J02: Further to Class Codes

SubjectFurther to Class CodeDescriptionProcess Date
AAT2ARAEAssyriology & Egyptology option30-SEP-09 AM
AAT2ARASAssyriology option01-OCT-09 AM
AAT2AREGEgyptology option01-OCT-09 AM
AAT3ARAEAssyriology & Egyptology option01-OCT-11 AM
AAT3ARASAssyriology option30-SEP-09 AM
AAT3AREGEgyptology option30-SEP-09 AM
AEP2aChinese with Japanese01-OCT-11 AM
AET0HHebrew01-OCT-09 AM
AET0HFHebrew and French01-OCT-09 AM
AET0JCJapanese and Chinese01-OCT-10 AM
AET0MEMiddle Eastern Studies30-SEP-08 AM
AET0MEFRMiddle Eastern Studies and French30-SEP-08 AM
AET0MEGEMiddle Eastern Studies and German30-SEP-08 AM
AET0MERUMiddle Eastern Studies and Russian30-SEP-08 AM
AET0MESPMiddle Eastern Studies and Spanish30-SEP-08 AM
AET0aArabic01-OCT-11 AM
AET0bArabic and Hebrew01-OCT-14 AM
AET0cArabic and Persian01-OCT-14 AM
AET0dArabic and French01-OCT-14 AM
AET0eArabic and German01-OCT-14 AM
AET0fArabic and Russian01-OCT-14 AM
AET0gArabic and Spanish01-OCT-14 AM
AET0hPersian01-OCT-14 AM
AET0iPersian and French01-OCT-14 AM
AET0jPersian and German01-OCT-14 AM
AET0kPersian and Russian01-OCT-14 AM
AET0lHebrew01-OCT-14 AM
AET0mHebrew01-OCT-14 AM
AET0nHebrew and Persian01-OCT-15 AM
AET0oHebrew and French01-OCT-14 AM
AET0pHebrew and German01-OCT-14 AM
AET0qHebrew and Russian01-OCT-14 AM
AET0rHebrew and Spanish01-OCT-14 AM
AET0sChinese01-OCT-14 AM
AET0tChinese with Japanese01-OCT-14 AM
AET0uJapanese01-OCT-14 AM
AET0vJapanese with Chinese01-OCT-14 AM
AET1AUArabic and Russian01-OCT-10 AM
AET1BArabic and Persian01-OCT-10 AM
AET1HAHebrew and Arabic01-OCT-10 AM
AET1HFHebrew and French01-OCT-09 AM
AET1HRHebrew and Russian01-OCT-10 AM
AET1PEPersian01-OCT-10 AM
AET1PRPersian and Russian01-OCT-09 AM
AET1aArabic01-OCT-11 AM
AET1bArabic and Hebrew01-OCT-14 AM
AET1cArabic and Persian01-OCT-14 AM
AET1dArabic and French01-OCT-14 AM
AET1eArabic and German01-OCT-14 AM
AET1fArabic and Russian01-OCT-14 AM
AET1gArabic and Spanish01-OCT-14 AM
AET1hPersian01-OCT-14 AM
AET1iPersian and French01-OCT-14 AM
AET1jPersian and German01-OCT-14 AM
AET1kPersian and Russian01-OCT-14 AM
AET1lPersian and Spanish01-OCT-14 AM
AET1mHebrew01-OCT-14 AM
AET1nHebrew and Persian01-OCT-14 AM
AET1oHebrew and French01-OCT-14 AM
AET1pHebrew and German01-OCT-14 AM
AET1qHebrew and Russian01-OCT-14 AM
AET1rHebrew and Spanish01-OCT-14 AM
AET1sChinese01-OCT-14 AM
AET1tChinese with Japanese01-OCT-14 AM
AET1uJapanese01-OCT-14 AM
AET1vJapanese with Chinese01-OCT-14 AM
AET2aArabic01-OCT-11 AM
AET2bArabic and Hebrew01-OCT-14 AM
AET2cArabic and Persian01-OCT-14 AM
AET2dArabic and French01-OCT-14 AM
AET2eArabic and German01-OCT-14 AM
AET2fArabic and Russian01-OCT-14 AM
AET2gArabic and Spanish01-OCT-14 AM
AET2hPersian01-OCT-14 AM
AET2iPersian and French01-OCT-14 AM
AET2jPersian and German01-OCT-14 AM
AET2kPersian and Russian01-OCT-14 AM
AET2lPersian and Spanish01-OCT-14 AM
AET2mHebrew01-OCT-14 AM
AET2nHebrew and Persian01-OCT-14 AM
AET2oHebrew and French01-OCT-14 AM
AET2pHebrew and German01-OCT-14 AM
AET2qHebrew and Russian01-OCT-14 AM
AET2rHebrew and Spanish01-OCT-14 AM
AET2sChinese01-OCT-14 AM
AET2tChinese with Japanese01-OCT-14 AM
AET2uJapanese01-OCT-14 AM
AET2vJapanese with Chinese01-OCT-14 AM
ART0SSatisfied the Examiners in Studio Work01-OCT-82 AM
ART1SSatisfied the Examiners in Studio Work01-OCT-63 AM
CLT0*GCredit in Greek Composition30-SEP-05 AM
CLT0*LCredit in Latin Composition30-SEP-05 AM
CLT0SGSatisfied the Examiners in Greek Composition01-JAN-01 AM
CLT0SLSatisfied Examiners in Latin Composition01-JAN-01 AM
CLT0gSatisfied the Examiners in Greek Composition01-OCT-16 AM
CLT0lSatisfied Examiners in Latin Composition01-OCT-16 AM
CLT1*GCredit in Greek Composition01-JAN-01 AM
CLT1*LCredit in Latin Composition01-JAN-01 AM
CLT1ARCHSpecial Merit in Latin and Greek Verse01-JAN-66 AM
CLT1SGSatisfied the Examiners in Greek Composition30-SEP-05 AM
CLT1SLSatisfied the Examiners in Latin Composition30-SEP-05 AM
CSM3RSPResearch Skills Programme, at least 12 units completed successfully.01-OCT-15 AM
EGT21Mechanical Engineering30-SEP-15 AM
EGT210Engineering30-SEP-15 AM
EGT22(2) Energy, Sustainability and the Environment30-SEP-15 AM
EGT23(3) Aerospace and Aerothermal Engineering30-SEP-15 AM
EGT24Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering30-SEP-15 AM
EGT25Electrical and Electronic Engineering30-SEP-15 AM
EGT26Information and Computer Engineering30-SEP-15 AM
EGT27Electrical and Information Sciences30-SEP-15 AM
EGT28Instrumentation and Control30-SEP-15 AM
EGT29Bioengineering30-SEP-15 AM
EGT31Mechanical Engineering30-SEP-15 AM
EGT310Engineering30-SEP-15 AM
EGT32Energy, Sustainability and the Environment30-SEP-15 AM
EGT33Aerospace and Aerothermal Engineering30-SEP-15 AM
EGT34Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering30-SEP-15 AM
EGT35Electrical and Electronic Engineering30-SEP-15 AM
EGT36Information and Computer Engineering30-SEP-15 AM
EGT37Electrical and Information Sciences30-SEP-15 AM
EGT38Instrumentation and Control30-SEP-15 AM
EGT39Bioengineering30-SEP-15 AM
EMT0RGRural Group01-OCT-58 AM
EMT0UGUrban Group01-OCT-58 AM
EMT1RGRural Group01-OCT-58 AM
EMT1UGUrban Group01-OCT-58 AM
EMT2RGRural Group01-OCT-58 AM
EMT2UGUrban Group01-OCT-58 AM
HPT2ARAEAssyriology & Egyptology option01-AUG-11 AM
HPT2ARASAssyriology option01-AUG-11 AM
HPT2AREGEgyptology option01-AUG-11 AM
HPT3ARAEAssyriology & Egyptology option01-AUG-11 AM
HPT3ARASAssyriology option01-AUG-11 AM
HPT3AREGEgyptology option01-AUG-11 AM
LWM1(c)Satisfied the Examiners in Commercial Law01-OCT-82 AM
LWM1(e)Satisfied the Examiners in European Law01-OCT-82 AM
LWM1(i)Satisfied the Examiners in International Law01-OCT-82 AM
LWM1(ip)Satisfied the Examiners in Intellectual Property Law01-OCT-14 AM
LWT2(e)Candidate who has taken the examination under Regulation 5(a)01-OCT-52 AM
MAASccommendable performance30-SEP-13 AM
MAASddistinguished performance30-SEP-13 AM
MAASmmeritorious performance01-OCT-15 AM
MAMAdwith distinction01-OCT-15 AM
MAMAmwith merit01-OCT-15 AM
MAMACdwith distinction01-OCT-20 AM
MAMACmwith merit01-OCT-20 AM
MAMSccommendable performance30-SEP-13 AM
MAMSddistinguished performance30-SEP-13 AM
MAPYccommendable performance30-SEP-13 AM
MAPYddistinguished performance30-SEP-13 AM
MASESccommendable performance01-OCT-19 AM
MASESddistinguished performance01-OCT-19 AM
MAT0(c)Mathematics with Computer Science option01-OCT-99 AM
MAT0(p)Mathematics with Physics option01-OCT-58 AM
MAT3dAcheived a Distinction01-OCT-19 AM
MAT3mAcheived a Merit01-OCT-19 AM
MDB2ACombined Clinical Examination Mark01-OCT-20 AM
MDB2CLINClinical Combined Examination01-AUG-21 AM
MDB2SAQShort Answer Questions01-OCT-16 AM
MDB2SBASingle Best Answer Paper01-OCT-16 AM
MDB2RAClinical Paediatrics01-SEP-13 AM
MDB2RBClinical Obstetrics & Gynaecology01-SEP-13 AM
MDB2RCLINCombined Clinical Examination Mark01-OCT-17 AM
MDB2RSAQShort Answer Questions01-OCT-17 AM
MDB2RSBASingle Best Answer Paper01-OCT-17 AM
MDB3CLINClinical Examination01-OCT-09 AM
MDB3SAQShort Answer Questions01-OCT-16 AM
MDB3SBASingle Best Answer01-OCT-13 AM
MDB3SCEESimulated Clinical Encounter Examination01-OCT-09 AM
MDB3SEQStructured Essay Questions01-OCT-09 AM
MDB3/2CLINClinical Examination01-OCT-20 AM
MDB3/2SBASingle Best Answer01-OCT-20 AM
MDB3FCLINClinical Examination01-OCT-09 AM
MDB3FEMQExtended Matching Questions01-OCT-09 AM
MDB3FMCQMultiple Choice question paper01-OCT-09 AM
MDB3FSCEESimulated Clinical Encounter Examination01-OCT-09 AM
MDB3FSEQStructured Essay Questions01-OCT-09 AM
MDB3RCLINClinical Examination01-OCT-09 AM
MDB3REMQExtended Matching Questions01-OCT-09 AM
MDB3RMCQMultiple Choice questions01-OCT-09 AM
MDB3RSAQShort Answer Questions01-OCT-16 AM
MDB3RSBASingle Best Answer Paper01-OCT-09 AM
MDB3RSCEESimulated Clinical Encounter Examination01-OCT-09 AM
MDB3RSEQStructured Essay Questions01-OCT-09 AM
MDB4CLINClinical Examination01-OCT-17 AM
MDB4SBASingle Best Answer01-OCT-17 AM
MDB4RCLINClinical Examination01-OCT-17 AM
MDB4RSBASingle Best Answer01-OCT-17 AM
MLC1DUDutch01-OCT-90 AM
MLC1GEGerman01-OCT-90 AM
MLC1MGModern Greek01-OCT-90 AM
MLC1cwith credit01-OCT-05 AM
MLC1dwith distinction01-OCT-05 AM
MLC2cwith credit01-OCT-05 AM
MLC2dwith distinction01-OCT-05 AM
MLD1DUDutch30-SEP-90 AM
MLD1GEGerman30-SEP-90 AM
MLD1MGModern Greek30-SEP-90 AM
MLD1cwith Credit01-OCT-05 AM
MLD1dwith Distinction01-OCT-05 AM
MLT0AOption A (ab initio)02-SEP-05 AM
MLT0BOption B (post A-Level)02-SEP-05 AM
MLT0CGLClassical Greek or Latin02-SEP-05 AM
MLT0DUDutch02-SEP-05 AM
MLT0FRFrench02-SEP-05 AM
MLT0G*Credit in the Greek optional papers02-SEP-05 AM
MLT0GEGerman02-SEP-05 AM
MLT0GSSatisfied the examiners in the Greek optional papers02-SEP-05 AM
MLT0ITItalian02-SEP-05 AM
MLT0L*Credit in the Latin optional papers02-SEP-05 AM
MLT0LSSatisfied the examiners in the Latin optional papers02-SEP-05 AM
MLT0MGModern Greek02-SEP-05 AM
MLT0PGPortuguese02-SEP-05 AM
MLT0RURussian01-AUG-15 AM
MLT0SLASlavonic01-OCT-14 AM
MLT0SPSpanish02-SEP-05 AM
MLT0XXClassical Greek and Latin04-AUG-01 AM
MLT1SLASlavonic01-OCT-14 AM
MLT2BSpecial Excellence in French Oral30-SEP-10 AM
MLT2CSpecial Excellence in German Oral30-SEP-10 AM
MLT2DSpecial Excellence in Italian Oral30-SEP-10 AM
MLT2FSpecial Excellence in Portuguese Oral01-OCT-12 AM
MLT2GSpecial Excellence in Russian Oral30-SEP-17 AM
MLT2HSpecial Excellence in Spanish Oral01-OCT-12 AM
MLT2SLASpecial Excellence in Russian Oral01-OCT-12 AM
MUB1BSection B30-SEP-51 AM
MUB2*S1Recital with Distinction30-SEP-82 AM
MUB2*S2Dissertation and Written Paper with Distinction30-SEP-82 AM
MUB2S1Recital30-SEP-82 AM
MUB2S2Dissertation & Written Paper30-SEP-82 AM
NST2GE(m)Mineral Sciences30-SEP-97 AM
NST2PS(cn)Cognitive Neuroscience30-SEP-08 AM
NST3GE(m)Mineral Sciences01-OCT-05 AM
NST6aAttained the standard required in Anatomy for the purpose of Final M.B. Examination01-OCT-50 AM
OSP1CHChinese Studies01-OCT-07 AM
OST1AAArabic and Assyriology01-OCT-07 AM
OST1AEArabic and Spanish01-OCT-07 AM
OST1AFArabic and French01-OCT-07 AM
OST1AGArabic and German01-OCT-05 AM
OST1AIArabic and Hindi01-OCT-05 AM
OST1AITArabic and Italian01-OCT-08 AM
OST1AKAkkadia01-OCT-60 AM
OST1AMAramaic01-OCT-60 AM
OST1ANArabic and Russian01-OCT-07 AM
OST1APSArabic, Portuguese and Spanish01-OCT-07 AM
OST1ARArabic01-OCT-60 AM
OST1ASAssyriology01-OCT-60 AM
OST1CHChinese Studies01-OCT-07 AM
OST1EAEarly Civilizations of the Aegean and Near East01-OCT-07 AM
OST1EGEgyptology01-OCT-07 AM
OST1ELModern European Language30-SEP-59 AM
OST1GRGreek30-SEP-59 AM
OST1HAHebrew and Arabic01-OCT-05 AM
OST1HEHebrew Studies01-OCT-06 AM
OST1HIHindi30-SEP-59 AM
OST1HLHebrew and Israeli30-SEP-59 AM
OST1INIndian Studies30-SEP-59 AM
OST1IRIranian Studies30-SEP-59 AM
OST1ISIslamic Studies30-SEP-59 AM
OST1JAJapanese Studies01-OCT-07 AM
OST1MEMiddle Eastern Studies30-SEP-59 AM
OST1MIMiddle Eastern and Islamic Studies01-OCT-07 AM
OST1PEPersian Studies30-SEP-59 AM
OST1PFPersian and French01-OCT-05 AM
OST1SASouth Asian Studies01-OCT-06 AM
OST1SFSouth Asian Studies and French01-OCT-06 AM
OST1TUTurkish30-SEP-59 AM
OST2ACArabic and Chinese Studies01-OCT-07 AM
OST2AFArabic and French01-OCT-09 AM
OST2AHAssyriology and Hebrew Studies01-OCT-07 AM
OST2AKAkkadia01-OCT-61 AM
OST2AMAramaic01-OCT-61 AM
OST2APArabic and Spanish01-OCT-09 AM
OST2ASAssyriology01-OCT-61 AM
OST2BArabic and Persian01-OCT-09 AM
OST2CJChinese with Japanese01-OCT-61 AM
OST2ECEarly Civilisations of the Aegean and Near East01-OCT-09 AM
OST2EGEgyptology01-OCT-09 AM
OST2ELModern European Language01-OCT-61 AM
OST2GHebrew and Arabic01-OCT-08 AM
OST2HIHindi01-OCT-61 AM
OST2HMHebrew Studies with Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies01-OCT-05 AM
OST2INIndian Studies01-OCT-61 AM
OST2IRIranian Studies01-OCT-61 AM
OST2ISIslamic Studies01-OCT-61 AM
OST2JCJapanese and Chinese01-OCT-09 AM
OST2MEMiddle East Studies01-OCT-61 AM
OST2MIMiddle Eastern and Islamic Studies01-OCT-07 AM
OST2SArabic and Assyriology01-OCT-09 AM
OST2SASanskrit01-OCT-61 AM
OST2SCSouth Asian Studies and Chinese01-OCT-08 AM
OST2SOSouth Asian Studies01-OCT-05 AM
OST2SSSouth Asian Studies and Arabic01-OCT-06 AM
OST2TUTurkish01-OCT-61 AM
TME2PSatisfied the Examiners in Pastoral Studies01-OCT-98 AM
VTE2*AMerit in Section (i)19-JUN-97 AM
VTE2*BMerit in Section (ii)19-JUN-97 AM
VTE2*CSpecial Merit in Principles and Practice of Animal Surgery (including infertility and obstetrics)18-JUN-97 AM
VTE3*ASpecial Merit in Veterinary Medicine01-OCT-79 AM
VTE3*BSpecial Merit in Animal Surgery01-OCT-79 AM
VTE3AEquine Studies01-JAN-04 AM
VTE3A*Equine Studies with Special Merit01-JAN-04 AM
VTE3BSmall Animal Studies30-SEP-07 AM
VTE3B*Small Animal Studies with Special Merit30-SEP-07 AM
VTE3CFarm Animal Studies30-SEP-07 AM
VTE3C*Farm Animal Studies with Special Merit30-SEP-07 AM
VTE3DVeterinary Public Health01-JAN-04 AM
VTE3D*Veterinary Public Health with Special Merit01-JAN-04 AM
VTE3RAEquine Studies01-JAN-12 AM
VTE3RBSmall Animal Studies01-JAN-12 AM
VTE3RCFarm Animal Studies01-JAN-12 AM
VTE3RDVeterinary Public Health01-JAN-12 AM