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5th October 2021

Call Number Call Details
504550 Created a new view of applicant data for use in the postgraduate funding portal
518539 Ordering for 'Reason no SELT required' configuration has been added for ISO.
519376 The ELQ field on the HESA > Update Student Data page has been hidden as this information is no longer collected.
520484 ELQ indicator has been hidden in the ICE2CamSIS interface as no longer required.
530568 Financial liability data feed for the funding management portal.
541614 Amendments for the Open Applications Allocation Algorithm to calculate Residency correctly following Brexit
567071 Graduate Route changes - including a message on the extract page and a fix to the population issues on the search page
441894 Units Taken now populated within the Mass Enrolment process.
477078 UTT data for past applications were not anonymised when most recent application anonymised - steps added to UCPRC420 to ensure those applications reprocessed.
536266 UC_SUBMITTED_DT was returning blank values within the UC_CLG_ACAD table due to an incorrect join on tables, this has now be fixed.
536368 The self-service (GSS) CAS statement PDF now shows the passport number used in the application rather than the passport with the highest expiry date.
536567 Attendance Roster was removing some Special Conditions depending on their Career Number. This is now resolved.
539787 Fixed an issue with the Interview module as a result of deleting a table during UCAS decomissioning work
541158 User Role Maintenance page displaying Student Responsibilities has been fixed, allowing new rows to now be added. The layout of Add/Update Person>Biographical Details page has been adjusted following an alteration resulting from PUM21
556206 Reversal of the modal window on PBI pages introduced by image 21 as it prevented related content from working
557012 Data script to clean up all U/F rows from UCAS
558250 No department approvers were available for an application on Monitor Approvals page - script has been written to reset it to the beginning of approvals process.
559373 Validation error upon photo upload caused by code fix from 499848 has been resolved
559539 Default visa permit type has been changed from TRE to STE on PBI Upload Images/Visa Details page.
564518 Student Registration fix for ITT return record UC_HESA_PLMSRCH
564928 New fields SAD_UC_POCC2020 and SAD_UC_SOCECO2020 added to the application import process.
572619 Amendment of an array in the Cobol Program SRPCEXTR to allow all new School Types in.
577570 Applied an Oracle fix for the OnReadyState error exprienced on Maintain Applications
546219 UCJOB090 (main application import) has been cancelled Both scheduled instances of SAD_UC_TRANIN (which both relate to UTT as the UCAS transactions are manually sent by CAO as and when ready) are cancelled.
575155 Updated the CamSIS migrations navigation collection with migration page shortcuts.
563309 Further changes/improvements to the new DFE Apply service


CamSIS releases

The next CamSIS release is on 16th November 2021

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