M01: Faculties and Departments

Department CodeDescriptionProcess Date
ARFaculty of Architecture and History of Art09-APR-13 AM
ARARDepartment of Architecture09-APR-13 AM
ARHADepartment of History of Art09-APR-13 AM
BGSBoard of Graduate Studies01-JAN-01 AM
BLFaculty of Biology09-APR-13 AM
BLBIDepartment of Biochemistry09-APR-13 AM
BLGEDepartment of Genetics09-APR-13 AM
BLPADepartment of Pathology09-APR-13 AM
BLPCDepartment of Psychology01-AUG-20 AM
BLPHDepartment of Pharmacology09-APR-13 AM
BLPNDept of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience09-APR-13 AM
BLPSDepartment of Plant Sciences09-APR-13 AM
BLSTWellcome Trust - MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute09-APR-13 AM
BLTOMRC Toxicology Unit01-MAR-18 AM
BLZODepartment of Zoology09-APR-13 AM
CAMSISCamSIS Project01-JAN-01 AM
CARSCareers Service01-AUG-13 AM
CFFaculty of Classics01-AUG-13 AM
CHILDChildcare Office01-AUG-13 AM
COCODepartment of Computer Science and Technology01-OCT-17 AM
CSAHSchool of the Arts and Humanities01-JAN-01 AM
CSBSSchool of the Biological Sciences01-JAN-01 AM
CSCMSchool of Clinical Medicine01-MAY-76 AM
CSHSSSchool of the Humanities and Social Sciences01-JAN-01 AM
CSPSSchool of the Physical Sciences01-JAN-01 AM
CSTSchool of Technology01-JAN-01 AM
CTFCambridge Theological Federation01-AUG-15 AM
DRCDisability Resource Centre01-AUG-13 AM
DVFaculty of Divinity09-APR-13 AM
EAFaculty of Earth Sciences and Geography01-AUG-13 AM
EAESDepartment of Earth Sciences09-APR-13 AM
EAGGDepartment of Geography09-APR-13 AM
EASPScott Polar Research Institute09-APR-13 AM
ECFaculty of Economics09-APR-13 AM
EFFaculty of Education09-APR-13 AM
EGFaculty of Engineering01-AUG-13 AM
EGCBDepartment of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology01-AUG-16 AM
EGEGDepartment of Engineering09-APR-13 AM
ELFaculty of English09-APR-13 AM
ELASDepartment of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic09-APR-13 AM
FYMCFoundation Year Management Committee01-AUG-21 AM
GENBDGeneral Board of the Faculties01-JAN-01 AM
HPHPDepartment of History and Philosophy of Science09-APR-13 AM
HSFaculty of History09-APR-13 AM
HUFaculty of Human, Social and Political Sciences04-DEC-12 AM
HUAADepartment of Archaeology and Anthropology09-APR-13 AM
HUACDepartment of Archaeology01-AUG-17 AM
HUASCentre of African Studies09-APR-13 AM
HUBADepartment of Archaeology01-AUG-17 AM
HUCACentre of South Asian Studies09-APR-13 AM
HUDECentre of Development Studies09-APR-13 AM
HUGSCentre of Gender Studies01-AUG-19 AM
HULACentre of Latin American Studies09-APR-13 AM
HUPIDept of Politics & Int.Studies01-AUG-12 AM
HUSADepartment of Social Anthropology01-AUG-17 AM
HUSCDepartment of Sociology09-APR-13 AM
ISTInternational Students Team01-AUG-13 AM
LANGLanguage Centre01-AUG-13 AM
LELEDepartment of Land Economy09-APR-13 AM
LWFaculty of Law09-APR-13 AM
LWCRInstitute of Criminology09-APR-13 AM
MAFaculty of Mathematics09-APR-13 AM
MAAMDept of Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics09-APR-13 AM
MAPMDept of Pure Mathematics & Mathematical Statistics09-APR-13 AM
MDFaculty of Clinical Medicine09-APR-13 AM
MDAPMRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit01-JUL-17 AM
MDBIMRC Biostatistics Unit01-DEC-16 AM
MDCBDepartment of Clinical Biochemistry09-APR-13 AM
MDCCCRUK Cambridge Centre01-AUG-17 AM
MDCICancer Research UK Cambridge Institute01-JAN-13 AM
MDCMDepartment of Public Health and Primary Care09-APR-13 AM
MDCPClinical Pharmacology Unit09-APR-13 AM
MDCUMRC Cancer Unit01-OCT-13 AM
MDDNMRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit01-MAR-17 AM
MDEUMRC Epidemiology Unit01-MAY-13 AM
MDHMDepartment of Haematology09-APR-13 AM
MDMDDepartment of Medicine09-APR-13 AM
MDMGDepartment of Medical Genetics09-APR-13 AM
MDMRCamb Inst for Medical Research01-AUG-12 AM
MDNSDepartment of Clinical Neurosciences01-AUG-13 AM
MDOGDepartment of Obstetrics and Gynaecology09-APR-13 AM
MDORDepartment of Oncology09-APR-13 AM
MDPDDepartment of Paediatrics09-APR-13 AM
MDPSDepartment of Psychiatry09-APR-13 AM
MDPUInstitute of Public Health09-APR-13 AM
MDRADepartment of Radiology09-APR-13 AM
MDSTWellcome Trust - MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute09-APR-13 AM
MDSUDepartment of Surgery09-APR-13 AM
MLFaculty of Modern& Medieval Languages& Linguistics01-AUG-19 AM
MLALDepartment of Theoretical & Applied Linguistics09-APR-13 AM
MLFRDepartment of French09-APR-13 AM
MLGEDepartment of German and Dutch09-APR-13 AM
MLGSModern Greek Section09-APR-13 AM
MLITDepartment of Italian09-APR-13 AM
MLSLDepartment of Slavonic Studies09-APR-13 AM
MLSPDepartment of Spanish and Portuguese09-APR-13 AM
MSFaculty of Business and Management01-AUG-13 AM
MSMSThe Judge Business School09-APR-13 AM
MUFaculty of Music09-APR-13 AM
NEWTONNewton Trust01-JAN-12 AM
NSNatural Sciences Tripos Committee01-AUG-13 AM
NUANBabraham Inst, BBSRC09-APR-13 AM
NUAPMRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit09-APR-13 AM
NUBIMRC Biostatistics Unit09-APR-13 AM
NUBSBritish Antarctic Survey, NERC09-APR-13 AM
NUCCCamb Crystallographic Data Centre09-APR-13 AM
NUDNMRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit09-APR-13 AM
NUEBEuropean Bioinformatics Institute09-APR-13 AM
NUERAnimal Health Trust, Newmarket09-APR-13 AM
NUHNMRC Elsie Widdowson Laboratory01-SEP-16 AM
NUINon-University Institutions01-JAN-03 AM
NULIUnknown NUI with Students - needs placeholder01-OCT-11 AM
NUMBMRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology09-APR-13 AM
NUNINational Institute of Agricultural Botany09-APR-13 AM
NUSCWellcome Sanger Institute01-JAN-18 AM
OOBRJohn van Geest Centre for Brain Repair09-APR-13 AM
OODEDevelopment Studies Committee09-APR-13 AM
OOSCIRC in Superconductivity09-APR-13 AM
OOWEWellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute09-APR-13 AM
OSFaculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies01-AUG-16 AM
OSEADepartment of East Asian Studies01-AUG-16 AM
OSMEDepartment of Middle Eastern Studies01-AUG-16 AM
PCFaculty of Physics and Chemistry04-DEC-12 AM
PCAYInstitute of Astronomy09-APR-13 AM
PCCHYusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry01-AUG-20 AM
PCMEDepartment of Materials Science and Metallurgy09-APR-13 AM
PCPHDepartment of Physics09-APR-13 AM
PHFaculty of Philosophy09-APR-13 AM
SARStudent Administration and Records01-JAN-01 AM
STCSenior Tutors Committee01-JAN-01 AM
UCAMBUniversity of Cambridge01-JAN-01 AM
VTFaculty of Veterinary Medicine01-AUG-13 AM
VTVTDepartment of Veterinary Medicine09-APR-13 AM