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6th October 2020

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289395 The student photos on Academics page can now open full size in a new tab
299392 Config page to define programs to process when calculating admissions targets as part of the Open Applications Allocation Algorithm (OAAA),
312262 The Graduation Ceremony Application process carried out by a student in Student Self Service now has a Confirmation message displayed after submission
324504 Tables relating to UTT have been added into the postgraduate anonymisation process for unsuccessful applicants.
346350 Drop expired backup tables
346351 A student's programme has been added to the email subject line and task description for self evaluation.
364096 ** Internal use only ** Call Release Details and Move Instructions now have a Fluid Versio
373234 User-requested change to college choice information for specified Darwin doctoral applicants
390846 Improvements to exam warnings for special conditions
390953 Future term accidentally activated now needs deleting from term activation records (ps_stdnt_car_term and uc_srtrmac_tmp), as requested by users.
395616 Permissions have been changed to allow GAO users to view EDM document configuration.
396889 Replace references to Graduate Admissions with Postgraduate Admissions and equivalents.
397085 Corrected the spelling of 'Submission' in CamSIS for Academics
397870 Allow ICE to MATR applications in ICE programmes owned by BGS, such as ADL6
401660 Improved performance of the Graduation Ceremony Report, UCRPT099, as this was running out of table space for ceremony OC08.
404837 Remove the redundant GTTR folder from the UK Statutory Interfaces localisations menu
405355 The CAS application search page has been amended to allow users to exclude nationals of UK, in preparation for Brexit.
405542 Upgrade to PeopleTools 8.58.05.
407970 Amend functional indexes in CamSIS to normal ascending
408519 Gender on college characteristics table is now consistently uneditable to those without the relevant permissions.
409139 A duplicate student record has been cleaned up.
409706 In Self Service, Address Line 4 for UK addresses will now appear.
410043 Data fix to correct applicant records that were withdrawn by the postgraduate D19 process.
411908 Add an extra step to check admissions comments in the graduate offer making activity guide.
413629 Apply Oracle Campus Solutions Image 018
414115 Fix to issue where a user may not be able to choose a preferred phone number
414716 Correct labels for Student Tags.
416140 Helen's Hopper: update undergraduate applicant records based on second confirmation period outcomes
417493 Amended message catalogue entry for the Academic Details page in Student Registration
418141 Hide the Visa Details section from the SAQ for the 2021 admissions cycle
419891 Insert "Completed" row into the paper transcript record (UC_PAPR_TR_RQST) for three students as requested by the Student Registry
420404 Delete row from the financial tracker fees setup (UC_FT_RULE_TBL)
421308 Remove file layout check on Schedule of Classes file uploads due to a temporary issue
421811 Fix to applicant login pages to allow account creation with application number
421885 Updated SAQ message catalogue entries ahead of the 2021 application cycle opening
421920 Update to no longer show a 'No Success' message where the process to launch the MRBATCH schedule in non-live instances of CamSIS fails following a refresh of that instance.
424010 Logic of ITT return amended to accommodate Anonymised applicants.
424458 A script has been run to clean up errors in the UCAS import relating to late changes in A-level results
424940 Self Service Enrolment has been opened from 1 October.
425127 Delete supervisor report for supervisor nga25, student 304278099
425142 Changed message catalogue entries to open the SAQ for the 2021 application cycle.
427294 A number of enrolments created in error have been removed by running a script.
427708 Addition of record for OAAA admissions targets (UC_UGRD_ADM_TGT) added to query tree QUERY_TREE_UC_2 to enable CAO to access this data via queries.
428185 Fixed an issue on the View Online SAQ page causing an error message to display
428442 Apply emergency fix from Oracle to resolve the broken Program Plan Stack, which was caused by the application of Oracle Campus Solutions Image 18.
428791 New logic in the overnight CamSIS for Academics process to remove enrolment to-do items for non-current DoSs.
432629 The Cambridge Application Print Out program has been amended in response to a delivered change in the structure of UCAS tables.
433375 Remove access to CamSIS Filtering as it is being decommissioned
433413 Technical upgrade of the Interview module
Projects  -
416937 Fix query for Working Away administration so that users can search on name or CRSid.
421516 New public queries to replace Collegespecific requirements in Filtering.
430251 A new query was created for the Covid Screening project

Information about the upcoming release

Please note that CamSIS Filtering was decommissioned on the 1st October 2020. If you have any concerns about losing this functionality please raise a helpdesk call and we'll do our best to help.