S01: Source of Fees

CodeDescriptionProcess Date
01No award or financial backing19-OCT-21 AM
02Award assessed by English or Welsh LEA & paid in full by LA or by the SLC (includes EU students assessed by SLC)19-OCT-21 AM
03Paid in full by Student Awards Agency for Scotland/Student Loans Company (SAAS/SLC); includes where fee is paid directly to provider19-OCT-21 AM
04Paid in full by DfE(NI)/Northern Ireland Education & Library Boards (via Student Loans Company) (includes EU students in NI)19-OCT-21 AM
06Local Government - Channel Islands & Isle of Man/Scottish FE Bursaries19-OCT-21 AM
08British Academy19-OCT-21 AM
09Fees paid under part-time graduate apprentice study programme19-OCT-21 AM
11Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)19-OCT-21 AM
12Medical Research Council (MRC)19-OCT-21 AM
13Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)19-OCT-21 AM
14Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)19-OCT-21 AM
15Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC)19-OCT-21 AM
17Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC)19-OCT-21 AM
18Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC)19-OCT-21 AM
22International agency19-OCT-21 AM
23Cancer Research UK19-OCT-21 AM
24Wellcome Trust19-OCT-21 AM
25Other Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) charity19-OCT-21 AM
26Other charitable foundation19-OCT-21 AM
31Departments of Health/NHS/Social Care19-OCT-21 AM
32Departments of Social Services19-OCT-21 AM
34Other HM government departments/public bodies19-OCT-21 AM
35Scholarship of HM forces19-OCT-21 AM
36Scottish Enterprise Network/Highlands & Islands Enterprise/Local Enterprise Companies (LECs)19-OCT-21 AM
37LEA training grants scheme19-OCT-21 AM
38Department of Agriculture & Rural Development for Northern Ireland (DARDNI)19-OCT-21 AM
39Scottish Local Authority - discretionary award19-OCT-21 AM
41EU Commission (EC)19-OCT-21 AM
42Overseas student award from HM government/British Council19-OCT-21 AM
43Overseas government19-OCT-21 AM
44Department for International Development19-OCT-21 AM
45Overseas provider19-OCT-21 AM
46Overseas industry or commerce19-OCT-21 AM
47Other overseas funding19-OCT-21 AM
48Other overseas - repayable government loan19-OCT-21 AM
52Mix of student & SLC (following assessment by English or Welsh LA, or SLC for EU students studying in England and Wales)19-OCT-21 AM
53Mix of student & Student Awards Agency for Scotland/Student Loans Company(SAAS/SLC)19-OCT-21 AM
54Mix of student & DfE(NI)/Northern Ireland Education & Library Boards (via Student Loans Company)19-OCT-21 AM
61UK industry/commerce19-OCT-21 AM
71Absent for year19-OCT-21 AM
81Student's employer19-OCT-21 AM
91Provider own funds (University/College scholarships or awards)19-OCT-21 AM
96FE student - New Deal19-OCT-21 AM
97Other19-OCT-21 AM
98No fees19-OCT-21 AM
99Not known19-OCT-21 AM