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No changes to CamSIS functionality between 1 October 2017 and 20 February 2018

As some of you will already be aware, the CamSIS Improvement Programme Board and Steering Committee have agreed that there will be no changes to functionality in CamSIS or projects going live between 1 October until the new Academic Structure goes live on 20 February. Only business critical, statutory, and technically critical changes requested through helpdesk calls will be made during the period.

CamSIS users will be able to use the use the system as normal during this period. The programme team will continue to work on other projects to improve CamSIS functionality within the CamSIS Improvement Programme.

Why is the change freeze needed?

The 'change freeze' has been scheduled because making changes to functionality during this period would delay the Academic Structure project. The change freeze is needed to minimise impact on resources. The CamSIS technical and testing teams will be fully committed to work on the Academic Structure project.

If we allow change requests, non-business critical helpdesk calls or project releases during this period, each change would require additional changes to underlying system, testing and data conversion.

With this information in mind, please make sure that your teams are aware of the change freeze.