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The Changes in Circumstances notification emails are sent to individual users based on their CamSIS user job access. If a user has one of the following jobs for the student’s Department, College or Degree Committee, they will receive a copy of the relevant notification email. As the notifications are sent based on the CamSIS user job access of individual users, it isn’t possible to arrange for the emails to be sent to shared or generic mailboxes.


CamSIS Job


Postgraduate Student Admin


College Tutorial User

Degree Committee

Degree Committee Admin

Users receive Changes in Circumstances application notification emails because they have one or more of the above CamSIS job access for a particular College or Department (see the CamSIS support website).

If you receive a notification and:

  • do need the job, but don’t process applications for changes in circumstances, please just delete the notification emails you receive. There is no need to forward the emails to anyone
  • don’t require the job access, please contact your organisation’s Approver, responsible for granting job access. A list of Approvers is available on the CamSIS support website
  • no longer work in the College or Department for the notification you’ve received, your access should be removed as part of a twice-yearly user access audits that happen in March and September. Alternatively, please contact your organisation Approver.

FAQs about jobs (as part of info on User Registration, Extension, and Deletion), are available on the CamSIS support website 

All applications should be considered in line with the policy of the Board of Graduate Studies, which is available for students and staff to read on the Cambridge Students website.

If you have any questions about this or specific applications, please contact the Student Registry at:

CamSIS releases

The next CamSIS release is on 14th December 2021

Regular vulnerable periods

CamSIS can be unavailable on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 6-9am.

This is known as our vulnerable period - a time when we apply various patches and fixes to keep the system up-to-date and secure.