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Graduate supervisors and administrators were sent this message on 22 February 2018.

Many graduate students currently experience delays when applying for Changes in Circumstances (e.g. intermission, permission to work away from Cambridge) and there is a feeling of a lack of transparency around the progress of applications. In response to feedback received from students, and to address other issues with the process which are outlined here, due dates will be introduced to ensure applications are reviewed in a timely manner.

For applications submitted after 15 March 2018, reviewers will receive an email notification of a pending application and will be asked to review the application within seven calendar days.  Reviewers will receive an email notification once seven days have elapsed informing them that the review is overdue.   After fourteen days the application will move to the next stage of the review process regardless of whether you have reviewed the application.  The same will apply to the other reviewers (supervisors, Departments, Colleges and Degree Committees). 

Reviewers of applications are asked to review any applications they receive within the timeframe detailed above and if they are not able to review an application within fourteen days,they should notify the Student Registry. The introduction of these due dates was agreed following consultation with the Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies out of concern for the interests of students (who currently can wait up to 4-6 months for the outcome of their application to be known) and in recognition that many of these applications can be urgent.  

This change is part of a first phase of work to improve the administration of applications for Changes in Circumstances. The aims and expected benefits of the project are outlined here. Other changes to be introduced as part of the first phase on 15 March include new monitoring, tracking and reporting mechanisms on CamSIS for administrators.


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