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 The schedule of service unavailability directly influencing CamSIS is has been agreed upon.  This allows our support specialists to apply service releases, maintenance packs, product updates, and project delivery.


CamSIS Release Schedule 2020
2020_01   Tuesday 11th Feb 7am-9am
2020_02 Tuesday 24th Mar 7am-9am
2020_03 Tuesday 12th May 7am-9am
2020_04 Tuesday 7th Jul 7am-9am
2020_05 Sunday 16th Aug 9am-5pm
2020_06 Tuesday 6th Oct 7am-9am
2020_07 Tuesday 17th Nov 7am-9am
2020_08  Tuesday 15th Dec 7am-9am

Any changes to the release schedule will be reflected on this page and also communicated through an email list service bulletin.

The CamSIS Release Bulletin is emailed directly to all who have subscribed.

Information about the upcoming release

Please note that CamSIS Filtering was decommissioned on the 1st October 2020. If you have any concerns about losing this functionality please raise a helpdesk call and we'll do our best to help.