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The programme completed in January 2019.

The aim of the programme, which was led in partnership by the Academic Division and UIS, was to improve the student administration services provided to students and staff around the Collegiate University.


Programme objectives

  1. Ensure continued sustainability of CamSIS
  2. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of student administration operations
  3. Keep CamSIS kept up-to-date with supplier maintenance
  4. Reduce cost of CamSIS maintenance
  5. Improve user experience of CamSIS
  6. Enhance flexibility of CamSIS
  7. Align with University strategy for core information systems

In 2016 and early 2017 a series of system upgrades took place in order to enable enhanced system features and changes to functionality within CamSIS later in the programme. Alongside this there is work to improve the Collegiate University’s end-to-end processes that relate to student information. The enhanced functionality will support these process improvements.

Focus areas

Areas of improvement were prioritised based on targeted consultation with users, the University’s wider education strategy, internal reviews and statutory requirements. The focus, as proposed by the Programme Board, was on improving user experience, admissions, progression and exam support. Further consultation with key groups around the Collegiate University about the proposed areas of focus took place in the latter half of Michaelmas term 2016 and validated the focus areas.


Upcoming maintenance

To be notified.


Weekly releases

We release new fixes and enhancements on a weekly basis every Tuesday morning between 6-9am.

No downtime is expected unless indicated in the CamSIS Bulletin. Subscribe below to get regular updates.


Maintenance releases

The next maintenance release is on 14th November 2023. This is where we update the system to keep it patched and secure.

Downtime is expected between the hours of 6-9am. These are also notified as part of the CamSIS Bulletin.