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23rd March 2021

Call Number Call Details
188188 Mc names issue resolved by Oracle - our interim fix has been removed
209787 The Transcript Qualification field has been expanded from 60 chars to 120 characters.
299499 Country code field for phone numbers is going back to it's delivered format, only allowing numerical values to be added to ensure errors do not occur during the postgraduate applicant import.
346718 Applicants who have received a Reject by Default or Decline by Default at UCAS will no longer appear on the UTT Quick Decision Entry page.
348143 Add deletion functionality on digitary transcript admin pages. Correct student self-service to display correct messages when digitary transcript is deleted.
367005 Prevent Student Registry from approving CISS applications where a student has multiple principal supervisors.
384295 Applicants whose previous applications have been anonymised before they reapplied are no longer excluded from automatic account creation in CamSIS
433807 Removing access for postgraduate course (MPhil, MRes and MEd) administrators to enrol their students on modules/papers for 2020/21
434747 Change lookup for UCAS year and amend sort order for search results on Review App GCSE School Data page.
443822 UCAS Cancelled applications not being processed by UCPRC126.
449304 Allow updates to visa details from PBI Photo Status page.
460818 Add a character count to the comments field on Self Service supervision and self-evaluation reports.
462568 The APEX and BI Publisher versions of the Interviewer's Report have been fixed so that they have a consistent layout for the A-Levels section.
467953 Make "Study Method" a searchable field in CamSIS Search
468016 Add admit term to Change in Student Status Overview pivot grid
468812 Fix 'Working Away Today' query and pivot grid to only show students who are away today
475082 New fonts added to unix process scheduler so that special characters in thesis titles render correctly on transcripts
475094 Give Raven4Life users access to supervision and self evaluation reports
476264 Warning message if a project is deleting any impact analysis config records to remind us to remove them from config.
476785 Fixes to prevent changes at UCAS being missed by the UCAS App Import Report
481853 Change to Student Circumstances notification queries have been amended for performance reasons.
482284 Set Student Self Service Personal Details page back to vanilla and reapply custom changes
482803 DDDAUDIT report states that UC_CLG_CNCT_TBL and UC_CLG_CNCT_USR have indexes that exist in app designer but not in the database. These indexes need rebuilding, and UC_CLG_CNCT_TBL needs duplicates removed for that to happen.
482805 Rename backup tables so that their names are correctly formatted. This prevents them from being picked up by DDDAUDIT and allows UCPRC447 to delete them when appropriate
484911 Permission list change to give Student Registry team correct history access for pro forma set up page
486101 Duplicate basis of admission appearing due to programme change
486657 Combined Move Instructions report (UCRPC380_MI) not picking up records/views to build/alter if List rather than Project is selected. Full list of calls to be migrated added to top of report.
490033 Revert changes made as part of the Shibboleth Single Sign-On project.
490968 A script to remove a Digitary subscription.
492225 Digital Admissions Project: New API and flattening process for Admissions Portal data
493483 Passport Number disappeared on the Photo Status after the last Release
494740 Set correct USN when transferring to "Student Programme/Plan" from the CISS dashboards' "Actions" menu
496183 Make the Visa applications page visible and editable for EEA nationals, and remove the message stating that EEA students do not require a visa.
499744 Add USN and CRSid to csv report UCRPT132 (Student Timetables by College).
499897 Enable ESS users to apply for Change in Student Status
500678 An approved EAA request was stuck on Pending status
501722 BI Publisher report UC_UG_DEC has been updated to fix the formatting on offer terms
62115 Existing student fee view UC_STDNT_FE1_VW does not contain correct college information
UUL-410 Decommissioning the custom Academic Interest table


CamSIS releases

The next CamSIS release is on 18th May 2021.

Regular vulnerable periods

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This is known as our vulnerable period - a time when we apply various patches and fixes to keep the system up-to-date and secure.