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14th February 2023

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771740 Add ethnicity to UC_PG_FUND_VW
780076 Added Department ID to UC_PG_FUND_VW (ACAD_ORG)
785706 Add gender descriptions to UC_PG_FUND_VW.
784358 Updated view UC_PHD_REG_VW so that correct ACAD_ORG shows in First Year Assessment header
785983 All the current year's terms now appear in enrolment.
787171 UCPRC344 repeatedly running to Warning for three applicants whose documents have already been deleted.
753601 Apply the latest Application Updates via Image 27 from Oracle.
769631 Apply the latest Peopletools patch, 8.58.22. This also includes patches to weblogic and Java.
782226 New user role for University Security


Update to our Webauth redirection for Raven4Life users.
764613 ODC Data Entry Release 3

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