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5th July 2022

Call Number Call Details


682950 Create new user roles, permission lists and SSD configuration for central offices, University library and College observers
683655 New alert banners and supporting functionality for system maintenance notifications
659845 Delete attachment from CISS application at student request
667656 Update UCAS data for duplicate USN
680800 EAA correction request was stuck in Pending
684618 Incorrect character removed from basis of admission text that was causing page error
685055 Delete Grade Roster data to allow for reprocessing
689427 Delete Grade Roster data to allow for reprocessing
651483 Missing AWRD records needed creating
590144 Added ability to print DfE applications in Batch
638742 Change to using multiple columns for primary and other citizenships in Funding Management Portal view
637633 Change to using flattened names table in Funding Management Portal view to improve performance
650739 Fix issues with applicants not appearing in UC_OA_APPL_VW
660714 UCAS application import report now includes miscoded choice 7s when the choice number is concatenated with the extra round number
673061 Support Documentation for EAA can create a blank reference in a particular scenario
673912 Fixed issue with FoE Student Questionnaire reports
ESR-284 Fix bug where the list of other recipients ("This email has been sent to...") was no longer appearing in administrative emails for SSD
679886 Updates for the 2022 UCAS cycle for ivStarH data
646461 Version upgrade for APEX Interviewing
657832 HESA Data Futures Phase 2 - Disability and Legal Sex
668046 Student Support Document project - phase 3B

CamSIS releases

The next CamSIS release is on 23rd August 2022

Regular vulnerable periods

CamSIS can be unavailable on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 6-9am.

This is known as our vulnerable period - a time when we apply various patches and fixes to keep the system up-to-date and secure.