student Programme Plan in preparation for Academic Structure data conversion
F0324166 Permission list has been updated to give members of the IST team access to visa details for the CAS
F0324545 The calculation of Source of Fee Code using Financial Tracker data has been corrected to always get the value valid at the start of the course
F0324790 Data has been removed for Application Student Response which is no longer used in preparation for Academic Structure data conversion
F0324993 Academic Structure Mapping online and in OBI
F0325180 Change incorrect National ID numbers from 'XXXXXXXXX' to the default '999999999' to enable Academic Structure data conversion
F0325186 User favourites have not been updated in the 9.2 release. This is due to new favourites being created during the cut over. This has been resolved
F0325197 A spelling mistake in the email sent to graduate applicants has been corrected
F0325204 Set blank Principal tickbox for Student Adviser to the default 'N', in preparation for Academic Structure data conversion
F0325235 The wording has been amended on the conditional offer email that goes out to graduate applicants when they get an offer
F0325268 Student Post page is not showing all the External Id's. The look up has been restored to its previous setting prior to the 9.2 upgrade
F0325473 PeopleTools patch 8.55.13 has been applied
F0325590 Resolved an issue with German address validation in graduate applications
F0325732 Fields on the audit archive table have been returned to allowing null values following the upgrade
F0325867 Checklists are now being completed correctly for Graduate Applications
F0326279 Archived queries that have not been run in over a year
F0326603 Delete a blank row from Financial Tracker as part of preparation for Academic Structure
F0326640 Organisation codes for Student Post that were not displayed after the 9.2 upgrade have been restored
F0326895 Created audits on all setup tables being used in Academic Structure
F0326999 Tidy up unused Jobs in the Job Maintenance
F0327030 The signature on College Verification letters for Downing College has been updated
F0327059 Decommission data records in CamSIS that are no longer used
F0327323 Delete duplicate rows from Instructor Adviser as part of preparation for Academic Structure data conversion
F0328326 Change CamSIS so users can be surveyed
F0328864 Exam Timetable for Colleges (ucrpt132) producing duplicate rows in the spreadsheet


6 February 2017

This work took place from Saturday 4 February to Monday 6 February 2017 and included an upgrade to the most recent version of the application software as part of the CamSIS Improvement Programme.

This release also included a number of improvements and fixes:

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F0309499 Users will see all Evaluation Codes and will need to select their own or type the value in the page.
  3C icons have been removed from the Enrolment Request Page. Navigation to 3C pages is now through the Main Menu.
  Graduate Applicant education details are now stored on their own page in CamSIS, rather than on the Education - Academic History page.
  English Native Language information is stored on it’s own page, rather than the Country table.
  The Quick Enrol Search page will now default to Add a New Value, rather than Find an Existing Value.
  When term activating in Quick Admit, the Save button now needs to be pressed.
  Removal of links to Student Attributes, Student Groups, Class Sections, Personal Comments, Ethnicity and HESA Personal from Quick Admit and Quick Enrol.
  Carry ID changes have been removed from Person Comment Entry.
  Customisations to control which page is displayed when saving in Quick Admit have been removed.
  Sub-plans can be made inactive, regardless of whether they are attached to current students.
  The College/Course dropdown has been removed from various page headers.
  Number of Children and Matriculation Term are now available via a link on the Add/Update a Person page.
  User defaults will no longer populate Academic Plan and Sub-plan on the Quick Admit page.
  Effective dating on the Manage Committees page will no longer allow individuals to be members of committees before the date of the committee update.
  Students will no longer be able to see closed classes when searching for classes.
  Read only comments will only be available on the Person Comment Summary page.
  Graduation Seniority; Higher Degree; Award or Confer and Long Description fields are now available via a link on the Degree Table page.
18 December 2016

This release consists of a number of improvements and fixes.

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F0274059 A change has been made to move to the delivered UCAS abbreviations for decision processing.
F0274084 Renamed our custom Number of Children field for consistency.
F0296489 Exam Results data has been moved to custom fields
F0305698 New ICE interface to support the new ICE project has been created
F0306809 'Add Transcript' text disappears once a photo has been uploaded in the COPA
F0306888 Removed customisation for Manage Committees
F0306961 Removed customisations in preparation for 9.2 upgrade
F0307038 Removed the customisation for Student Career Term
F0307154 Removed the customisation for Checklist Management Person and replaced it with a daily process.
F0307678 Fix for the Roll Forward Course Mappings process where duplicate data was causing it to fail
F0307926 Removed customisations for Graduate Applicant Self Service
F0308070 New access has been created to give FOE Correct History access in Add/Update a Person for HESA purposes.
F0308102 Updated Application Centre and Academic Programme security to give users all access and change the relevant job processes to give this access to future users.
F0308739 Removed custom field labels used for the SAQ
F0308747 Information text on some immigration pages has been updated in Graduate Applicant Self Service and Student Self Service.
F0309256 Modifications to bring Mobile pages to the latest version
F0309410 Changes have been made to allow administrators to access CamSIS from tablets
F0309603 Remove customisation for handling DORM Address Type using CLG Country
F0309608 Attribute, Comment and Checklist links have been replaced in Add/Update a Person, Maintain Applications and Student Programme/Plan with a Related Actions icon that links through to the same three pages.
F0309635 Academic History page used for Graduate Admissions has been moved to it's own menu
F0310141 Percent sign is no longer an allowed special characters in passwords
F0311196 The Student Self Service Enrolment Window has been closed.
F0311225 The Science A Level practical predicted grades are now being imported from UCAS
F0311899 Access has been granted for administrators for maintaining MPhil exam entries
F0312077 Decommissioning of superseded Graduate Applications and References
F0312176 Correct data in Schools Database tables
F0312186 Remove worklist item related to application forms approval.
F0312223 Stop users incorrectly changing a contact name in Student Self Service
F0312497 The processing of graduate applications has been amended slightly to cope with non-numeric data in the CamSIS external application number field.
F0312520 Fixed issue with names not being correctly search matched correctly in the new graduate application import
F0312543 New query has been created to identify students with SSAR files that have not yet been processed.
F0312640 Data has been removed for BGS worklist items which were wrongly created.
F0312655 The search record for Graduate Student Status Change Approvals has been corrected.
F0312679 Graduate applications have bee removed which were loaded incorrectly
F0312873 The Exam Timetable Roll-Forward has not been changed to correctly process Class Exam details.
F0312889 New audit table have been created for class instructor
F0313348 Fixes have been made to the processing of degree supplicants and degree audit report so that students eligible for multiple degrees are assessed correctly.
F0313547 Removed unused process re-occurrences
F0313903 The email text sent to advisers when a Master's Self Evaluation questionnaire is submitted has been updated.
F0314016 Changes have been made to CamSIS Search to return a csv file if the number of results is more than a configured number
F0314314 The ICE Registration access has been updated to include full access to the HESA Financial Support page
F0314318 Update monitoring exam status for the students were erroneously missing
F0314600 The DoS and College Exam Enrolment window has been closed.
F0314631 ICE access has been amended to give access to the Combined Sections pages.
F0314781 Deleted applications are no longer being identified by the Graduate Application
F0315487 Deleted Graduate Applicant data so that they can be re loaded with the correct data.
F0316246 The selection of terms for the Student Statistics Extract has been corrected.
F0316327 Description has been updated for changed exam locations
F0316688 Fix to set last name search field as a space in the graduate application load process when the applicant has no last name
F0316963 A size restriction is now enforced for photograph uploads in SAQ and Grad App Self Service.
F0317390 Decommissioned security view
F0317457 The program that assigns BGS workflow items has been changed to improve performance
F0318171 All student programme / enrolment associations for a specific career and term can now be deleted without error.
F0318602 Two configuration changes have been made to support viewing CamSIS on an iPad.
F0318820 Changes have been made to permissions in support of the Academic Restructure project.
F0319396 Security has been amended to grant access to the winter pool.
11 October 2016

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F0274118 Put a field back to vanilla, removed unused fields from a record, commented out unused code
F0289269 The calculation of SoF from SSAR files now uses a mapping between HEI codes and Colleges to ensure SSAR details are correctly assigned to students with records at more than one College.
F0295090 The Exam Candidates Report text file has been changed to print out in a wider range of characters
F0296470 The HESA Extract calculation of TTPCODE for students on MSTP courses has been amended.
F0298802 Graduate Applicant Self Service, Tracking My Finance has been fixed so that an error message no longer appears.
F0302374 Decommissioning
F0304533 Decommissioning of web monitoring functionality that is not used
F0304599 Added a check on residency when the COND row is added in Maintain Applications
F0305402 Putting Degree Set Up table back to vanilla and moving custom fields on to a separate linked page.
F0305663 Changes to the Call Release Details page for internal CamSIS administration
F0305763 Removed customisation related to class exams
F0305804 A script has been run to allow two ICE applications to be correctly processed.
F0306233 Project to return various CamSIS pages back to vanilla before 9.2 upgrade.
F0306376 Taking record code back to vanilla
F0306448 Putting label back to vanilla in preparation for 9.2
F0306466 Renaming HESA tables to UC_HESA to designate them as Cambridge
F0306491 Further removal of unused Cambridge functionality
F0306793 Resolution of issues with ITT Changes 2016
F0306804 Take the code back to vanilla
F0306904 The HESA Extract configuration has been updated to correctly populate the value of COLLORG.
F0307018 Technical work required to put fields back to vanilla as part of 9.2 upgrade of CamSIS.
F0307055 It is now possible to add multiple programme exclusions to the Forecast of Residents Report.
F0307060 The Exam & Applicant Data Report has been fixed to return applicants that have more than one Academic Plan mapped to a subject option.
F0307095 The query OTH_OTH_FIN_CHECK_STU_FEES6 has been amended to make it run faster.
F0307167 CamSIS for Academics Student filtering fixed to filter the student list correctly
F0307295 The HESA Extract calculation of Unit of Assessment % has been corrected for the case when the same advisor has the same role over multiple academic careers.
F0307355 Putting data view back to vanilla in preparation for 9.2
F0307453 A field setting was changed to permit Dynamic Ranges to be set in the Acad Org Tree.
F0307480 Event ID is now being correctly populated on the Exam Timetable Details page.
F0307551 Combined Section details are now displayed correctly
F0307617 The Student Finance Report has been amended to bring back data from the correct Effective Date.
F0308136 A new query SRS_PGD_REC_SOFT_BND, has been created to support decisions about research students who have submitted their soft-bound theses.
F0308374 Renamed field to correct format
F0308523 Remove customised labels for fields
F0308537 The 'My New Students' search in CamSIS for Academics has been fixed.
F0309410 A new permission list has been created to resolve problems for administrators logging in from tablet devices.
F0309448 COPA and CAPO reports now sanitise the characters in applicant names before using them to create the output file names.
F0309503 Graduate import fix issues when the student has followed multiple courses at the same university
F0309547 The query for PBI Monitoring printout, has been amended to correctly include address, phone and email details if known.
F0309637 Move the English Native Language custom page on the Country Table to its own menu
F0309749 Put data view back to vanilla and use a Cambridge customised view.
F0309791 The templates for Offer and Confirmation Certificates in graduate self service have been corrected to provide the correct Admission Dates
F0310143 Country-specific validation on German addresses has been removed to permit graduate applicants with German addresses to be loaded without manual intervention.
F0310570 Changed the default visa type in PBI Photo Status
F0310619 The code assigning language waivers to graduate applicants has been amended to correctly pay attention to effective dates.
F0310759 The calculation of current term for the purpose of controlling access to uploading Doctoral Training Logs in Student Self Service has been corrected. It no longer cuts off access a day early.
F0311141 Removing instructors from classes who have been rolled forward accidentally (for term 3331)!
F0311225 The Science A Level practical predicted grades are now being imported from UCAS
F0311369 Backed out call F0292140 in exam approvals so that DOSs don't see all students in their college.
31 August 2016

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F0282282 Password configuration fields have been removed from the SAQ configuration page as they are no longer used.
F0287844 Changed location for GRADSAF to children and spouse fields from Relationships to Common Attribute Framework
F0287937 Prevented locking when processing thousands of SAQ applications
F0290470 Fix to the Exam Timetable Rollover process and removal of customisation in Maintain Schedule of Classes
F0290506 The query for managing Graduate Admissions non submission of materials has been amended to ensure applications are correctly selected
F0290531 The HESA calculation of Mobility has been updated to accommodate two new study agreements, GLWAATCNF & GLWAATCWF
F0291150 New tool created for CamSIS technical team to track all changes and customisations -- phase 1
F0292011 Interface for Graduate Application
F0292140 Improvements to processes to enable further role rationalisation
F0293660 Improvements to processes for CamSIS for Academics and Student Summary Report
F0294028 The CGSRS report screen now loads correctly from CamSIS for Academics - All My Current Students when another supervisor has already created a report for the term.
F0294068 Removal of processes which are no longer used
F0294549 Change to the Students Eligible page so that rows can be added before the latest effective dated row
F0294736 A new audit record has been created for Degree Supplicant page
F0294834 Upgrade to PeopleTools 8.55 technology
F0295015 A new process has been created to copy answers from one SAQ to another when an applicant substitutes their UCAS choice
F0296028 New fields for the 2017 application cycle have been added to the UCAS Applicant Import.
F0296543 SAQ changes for the 2017 application cycle have been implemented
F0297036 Move SSAR details to the correct USN
F0297233 Fix for the UCAS Applicant Import Report where the substitution section was bringing back GTTR students
F0297418 ITT Statutory Changes 2016-17 Phase 1
F0297419 ITT Statutory Changes 2016-17 Phase 2
F0297539 The SAQ Archive process now removes the Additional Personal Statement from the Application Data (new) pages.
F0298576 The College Offer Letters report has had the following new fields added - PERSONALID, PREFERRED NAME, SUBJECT OPTIONS and REFEREE EMAIL.
F0298941 The Offer and Confirmation Certificates in Graduate Applicant Self Service have been updated to show the pre-sessional date as the course start date.
F0299081 Fix to automatically update the admit term when carrying out Undergraduate admissions decisions
F0299119 Change to the output email message from Exam Results
F0299643 Removal of unused functionality
F0299660 Data fix for CamSIS for Academics To Do List - Supervision Reports - Create Report erroring
F0299792 Corrections to records in CamSIS for the 8.55 PeopleTools upgrade
F0300503 A subscription to Digitary has been deleted as the student requested a refund.
F0301131 Removed customisations for Ethnicity in respect of SETID
F0301348 The UCAS Applicant Import has been updated to handle dual citizenships in a more effective way.
F0302258 The display of grades and Further To Class notes in CamSIS for Academics has been amended to make clearer what is happening when there are dual grades awarded.
F0302651 Added Ethnicity and Polar3 information on the Careers Service Data Transfer report
F0302753 Deferral or resubmission through Graduate Applicant Self Service now correctly checks the study commencement terms set up on Acad Plan - Additional Info
F0302882 Security updates to provide users with access to 'View Online COPA' from 'View Online SAQ'.
F0302996 Change to CamSIS Technical impact analysis tool to search for more impacted objects.
F0304135 Security update to grant CAO access to the College Applications Report.
F0305625 The CAS Statement for graduate applicants has been updated for revised text
14 June 2016

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F0274136 Additional contact details added to PBI report
F0289927 Customisations related to the Reporting Console have been removed, and the code returned to the vanilla state.
F0290088 The email text for forgotten password for Graduate Applicant Self Service has been updated.
F0291139 HESA Statutory Changes 2015-16
F0292121 Decommissioning of a process that is no longer used
F0294877 COPA changes for the 2017 application cycle
F0295737 The generation of transcripts now correctly handles students who take more than one subject in the same term.
F0296127 Code used to populate the interface to Jackdaw has been corrected to prevent duplicate rows being created.
F0296397 The ICE import to CamSIS has been amended to correctly add a new Student Program Plan record
F0297213 An audit has been created and a warning message added for the Student Interface Configuration page .
F0297443 Changes made to grant access for CAO staff to run the UCAS Applicant Anonymisation process.
F0298094 New visa types have been added for Visa / Permit data
F0298899 Graduate applicant could not log into their self service due to multiple application records. This has been corrected
3 May 2016

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F0231229 Unused code has been removed from the ESS and Student Registration login pages.
F0262187 College Characteristics page updated to allow for a new Academic Programme to be added as an exclusion.
F0266159 The ICE import to CamSIS has been amended to correctly match enrolments to students who have multiple active student records.
F0276632 New pages for CAO to view a read-only version of the SAQ and COPA
F0284386 Re-write Crystal report Examiner Letter Generation using BI Publisher.
F0284919 Taking SQR SRGRDDRV back to vanilla, will be part of bundle 34 project
F0287800 The User Security process will now update all user accounts for a person when an end date has been added to a role in User Role Maintenance
F0288066 Exam Verification Email Gen search is now returning the students who was associated with the college in the past.
F0288552 CAS Monitoring Search is now returning students associated with the college even if they have moved on
F0288680 UCAS Exam import process performance has been improved
F0289062 Decommissioning
F0289241 Updates to the UCAS Applicant Import to enable it to cope with choice substitutions.
F0289464 Apply Oracle Bundle 34 to bring the system to minimum requirements for upgrade to Release 9.2
F0289920 Removed unused FOE placement functionality
F0290193 CamSIS Search flattening processes have been decommissioned as they were not used.
F0290522 Removing customised page for FoE Placements
F0290858 Related Content reference has been added on the Visa Details tab in PBI Photo Status to display the students Biometric ID Images on the Visa Details page
F0291164 A User Security process will now only update user accounts that have not been marked as protected. Where an account has been marked as protected, it will not be updated.
F0291211 Updated information for a Source of Fees query for Colleges so it can bring back future students
F0291288 Change to CamSIS Technical impact analysis tool to allow for faster searches.
F0291381 An audit has been added to the Worklist table to aid investigations of worklist applications.
F0291437 Change to Master of Self Assessment query so all students are returned
F0291524 Decommissioning of processes and reports that are no longer used
F0291921 Oracle have added Milestones Security in MP18 that has impacted on our own security. This will switch over to the new delivered method.
F0291925 Resolved issue where user can't update Maintain Applications
F0292121 Decommission of a process that is no longer used
F0292392 Decommissioning of functionality used in College conversions
F0292656 The Non Activity Handling process has been updated in response to an Oracle patch
F0293383 The critical data setting for Graduate Application emails have been corrected, and a template updated.
F0293436 The generation of EDM workflow items has been corrected to ignore documents that have been added and then deleted again.
F0293910 The selection of advisor name for use in GSSC Application approvals now matches on student career number as well as USN and career.
F0294075 Locations data has been tidied up to remove unused locations. This has allowed the removal of a customisation to the table.
F0294751 The domicile codes for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are now available.
F0294832 The Entry Confirmation Forms report has been amended to correctly deal with multiple exam sessions for the same paper.
F0294889 New navigation collections have been created for SR-Softbound submissions Graduate Degree Approvals
F0295473 The Interviewing Module has been upgraded to a new version
22 March 2016

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F0267325 Resolved issue where CamSIS for Academics Create Reports not available for principle supervisor if other advisor has done report for that term.
F0276303 The SAQ and COPA pages will no longer allow non-Latin characters that cause formatting and data errors in free text fields
F0281695 COL_UGD_REC_BANK_LETTER_ALL_F query created
F0283393 Change made to prevent the CAPO process from creating duplicate reports for applicants that share the same name.
F0283858 Correction for handling Graduate References when the applicant defers
F0284248 Query written for ICE users: ICE_PGT_TERMS_KEPT to show for any ICE student (or any other for that matter) which terms of residence and research have been kept.
F0284731 Maintenance Pack 18
- Additional fields in Academic Plan Table
- Additional field in Valid Terms for Career
- Quick Admit�� removal of customisation
- Maintain Applications removal of customisation
- Graduate Applicant Self Service change to stylesheet
F0285539 Improvements to the way that user security is managed in CamSIS
F0286227 The labelling of Prior Degree information on CamSIS for Academics has been improved.
F0286384 Performance problem on financial query UC_COLL_STUDENT_FINANCE_REPORT has been improved
F0286784 Graduate application processed when esales transaction not correctly handled
F0287677 Prevent multiple rows from being created in in Exam Attendance
F0287770 Corrected issues with the generation of workflow for Graduate Admissions
F0287972 The Add New Grad Data process now takes account of a new fields on the Milestones page.
F0288084 Page SEL_CRITERIA_PANEL has changed causing a CI using that page not to work
F0288221 Corrected and issue which was causing the Inbound Rooms interface to fail
F0289305 Corrected an issue with a Graduate Student uploading a Training Log
F0289473 Corrected an error occurring on submission of Graduate Student Status Change applications due to student having multiple principal supervisors. .
F0289855 Removed customisation from Basis of Admissions
F0289895 The restore process for deleted graduate applicants has been amended to handle MSt applicants more appropriately.
F0289917 Removed customisations which are no longer needed due to the use of the new SLC Source of Fee functionality
F0289920 Removed unused FOE placement functionality
F0289929 A date calculation has been removed which was causing an error when creating new supervision reports in CamSIS for Academics.
F0289938 Remove unused customisation from Communication Generation
F0289945 Removed fix for tabbing out of fields on the Residency pages as it has been resolved by Oracle
F0290060 Annual maintenance tidy up on pages
F0290089 Annual maintenance on data records
F0290476 Remove access to unused Service Indicators
F0291077 Resolved issue with data view for Graduate Applications
9 February 2016

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F0286700 Fix to Study Agreement Config page to display effective dated rows properly
F0286407 Resolved issue with missing maintain applications records
F0286288 Removed multiple rows from attendance roster that were created in error.
F0285755 Managed access for enrolling a cohort of MPhil students on exams
F0285298 Resolved issues when multiple rows are returned in the Outbound Interface CLG_UCCAMP_P table
F0284897 Remove favourites for decomissioned pages to allow users to change their Favourties.
F0284778 Removed 3200 incorrect MA rows from Student Programme Plan and Student Degrees.
F0284713 Resolved issues when new Academic Plans are added to a student and they are not displayed
F0284387 Minor change to the CamSIS Technical impact analysis search tool
F0284173 Decommissioned CamSIS processes which are no longer required
F0284041 Resolved issue with missing graduate application
F0283974 Resolved issues where foreign characters are being transferred into Serengeti from graduate applicant references
F0283627 CamSIS Search fixed where the SSN was not displaying for some students
F0283283 Decommissioned SQL objects that are no longer in use
F0283243 Changed the Outbound Interface Security procedure to be more flexible and have configurable interface user types and database roles
F0283109 Resolved an issue where a student has a CGSRS report although they been deactivated for the term
F0282650 The lookup for USN has been fixed in NST Part II Subject Allocation>Update
F0282361 Resolved issues with the Syllabus Plus import
F0281603 Fixed issue where users who have Inquiry Indicator security on a Student Group they are unable to see the Student Group in the Additional Criteria lookup list in CamSIS Search.
F0280307 Resolved issues when updating / deleting rows in External System ID
F0280067 Resolved and error when deleting transcripts
F0279709 Fix for Interviewing, When an applicant has two applications, pages and reports will now work correctly to display both applications.
F0279309 Rewrite of Crystal reports to use BI Publisher
F0279239 Corrected issue when giving students access to CamSIS which caused the process to fail
F0277330 Maintenance Pack 17
- Additional functionality for Test Results
- Additional functionality for Milestones
- Long Names field provided - recommendation is not to use this
- Class Search removal of customisation
- Athletic Participation removal of customisation
- 360 student name removal of customisation
- Early Financial Aid Categories removal of customisation
- Graduate Applicant Self Service change to stylesheet
F0276143 Former students are now available to view in CamSIS for Academics when the Tripos Part tab is selected. They appear under the heading 'Not a Current Student'.
F0276082 Removed applicants from the ICE Inbound SOAP page as they have been processed manually.
F0275477 New page to allow CAO and College Admissions Secretaries to upload photos to the SAQ on the behalf of an applicant.
F0274083 Renamed custom field to use the correct naming convention and updated impacted areas.
F0273528 Changes to CamSIS for Academics to only display a student in the To Do list for a Worklist item if they are an advisee.
F0271242 Resolved issues in CamSIS Search when internal CamSIS Search settings are changed
F0262253 Completed students with no Supervisor end date were appearing in the supervision reports to do list in CamSIS for Academics. All completed students are now excluded.
8 December 2016

Helpdesk call reference


F0243767 Changed GTTR customised set up records from Cambridge customised to delivered Oracle records
F0244778 Removed customised tab for Owner of Academic Plan set up
F0247632 Further replacement of customised GTTR functionality with delivered Oracle functionality
F0248877 Replaced customised UCAS records with delivered Oracle records
F0252427 Student Registry Fees data preparation
F0252989 Further replacement of customised UCAS records with delivered UCAS records
F0258727 New queries have been created for the graduate union student elections
F0262948 Changes to NST Part II Subject Allocation > Update Status page to allow students to make changes for Round 2
F0263437 Replace Crystal reports with BI Publisher reports - Exam Attendance, Exam Exceptions, Exam Attendance Report, Exam Exceptions (Batch), Exam Verification Form, Print Pool Summary Sheet
F0269041 Interface created between Graduate Online Application and CamSIS for References
F0270181 Removed customisation of delivered internal 'strings' table
F0270988 Tidy up of internal audit tables
F0271404 Resolve SSAR data which had been allocated to the wrong USN
F0273133 Fixed Student Summary Report so that it no longer returns more than one report when only one student is selected
F0273783 Changed fields in UCAS Exam Results to current customised fields
F0273835 Changed the IVSTARK data to Cambridge customised record
F0274051 Fix for CamSIS Search Admissions where it does not correctly identify the Adviser if there is Adviser information is for a previous course.
F0274085 Reflect the customised status of the Unit of Assessment record by its name
F0274148 Update to the CamSIS internal migration pages
F0275189 HESA HIN upload changes
F0275551 Update to internal CamSIS impact analysis search tool
F0276415 Update to Source of Fee Roll Forward Process if no Source of Fee already exists for Roll To Year
F0276450 SAQ Qualifications page error corrected when row is removed and Other Subject Description is edited.
F0276934 Update to SAQ emails which were incorrectly being allocated to referees.
F0276970 Update report so that students who have changed college no longer show up when their old college generates Exam Candidate Report
F0277603 Decommissioned customised records, that are no longer used
F0277616 Renitated access to transfer to Pool Applicants for Subject Convenors and Subject Moderator
F0277622 Reinstate auditing for HESA > Update Student Data
F0277791 Updated access for CAO staff
F0278561 Fix to the Service Indicator - Service Ind Reason Code prompt.
F0278572 Resolved issue with giving graduate applicants access to CamSIS when they have made a paper application - Process Paper Apps process UCPRC006
F0279117 Decommissioned various customised pages that are no longer in use
F0279666 Resolved issue where Advisers are being incorrectly sent workflow for Masters Self Evaluation
F0279746 Resolved issue with College Questionnaires report where Section B was not displayed for administrtaors
F0280170 Resolved issue where some of the dates in External System have been converted using timestamp instead of date
F0280597 Change to HESA extract config to remove hardcoded census begin date values
F0281299 Resolved dissue where Load Web Applicants process failed due to postal code being blank
27 October 2016

Helpdesk call reference


F0227502 A number of Clinical School reports have been changed to bring back only the correct Topic description.
F0262274 Removing access for admin users who stop working at Cambridge while retaining their Alumni access.
F0262495 Performance issue with Exam Applicant Data Report have been resolved
F0262613 Decomissioned a customisation for Admission Comments which is no longer necessary.
F0262630 Remove customisations for Tuition Calculation which are no longer used.
F0264762 The controls for entering non Raven passwords has been replaced with delivered Oracle functionality.
F0265948 Users with All Plan security can now see applicants in AS/A2 UMS Scores
F0268168 Peoplesoft Maintenance Pack 15 implemented
F0268200 Decommissioned pages for UCAS Reference - UCAS Summer school tab and Mobile Exclusions which are no longer needed.
F0268529 Data removed for Digitary subscription which is not to be processed
F0268709 The process for CamSIS Filtering data failed. The isssue was resolved
F0269339 Corrected the Department description in Update Student Data - Financial Support
F0269399 Resolved an issue in Non Activity Handling where it somtimes incorrectly handles dates and is not sending any emails
F0269522 Set the checklist to complete if all checklist items are complete when graduate applicant uploads a photo and it is the final item in the checklist
F0269849 Removed the DEIN form Maintain Applications for an application.
F0270355 Resolved an issue where the wrong Sub Plan description was appearing in 360 for some students.
F0270459 Fix for individual Digitary Transcripts
F0270621 Resolved issues with CamSIS Search due to decommissioned fields
F0270765 Resolved issue with accessing Basis of Admissions for certain students
F0270797 Remove queries that were archived 5 years ago
F0270829 Update to text when an applicant changes their SAQ password
F0270849 Annual update to text for the SAQ
F0270978 PeopleSoftTools 8.54.13 upgrade implemented
F0271059 Fixed the SAQ and the COPA so that they only return the 12 Dutch states in the address fields
F0271118 Set up processes for SLC payments for 3 colleges
F0271172 CamSIS Search issues due to SSN field resolved
F0271306 Change to the COPA Print Out run control to update the locations prompt when the application year is changed.
F0271326 Update to SAQ text
F0271395 Resolved new issue with display of grade boundaries in Transcripts
F0271838 Improvements to the internal CamSIS migration processes
F0272021 Resolved issue with Adviser Self Service for exam enrolment
F0272222 Update to College access for SLC Payment Processing page
F0272456 Update to the Clinical School Student Performance Report so students are returned when they have updates to another course