Z07: Program Reason Codes

Prog ActionProg ReasonDescriptionProcess Date
ACTVBADGAuto-created after BA Degree01-JAN-01 AM
ACTVBGSAStudent Activated by BGS01-JAN-01 AM
ACTVCONVActivated by Conversion01-JAN-01 AM
ACTVSRSAStudent activated by SRS01-JAN-01 AM
ADMTAACMAmend Accept at Confirmation01-JAN-01 AM
ADMTACCLAccept in Clearing01-JAN-01 AM
ADMTACFMAccept at Confirmation01-JAN-01 AM
ADMTACNUAccept Non-UCAS Applicant01-JAN-07 AM
ADMTRPACRecord of Prior Acceptance10-APR-05 AM
ADMTUFRMFirm Choice01-JAN-01 AM
APPLAACMInsurance Conf with Amendment13-DEC-07 AM
APPLAMCNAmended Conditional Offer01-JAN-01 AM
APPLAMUNAmended Unconditional Offer01-JAN-01 AM
APPLCAMPCollege Amendment01-JAN-01 AM
APPLCFINInsurance Confirmation01-SEP-05 AM
APPLCFRMConditional Firm Choice01-JAN-01 AM
APPLCINSConditional Insurance Choice01-JAN-01 AM
APPLCLRClearing Application01-JAN-01 AM
APPLCONDConditional Offer01-JAN-01 AM
APPLCRSECourse Amendment01-JAN-01 AM
APPLDUPLDuplicate Application01-JAN-01 AM
APPLENPTEntry Point Amendment01-JAN-01 AM
APPLENTPEntry Point Amendment01-JAN-01 AM
APPLFDETFurther Details Amendment01-JAN-01 AM
APPLGTAPPGCE - Application Received01-JAN-01 AM
APPLGTLEPGCE - Passport Request01-JAN-01 AM
APPLGTLKPGCE - Stop Decision Sent01-JAN-01 AM
APPLGWDOnline App Duplicate App01-JAN-01 AM
APPLINSTInstrumental Award Interest12-APR-05 AM
APPLINTVInterview Scheduled01-JAN-00 AM
APPLNOINAssess without Interview01-JAN-00 AM
APPLOINTOverseas Interview16-MAY-05 AM
APPLOPALOpen Application Allocation01-JAN-01 AM
APPLORGNOrgan & Choral Award Cand12-APR-05 AM
APPLRCMPReturn to pooling campus01-DEC-01 AM
APPLREINReinstatement27-JUN-07 AM
APPLREMKRemarked A-levels (or equiv)11-OCT-05 AM
APPLREPTRepeat Application01-JAN-01 AM
APPLRPTDApplication Reported to BGS01-JAN-01 AM
APPLTERMEntry Term Amendment01-JAN-01 AM
APPLTESTCollege test taken elsewhere29-NOV-04 AM
APPLUINSUnconditional Insurance Choice01-JAN-01 AM
APPLUNCOUnconditional Offer01-JAN-01 AM
COMPDNYCDegree Not Yet Conferred01-JAN-01 AM
COMPSUCCSuccessful Completion01-JAN-01 AM
CONDCHGCDifferent Course Offered01-JAN-01 AM
CONDNOCHNo Change of Course01-JAN-01 AM
DATA2NDQ2nd same level qualification01-JAN-01 AM
DATAAAPPAward Approved01-JAN-01 AM
DATAADRVAdmission Revocation01-JAN-01 AM
DATAADVDDeferral post-confirmation01-JAN-01 AM
DATAADVFWithdrawn postconf -no finance10-OCT-13 AM
DATAADVRResubmission post-confirmation01-JAN-01 AM
DATAADVUUnconfirmed reasons unknown01-JAN-01 AM
DATAADVVWithdrawn post conf ? no visa10-OCT-13 AM
DATAADVWWithdrawal post-confirmation01-JAN-01 AM
DATAALOWAccepted lower degree01-JAN-01 AM
DATAAREVAgreed to revise and resubmit01-JAN-01 AM
DATAAWRSNo Future Term Activation01-JAN-01 AM
DATABCHRBCHIR Degree Awarded01-JAN-01 AM
DATABGSABGS Approved degree01-JAN-01 AM
DATACAMPCollege Amendment - Post Conf12-DEC-07 AM
DATACLDCDegree Ceremony college01-JAN-01 AM
DATACMPLComplaint01-JAN-01 AM
DATACNCHCancelled Cambridge Choice01-JAN-01 AM
DATACOLLCollege Change01-JAN-01 AM
DATACONFDegree Conferred01-JAN-01 AM
DATACOR3Minor corrections requested01-JAN-01 AM
DATACOR6Major corrections requested01-JAN-01 AM
DATACORCCorrections completed01-JAN-01 AM
DATACORSCorrections Submitted01-OCT-20 AM
DATACOV1COVID-Return to Department01-MAR-20 AM
DATACOV2Extension for COVID reasons01-MAR-20 AM
DATACOV3COVID-Remote Study14-AUG-20 AM
DATACOV4COVID-Return from Remote Study14-AUG-20 AM
DATACRBCRB Check Complete01-JAN-01 AM
DATACRSECourse amendment - Post Conf03-JUN-05 AM
DATADECLDeclined Offer01-JAN-01 AM
DATADLOWDeclined lower degree01-JAN-01 AM
DATADLREDeclined R&R for lower01-JAN-01 AM
DATAEAGCElig to Apply - Grad Ceremony01-JAN-01 AM
DATAENTPEntry Pt Amendment - Post Conf12-DEC-07 AM
DATAEXGTExpected Grad term updated01-JAN-01 AM
DATAEXOExam Only01-JAN-01 AM
DATAFAPPFaculty degree approval01-JAN-01 AM
DATAFNAPFaculty degree non-approval01-JAN-01 AM
DATAFOEUpdate GT info Fac Education01-JAN-01 AM
DATAFRSHFresh start01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG009Thesis Deferral Approved01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG010Thesis Deferral Reminder01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG011Thesis Deferral Not Approved01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG013Graduate Returned to Register14-SEP-11 AM
DATAG014Reinst for Sumission Ends01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG015Reinst for Sumission Declined01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG016Reinst for Sumission App'd Con01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG017Change of Fac or Dept Approved01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG018Change of Fac or Dept End01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG019Change of Fac or Dept Declined01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG020Change of Fac or Dept App Conf01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG021Change Supervisor Approved01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG022Change Supervisor Ends01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG023Change Supervisor Declined01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG024Change Supervisor App Conf01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG025Change Course Reg Approved01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG026Change Course End01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG027Change Course Declined01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG028Change Course Appd Conf01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG029Change of Diss Detail Approved01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG030Change of Diss Detail End01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG031Change of Diss Detail Declined01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG032Change of Diss Detail Appd Con01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG033Joining Persons Approved01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG034Joining Persons Ends01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG035Joining Persons Declined01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG036Joining Persons Appd Conf01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG037Outside 10ml Limit Approved01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG038Outside 10ml Limit Ends01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG039Outside 10ml Limit Declined01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG040Outside 10ml Limit App Conf01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG041Comp Fee Exempt Approved01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG042Comp Fee Exmpt Ends01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG043Comp Fee Exmpt Declined01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG044Comp Fee Exmpt Appd Conf01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG045Rsch Term Allowance Approved01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG046Rsch Term Allowance Ends01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG047Rsch Term Allowance Declined01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG048Rsch Term Allowance Appd Conf01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG049Rsch Term Exemption Approved01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG050Rsrch Terms Exemption Ends01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG051Rsch Term Exemption Declined01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG052Rsrch Terms Exmpt Appd Conf01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG053Appt of Examiners Approved01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG054Appt of Examiners Ends01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG055Appt of Examiners Declined01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG056Appt of Examiners Appd Conf01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG057Restriction of Thesis Approved01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG058Restricted Thesis Ends01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG059Restricted Thesis Declined01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG060Restricted Thesis App Conf01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG061Collaborative Work Approved01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG062Collaborative Work Ends01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG063Collaborative Work Declined01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG064Collaborative Work Appd Conf01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG065App to Inc Add Mat Approved27-APR-06 AM
DATAG066App to Inc Add Mat Ends27-APR-06 AM
DATAG067App to Inc Add Mat Declined27-APR-06 AM
DATAG068App to Inc Add Mat Appd Conf27-APR-06 AM
DATAG069Change Mode of Study Approved01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG070Change Mode of Study Ends01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG071Change Mode of Study Declined01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG072Change Mode of Study App Conf01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG073Withdrawal Approved01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG074End of Withdrawal (!)01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG075Withdrawal Not Approved01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG076Withdrawal Conf Approval01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG077Paper app fee processed01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG078Exams Allowance Accepted01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG079Exams Allowance Declined01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG080Exams Allowance Withdrawn01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG081RC Submission Deadline Ext.01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG082Rsch Term Exemption Rescinded01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG083Non RC Submission Deadline Ext01-JAN-01 AM
DATAG084Restricted Thesis App Received01-OCT-12 AM
DATAG085DC Decision01-OCT-20 AM
DATAG086BGS Granted Exams Allowance01-OCT-13 AM
DATAG087Exam Allowance Applied For01-JAN-00 AM
DATAG088Reinst to resume study decline01-JAN-00 AM
DATAG089Corrections Deferral Approved01-OCT-20 AM
DATAG0F9Final Thesis Deferral Approved01-OCT-12 AM
DATAGBDRGrad Backdated Registration01-JAN-01 AM
DATAGCALChanged Academic Load01-JAN-01 AM
DATAGCGTGrad Change of Exp Grad Term01-JAN-01 AM
DATAGMTPMatriculation pending01-JAN-01 AM
DATAGSUBGrad Submitted Dissertation01-JAN-07 AM
DATAGTAOPGCE - Accept Offer01-JAN-01 AM
DATAGTCAPGCE - Confirmation Accept01-JAN-01 AM
DATAGTCCPGCE - Confirmation w. Change01-JAN-01 AM
DATAGTCHPGCE - College Change01-JAN-01 AM
DATAGTCLPGCE - Clearing Accept01-JAN-01 AM
DATAGTDDPGCE: Decline by Default01-JAN-01 AM
DATAGTPEPGCE - Enquiry Transaction01-JAN-01 AM
DATAGTRBPGCE: Rejected by Default01-JAN-01 AM
DATAGTRKPGCE - Stop Confirmation Decis01-JAN-01 AM
DATAHARDHardbound required01-JAN-01 AM
DATAHDSPHigher Degree/Special Regs01-JAN-01 AM
DATAHES1N/C - HEFCE definition01-JAN-01 AM
DATAHES2Not in residence full Acad Yr01-JAN-01 AM
DATAI001Year One Completed01-JAN-01 AM
DATAI002Extension Agreed01-JAN-01 AM
DATAI003Extension End Date01-JAN-01 AM
DATALOWDLower degree offered01-JAN-01 AM
DATAMCORPost-Submission Deferral01-JAN-01 AM
DATAMPHLSecond MPhil01-JAN-01 AM
DATANOASNot Assessed01-JAN-01 AM
DATAPGCOPostgraduate Committee Outcome01-OCT-20 AM
DATAPLEXAdditional plan added01-JAN-01 AM
DATAPLINOn placement or internship01-OCT-14 AM
DATAREREResults review01-JAN-01 AM
DATARESGResignation01-JAN-01 AM
DATAREVIRevise and resubmit01-JAN-01 AM
DATAREVLRevise and resubmit or lower01-JAN-01 AM
DATAREWDReinstatement following W/D19-JUL-19 AM
DATARINTReturn from Intermission01-JAN-01 AM
DATARRSSRevise & Resubmit Submission01-OCT-20 AM
DATASACSStd Away CC Stdy - Temp01-JAN-01 AM
DATASACVStd Away CC Volun - Temp01-AUG-13 AM
DATASACWStd Away CC Wrk - Temp01-JAN-01 AM
DATASAERStudy Away - Erasmus exchange01-JAN-01 AM
DATASAFYStd Away Full Yr - Temp01-JAN-01 AM
DATASALPSty Awy-Law/Paris II for 2 yrs01-JAN-01 AM
DATASAMBIntermitting for PhD01-JAN-01 AM
DATASANSStudy away at NUS -Engineering01-OCT-09 AM
DATASAOCStd Away Opt Crse - Temp01-JAN-01 AM
DATASAOTStd Away One Trm - Temp01-JAN-01 AM
DATASATMStd Away TM Opt - Temp01-JAN-01 AM
DATASATRStudy Away - Turing Scheme01-JAN-01 AM
DATASATTStd Away Two Trms - Temp01-JAN-01 AM
DATASAYOStd Away Yr Opt - Temp01-JAN-01 AM
DATASCHLSchool Change27-JUN-07 AM
DATASPCHSubPlan change01-JAN-01 AM
DATATERMTerm Change at Confirmation10-JUL-05 AM
DATATFAcademic Failure - Temp01-JAN-01 AM
DATATHIll Health - Temp01-JAN-01 AM
DATATIInsufficient Funds - Temp01-JAN-01 AM
DATATOOther Reason - Temp01-JAN-01 AM
DATATPOther Personal/Drop Out - Temp01-JAN-01 AM
DATATSSabbatical Offcr - Temp01-JAN-01 AM
DATAUCMPunCOMP'd due to exam allowance01-JAN-01 AM
DATAUDISunDISCed due to exam allowance01-JAN-01 AM
DATAUIDAUnexpected Import Data Alert01-JAN-19 AM
DATAWUCSWithdrawal from UCAS01-JAN-01 AM
DATAWUFEUnconditional Firm Elsewhere01-JAN-01 AM
DATAWUNCWithdrawal from Unconditional01-JAN-01 AM
DEFRCLACollege Deferral Approval01-JAN-01 AM
DEFRCLRCollege Deferal Declined01-JAN-01 AM
DEFRDCADC Deferral Approval01-JAN-01 AM
DEFRDCRDC Deferral Declined01-JAN-01 AM
DEFRDPADept Deferral Approval01-JAN-01 AM
DEFRDPRDept Deferral Declined01-JAN-01 AM
DEFRGDAGraduate deferral approved01-JAN-01 AM
DEFRGDRGraduate deferral req by BGS02-JAN-01 AM
DEFRGDRBGraduate Deferral From Legacy01-JAN-01 AM
DEFRSELFVia Self-Service01-JAN-01 AM
DEINBGSBGS Recorded Decision01-JAN-01 AM
DEINCOLLCollege Place Accepted01-JAN-01 AM
DEINGTAOPGCE - Accept Offer01-JAN-01 AM
DEINICLICE recorded decsion01-JAN-01 AM
DEINSELFvia Self Service01-JAN-01 AM
DENYAPRJAppeal Rejected01-JAN-01 AM
DENYDEPTRejected at Dept/Faculty01-JAN-01 AM
DENYGTCCPGCE - Course Closed01-JAN-01 AM
DENYGTCRPGCE - Course Closed12-AUG-19 AM
DENYGTNEPGCE - No English Qual01-JAN-01 AM
DENYGTNMPGCE - No Maths Qualification01-JAN-01 AM
DENYGTNSPGCE - No Science Qual01-JAN-01 AM
DENYNOINNot Interviewed01-JAN-01 AM
DENYRCFMReject at Confirmation01-JAN-01 AM
DENYRDEFRejected by Default01-JAN-01 AM
DENYRELSRelease to Clearing01-JAN-01 AM
DENYRJDPReject at Decision Processing01-JAN-01 AM
DENYRJNUReject Non-UCAS Applicant08-JAN-07 AM
DISCARCHArchived record01-JAN-01 AM
DISCAWRSAwaiting Results for Succ Comp01-JAN-01 AM
DISCCOLFIndependent student completion01-JAN-01 AM
DISCCONCCompletion ? not for credit01-JAN-01 AM
DISCGCGDCamGRAD Discontinuation01-JAN-01 AM
DISCGINTAuthorised Absence01-JAN-01 AM
DISCGRFRGrad Removal from Register01-JAN-01 AM
DISCICEIICE inactive for two years01-JAN-01 AM
DISCNCBCNon-credit-bearing completion01-JAN-01 AM
DISCPFAcademic Failure - Perm01-JAN-01 AM
DISCPHIll Health - Perm01-JAN-01 AM
DISCPIInsufficient Funds - Perm01-JAN-01 AM
DISCPOOther Reason - Perm01-JAN-01 AM
DISCPPOther Personal/Drop Out - Perm01-JAN-01 AM
DISCPTTransferred - Perm01-JAN-01 AM
DISCRESGResignation01-JAN-06 AM
DISCRTRevoked -trnsfrd to ano degree01-OCT-11 AM
DISCTLDTransferred to Lower Degree01-JAN-01 AM
GCLAGCPCollege Applicant Pooled01-JAN-01 AM
GCLAGCSPapers Sent to College01-JAN-01 AM
GCLAGCUApplicant Under Consideration17-NOV-16 AM
GCLDGCACollege Accept01-JAN-01 AM
GCLDGCOCollege Override to Named Coll01-JAN-01 AM
GCLDGCRCollege Reject01-JAN-01 AM
GCLDGCUApplicant Under Consideration01-JAN-01 AM
GCLDGCXPrevious Accept now Withdrawn01-JAN-01 AM
GDAACANAcademic Condition Not Met01-JAN-01 AM
GDAAROHRecommendation on hold01-JAN-01 AM
GDAARSUBResubmission01-JAN-01 AM
GDAASCRAcademic Case Required01-JAN-01 AM
GDADSCAAcademic Case Approved01-JAN-01 AM
GDADSCDAcademic Case Declined01-JAN-01 AM
GDCAGDSPapers Sent to Deg Ctte01-JAN-01 AM
GDCDACAAcademic condition approved01-JAN-01 AM
GDCDGDADegree Committee Accept01-JAN-01 AM
GDCDGDCChange Course for Offer01-JAN-01 AM
GDCDGDIGrad DC Internal Transfer01-JAN-01 AM
GDCDGDPDecision Pending01-JAN-01 AM
GDCDGDTTransfer to more suitable org01-JAN-01 AM
GDCDGDUApplicant Under Consideration01-JAN-01 AM
GDCDGDVTo be Interviewed01-JAN-01 AM
GDCDGDWWithdrawn01-JAN-01 AM
GDCDGDWAWithdrew After Interview01-JAN-01 AM
GDCDGDWBWithdrew Before Interview01-JAN-01 AM
GDCDGSAAcademic case approved01-JAN-01 AM
GDIDGDADivision Accept01-JAN-01 AM
GDIDGDRDivision Reject01-JAN-01 AM
GDIDGDTTransfer Recommended01-JAN-01 AM
GDPAEGAEngineering Div A01-JAN-01 AM
GDPAGDSPapers sent to Department01-JAN-01 AM
GDPAWAIWithdrawn at Applicant Request01-JAN-01 AM
GDPAWBIWithdrew Before Interview01-JAN-01 AM
GDPDACAAcademic condition approved01-JAN-01 AM
GDPDGDADepartment Accept01-JAN-01 AM
GDPDGDCChange Course for Offer01-JAN-01 AM
GDPDGDIGrad Dept Internal Transfer01-JAN-01 AM
GDPDGDPDecision Pending01-JAN-01 AM
GDPDGDTTransfer to more suitable org01-JAN-01 AM
GDPDGDUApplicant Under Consideration01-JAN-01 AM
GDPDGDVTo be Interviewed01-JAN-01 AM
GDPDGDWApplicant withdrew01-JAN-01 AM
GDPDGDWAWithdrew After Interview01-JAN-01 AM
GDPDGDWBWithdrew Before Interview01-JAN-01 AM
GINTG001Non-Med Intermission Approved01-JAN-01 AM
GINTG002Intermission Ends (non-Med)01-JAN-01 AM
GINTG003Intermission (non-md) Declined01-JAN-01 AM
GINTG004Intermission Appd in Conf01-JAN-01 AM
GINTG005Med Intermission Approved01-JAN-01 AM
GINTG006Med Intermission Ends01-JAN-01 AM
GINTG007Med Intermission Declined01-JAN-01 AM
GINTG008Med Intermission Appd Conf01-JAN-01 AM
GINTG009Auth.Absence - (med CAS)15-JUL-11 AM
GINTG010Auth.Absence (non-med CAS)01-JAN-01 AM
GINTG011Auth.Absence Ends(non-med CAS)01-JAN-01 AM
GINTG012Auth.Absence Ends (med CAS)01-JAN-01 AM
GINTINREIntermission Rescinded01-JAN-08 AM
GINTMEDIMedical evidence received01-JAN-01 AM
GINTRDIARsch Degree Intermit Approved01-JAN-01 AM
GINTRDICRsch Deg Intermit Conf Approve01-JAN-01 AM
GINTRDIDRsch Degree Intermit Declined01-JAN-01 AM
GINTRDIERsch Degree Intermission End01-JAN-01 AM
GINTRTRNConversion: Intermission End01-JAN-01 AM
GINTSTRTConversion: Intermission Start01-JAN-01 AM
GINTTDIAMPhil/Dip Intermissn Approved01-JAN-01 AM
GINTTDICMPhil/Dip Intermissn Conf App01-JAN-01 AM
GINTTDIDMPhil/Dip Intermit Declined01-JAN-01 AM
GINTTDIEMPhil/Dip Intermission End01-JAN-01 AM
GWKAG072Working Away Approved01-JAN-01 AM
GWKAG073Working Away Ends01-JAN-01 AM
GWKAG074Working Away Declined01-JAN-01 AM
GWKAG075Working Away Appd Conf01-JAN-01 AM
GWKARTRRConversion Return from Leave01-JAN-01 AM
GWKASTRRConversion Sent on Leave01-JAN-01 AM
GWKAWAREGrad Work Away Rescinded01-JAN-08 AM
ICAAACAAcademic case approved01-JAN-01 AM
ICAAACRAcademic case required01-JAN-01 AM
ICAAGDPDept decision pending01-JAN-01 AM
ICAAROHRecommendation on hold08-AUG-12 AM
ICADACDAcademic case declined01-JAN-01 AM
MATRAUTOAuto Matriculation Process01-JAN-01 AM
PLNCCONVPlan change by conversion01-OCT-01 AM
PRGCCPGSRegistration: CPGS01-JAN-01 AM
PRGCGCGRFirst Year Assessment01-OCT-18 AM
PRGCRGSTRegistration01-JAN-01 AM
RADMGRTRGrad Reinstate to Register01-JAN-01 AM
RECNAPRQApplicant Request01-JAN-01 AM
RECNCNFCConfirmatn Transacn Cancelled01-JAN-01 AM
RECNDCANDecision Transaction Cancelled01-JAN-01 AM
RECNGTNRPGCE - Resent for Next Round01-JAN-01 AM
RECNGTWRPGCE - Withdrawal Reinstated01-JAN-01 AM
RECNREINReinstatement of application01-JAN-01 AM
RECNRESTReinstated- suspension removed01-JAN-01 AM
RECNRSBNResubmission01-JAN-01 AM
RECNSELFOnline reapply for later year01-JAN-01 AM
RECNSRBDStop Reject By Default at UCAS01-JAN-01 AM
UGCAAMSNAmeson - Fitz Coll01-JAN-01 AM
UGCACFACConfirmation Accept (Coll)12-AUG-05 AM
UGCACFNMConfirmation Near Miss (coll)12-AUG-05 AM
UGCACFRJConfirmation Reject (Coll)12-AUG-05 AM
UGCACHRLChoral Award Applicant01-JAN-01 AM
UGCACRBCRB Check Complete01-JAN-01 AM
UGCACREJCollege Rejection Decision01-DEC-05 AM
UGCACUCOCollege Unconditional Offer01-DEC-05 AM
UGCADFMTDefer Matriculation01-JAN-01 AM
UGCADOINReverse No Interview Status01-SEP-05 AM
UGCADSELDeselected01-JAN-01 AM
UGCAFGRCFinancial Guarantee Received01-NOV-05 AM
UGCAINSTInstrumental Award Interest01-JAN-01 AM
UGCALAPPLate Application01-JAN-01 AM
UGCAMTNMMatriculation Not Met12-SEP-05 AM
UGCAMTURMature Applicant06-OCT-05 AM
UGCANAICNot Avail for Interview in Cam01-JAN-01 AM
UGCANFEEFinancial Guarantee O/S01-JAN-01 AM
UGCANOINAssess without Interview01-JAN-01 AM
UGCAOINTOverseas Interview01-JAN-01 AM
UGCAORGNOrgan & Choral Award Candidate01-JAN-01 AM
UGCAPPSPrince Philip Scholarship Fitz01-JAN-01 AM
UGCAPSTAPost A-level Applicant06-OCT-05 AM
UGCAWARNEarly Warning01-SEP-05 AM
WADMACCLNew UGRD clearing acceptance27-FEB-20 AM
WADMADJUNew UGRD Adjustment record27-FEB-20 AM
WADMCAPPCancelled Applicant01-JAN-01 AM
WADMCNCOCancelled Choice Cambridge01-JAN-07 AM
WADMDECDApplicant Deceased01-JAN-01 AM
WADMDEPTWithdrawn at Dept/Faculty01-JAN-01 AM
WADMFAILAcademic result inadequate01-JAN-01 AM
WADMFRAUFraudulent Application01-JAN-01 AM
WADMGAFSSuspended: App Fee Query01-JAN-01 AM
WADMGAOAdmitted to Other Camb Course01-JAN-01 AM
WADMGDDGraduate Deferral Declined01-JAN-01 AM
WADMGNAApplicant did not Arrive01-JAN-01 AM
WADMGNMNo materials sent for this app01-JAN-01 AM
WADMGNRNo response to offer01-JAN-01 AM
WADMGTFTPGCE Fast Track Xfer to GTTR01-JAN-01 AM
WADMGTOPTransferred to another career01-JAN-01 AM
WADMGTRBPGCE: Rejected by Default01-JAN-01 AM
WADMGTRNTransfer to other course01-JAN-01 AM
WADMIAFSSuspended: ICE app fee query01-JAN-01 AM
WADMICEPICE Prog. Cert/Dip to MSt01-JAN-20 AM
WADMINCMIncomplete Materials01-JAN-01 AM
WADMLANGFailed Language Condition01-JAN-01 AM
WADMLATEClosing Date Passed01-JAN-01 AM
WADMNOASNot Assessed01-JAN-01 AM
WADMOTHROther Unspecified Reasons01-JAN-01 AM
WADMWAOWithdrew After Offer01-JAN-01 AM
WADMWBOWithdrawn before Offer01-JAN-01 AM
WAITSPNTSummer Pool01-JAN-01 AM
WAITWPASWinter Pool Reassessment01-JAN-19 AM
WAITWPDTWinter Pool Double Tag01-JAN-19 AM
WAITWPINWinter Pool Interview01-JAN-01 AM
WAITWPNTWinter Pool No Tag01-JAN-01 AM
WAITWPTGWinter Pool with Tag01-JAN-01 AM
WAPPBGSWithdraw by Letter01-JAN-01 AM
WAPPCAPPCancelled applicant01-JAN-01 AM
WAPPCNAPApplication Record Cancelled05-OCT-05 AM
WAPPCNCHCancelled Cambridge Choice01-JAN-01 AM
WAPPCNCOCancelled Choice Cambridge01-JAN-07 AM
WAPPDDEFDeclined by Default01-JAN-01 AM
WAPPDECDApplicant Deceased01-SEP-05 AM
WAPPDECLDeclined Offer01-JAN-01 AM
WAPPDEPTWithdrawn at Dept/Faculty10-MAY-07 AM
WAPPFUNDNo Funding01-JAN-01 AM
WAPPGTAWPGCE - Applicant Withdrew01-JAN-01 AM
WAPPGTCYPGCE - Change Year01-JAN-01 AM
WAPPGTDDPGCE: Decline by Default01-JAN-10 AM
WAPPGTODPGCE - Offer Declined01-JAN-01 AM
WAPPGTRWPGCE - UF Withdrawal01-JAN-01 AM
WAPPICLICE recorded decision01-JAN-01 AM
WAPPLANGNo English Lang Qual01-JAN-01 AM
WAPPOTHOAccepts another offer01-JAN-01 AM
WAPPSELFSelf-service withdrawal01-JAN-01 AM
WAPPWCAMWithdrawal from Cam Choice01-SEP-07 AM
WAPPWUCSWithdrawal from UCAS01-JAN-01 AM
WAPPWUFEUnconditional Firm Elsewhere01-JAN-01 AM
WAPPWUNCWithdrawal from Unconditional01-JAN-01 AM