D08: Academic Plans

Acad PlanDescriptionAcad Plan TypeAcad ProgramProcess Date
A1MIMA Degree by IncorporationXX01-JAN-01 AM
A1MQMA DegreeXX01-JAN-01 AM
A2MQMA Degree (Statute B,III,6)XX01-JAN-01 AM
AARPG601ArchitectureCOS01-AUG-18 AM
AATXArch and Anth TriposU130-SEP-16 AM
ACTXArchaeology TriposU101-AUG-15 AM
AETXAsian & Middle Eastern StudiesU101-AUG-11 AM
AGTXAgricultural TriposU2B02-AUG-98 AM
ARAR11NTBR in Architecture (Arts)P101-AUG-18 AM
ARAR12NTBR in Architecture (Science)P201-AUG-20 AM
ARAR21NOTAF in Architecture (Arts)P101-AUG-20 AM
ARAR22NOTAF in Architecture (Sci)P201-AUG-20 AM
ARAR31MLitt in ArchitectureP101-AUG-18 AM
ARAR42MSc in ArchitectureP201-AUG-18 AM
ARAR51PhD in Architecture (Arts)P101-AUG-20 AM
ARAR52PhD in Architecture (Science)P201-AUG-20 AM
ARAR64PhD (by SRegs) in ArchitectureXX01-AUG-18 AM
ARAR84Arch & History of Art (Sc.D)XX01-JAN-01 AM
ARARED22NOTAF in AI4ER (Architecture)P201-AUG-18 AM
ARARED52PhD in AI4ER (Architecture)P201-AUG-18 AM
ARHA11NTBR in History of ArtP101-AUG-20 AM
ARHA21NOTAF in History of ArtP101-AUG-20 AM
ARHA31MLitt in History of ArtP101-AUG-20 AM
ARHA51PhD in History of ArtP101-AUG-20 AM
ARHA64PhD (SRegs) in History of ArtXX01-AUG-19 AM
ARHA74Arch & History of Art (Litt.D)XX01-JAN-01 AM
ARM10MPhil in Arch. & Urban DesignP201-AUG-19 AM
ARM12MSt in Building HistoryXX01-AUG-19 AM
ARM13Appretship in ArchitectureXX01-AUG-20 AM
ARM14Master of ArchitectureP201-AUG-20 AM
ARM15MST in Hist of Art & Vis CultXX01-AUG-20 AM
ARM15XMST in Hist of Art & Vis CulCOS01-AUG-20 AM
ARM4MPhil in HoArt & ArchitectureP101-AUG-20 AM
ARM6Environmental Design Option BP201-AUG-13 AM
ARM7MPhil in ArchitectureP101-AUG-20 AM
ARM9MPhil in Arch. & Urban StudiesP201-AUG-19 AM
ARPGC601PGCert. in IDBEP101-AUG-20 AM
ARTXArchitecture TriposU2A01-AUG-07 AM
ASC1CPGS in Anglo-Saxon, N & CP101-AUG-20 AM
ASM1MPhil in Anglo-Saxon, N & CP101-AUG-20 AM
AW-S-BAStaff BA PlanXX01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-BDStaff BD PlanXX01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-BEDStaff BED PlanXX01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-BTHStaff BTH PlanXX01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-COLLChange of College for LoMQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-CRTMLStaff Cert in Mod Lang PlanQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-DDStaff DD PlanQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-DIPMLStaff Dipl in Mod Lang PlanQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-HOHHead of House PlanXX01-AUG-00 AM
AW-S-LLBStaff LLB PlanQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-LLDStaff LLD PlanQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-LLDINStaff LLD by incorporationQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-LLMStaff LLM PlanQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-LOMEntry for List of MembersQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-MAStaff MA PlanQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-MAINCStaff MA by incorporation PlanQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-MBStaff MB PlanQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-MBAStaff MBA PlanQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-MDStaff MD PlanQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-MDINStaff MD by incorporationQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-MEDStaff MED PlanXX01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-MSCStaff MSC PlanQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-MSCINStaff MSc by incorporationQU01-AUG-13 AM
AW-S-MSTStaff MST PlanQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-PHDStaff PHD PlanQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-PHDINStaff PhD by incorporationQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-SCDStaff SCD PlanQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-SCDINStaff ScD by incorporationQU01-JAN-01 AM
AW-S-STAFFStaff PlanXX01-JAN-01 AM
AW_S_MLITTStaff MLitt by incorporationQU01-JAN-01 AM
AYC1CPGS NatSci- AstronomyP201-AUG-18 AM
BDBachelor of DivinityXX01-JAN-01 AM
BHPGC601Building HistoryCOS01-AUG-13 AM
BHPGD601Building HistoryCOS01-AUG-13 AM
BL64PhD (SR) in BiologicalSciencesXX01-AUG-19 AM
BL84Biological Sciences (Sc.D)XX30-SEP-65 AM
BLBB22Biological Sciences(BBSRC DTP)P201-AUG-15 AM
BLBIBiochemistry (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
BLBI12NTBR in BiochemistryP201-AUG-19 AM
BLBI22NOTAF in BiochemistryP201-AUG-20 AM
BLBI42MSc in BiochemistryP201-AUG-20 AM
BLBI52PhD in BiochemistryP201-AUG-20 AM
BLBIBB22NOTAF in Biochemistry (BBSRC)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLBIBB224NOTAF in Biochemistry (BBSRC)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLBIBB52PhD in Biochemistry (BBSRC)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLBIBB524PhD in Biochemistry (BBSRC)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLBICB224NOTAF in Cancer Bio (BioChem)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLBICB524PhD in Cancer Biology (BioChe)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLBICR224NOTAF in Biochemistry (1+3)P201-AUG-21 AM
BLBICR524BiochemistryP209-APR-13 AM
BLBIDV224BiochemistryP209-APR-13 AM
BLBIDV524BiochemistryP209-APR-13 AM
BLBIII224Biochemistry (Inf&Immunity)P201-AUG-13 AM
BLBIII524Biochemistry (Inf&Immunity)P201-AUG-13 AM
BLBIM1MPhil in Bio Sci (Biochem)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLBIMI22NOTAF in Biochem (MedImmune)P220-MAY-21 AM
BLBIMI52PhD in Biochem (MedImmune)P220-MAY-21 AM
BLBINH224NOTAF in Biochemistry (NIH)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLBINH524PhD in Biochemistry (NIH)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLBISE224Biochemistry (STA)P201-AUG-15 AM
BLBISE524Biochemistry (STA)P201-AUG-15 AM
BLBIST224NOTAF in Biochem (SCBio 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLBIST524PhD in Biochem (SCBio 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLBIWC22NOTAF in Biochemistry (WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
BLBIWC52PhD in Biochemistry (WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
BLBIXX224Biochemistry (MGM)P201-AUG-12 AM
BLBIXX524Biochemistry (MGM)P201-AUG-12 AM
BLC1CPGS in NatSci- BioSci (BLPH)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLC2CPGS in NatSci- BioSci (BLPN)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLC3CPGS in NatSci- BioSci (BLZO)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLC4CPGS in NatSci- BioSci (BLBI)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLC5CPGS in NatSci- BioSci (NUEB)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLC6CPGS in NatSci- BioSci (BLPS)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLC7CPGS in NatSci- BioSci (BLPC)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLGEGenetics (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
BLGE12NTBR in GeneticsP201-AUG-18 AM
BLGE121NTBR in BioSc (Genetics) MPhilP201-AUG-20 AM
BLGE22NOTAF in GeneticsP201-AUG-20 AM
BLGE42MSc in GeneticsP201-AUG-18 AM
BLGE52PhD in GeneticsP201-AUG-20 AM
BLGEAS22NOTAF in Genetics (A*STAR)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLGEAS52PhD in Genetics (A*STAR)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLGEBB22NOTAF in Genetics (BBSRC)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLGEBB52PhD in Genetics (BBSRC)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLGEBB524PhD in Genetics (BBSRC)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLGECB224NOTAF in Cancer Bio (Genetics)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLGECB524PhD in Cancer Bio (Genetics)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLGEDV224NOTAF in Genetics (1+3 BLPNM2)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLGEDV524PhD in Genetics (1+3 BLPNM2)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLGEM1MPhil in Bio Sci (Genetics)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLGEMG224NOTAF in Genetics (1+3 MAAMR1)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLGEMG524PhD in Genetics (1+3 MAAMR1)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLGEST224NOTAF in Genetics (SCBio 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLGEST524PhD in Genetics (SCBio 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLGEWC22NOTAF in Genetics (WTCLiP)P220-MAY-21 AM
BLGEWC52PhD in Genetics (WTCLiP)P220-MAY-21 AM
BLGEXX224NOTAF in Genetics (MGM)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLGEXX524NOTAF in Genetics (MGM)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLM5MPhil in Therapeutic SciencesP301-AUG-18 AM
BLPAPathology (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
BLPA12NTBR in PathologyP201-AUG-19 AM
BLPA22NOTAF in PathologyP201-AUG-20 AM
BLPA42MSc in PathologyP201-AUG-20 AM
BLPA52PhD in PathologyP201-AUG-20 AM
BLPABB22NOTAF in Pathology (BBSRC)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLPABB52PhD in Pathology (BBSRC)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLPABB524PhD in Pathology (BBSRC)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLPADV224PathologyP209-APR-13 AM
BLPADV524PathologyP209-APR-13 AM
BLPAII224PathologyP209-APR-13 AM
BLPAII524PathologyP209-APR-13 AM
BLPAM1MPhil in Bio Sci (Pathology)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLPAMC224PathologyP218-OCT-17 AM
BLPAMC524PathologyP201-AUG-17 AM
BLPAMR22Pathology (CIMR)P209-APR-13 AM
BLPAMR52Pathology (CIMR)P209-APR-13 AM
BLPAMRM1Biological Sc (Pathology,CIMR)P209-APR-13 AM
BLPANH224NOTAF in Pathology (NIH)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLPANH524PhD in Pathology (NIH)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLPASE224NOTAF in Pathology (STA 1+3)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLPASE524PhD in Pathology (STA 1+3)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLPAST224NOTAF in Pathology (SCB 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLPAST524PhD in Pathology (SCB 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLPAWC22Pathology (WTCliP)P201-AUG-21 AM
BLPAWC52Pathology (WTCliP)P201-AUG-15 AM
BLPCPsychology (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
BLPC21NOTAF in Psychology (Arts)P101-AUG-19 AM
BLPC22NOTAF in Psychology (Science)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLPC42MSc in PsychologyP201-AUG-19 AM
BLPC51PhD in Psychology (Arts)P101-AUG-19 AM
BLPC52PhD in Psychology (Science)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLPCBB22NOTAF in Psychology (BBSRC)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLPCBB52PhD in Psychology (BBSRC)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLPCBB524PhD in Psychology (BBSRC)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLPCHH22NOTAF in Psychology (HHMI)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLPCHH52PhD in Psychology (HHMI)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLPCM1MPhil in BioSci (Psychology)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLPCNH224NOTAF in Psychology (NIH)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLPCNH524PhD in Psychology (NIH)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLPH12NTBR in PharmacologyP201-AUG-20 AM
BLPH121NTBR in Pharmacology: MPhilP201-AUG-20 AM
BLPH22NOTAF in PharmacologyP201-AUG-19 AM
BLPH42MSc in PharmacologyP201-AUG-19 AM
BLPH52PhD in PharmacologyP201-AUG-19 AM
BLPHBB22NOTAF in Pharmacology (BBSRC)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLPHBB224Pharmacology (BBSRC)P201-AUG-12 AM
BLPHBB52PhD in Pharmacology (BBSRC)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLPHBB524Pharmacology (BBSRC)P201-AUG-12 AM
BLPHCR224NOTAF in Pharm (Cardio 1+3)P220-MAY-21 AM
BLPHCR524Pharmacology (Cardio.)P220-MAY-21 AM
BLPHHH22Pharmacology (HHMI)P201-OCT-16 AM
BLPHHH52Pharmacology (HHMI)P201-JAN-16 AM
BLPHM1MPhil in BioSci (Pharmacology)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLPHMC224PharmacologyP209-APR-13 AM
BLPHMC524PharmacologyP209-APR-13 AM
BLPHNH224NOTAF in Pharmacology (NIH)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLPHNH524PhD in Pharmacology (NIH)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLPHNN224NOTAF Pharmacology (Nano 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLPHNN524PhD in Pharmacology (Nano 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLPHNT224Pharmacology (NT)P201-AUG-13 AM
BLPHNT524Pharmacology (NT)P101-AUG-13 AM
BLPHOM224PharmacologyP209-APR-13 AM
BLPHOM524PharmacologyP209-APR-13 AM
BLPNPDN (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
BLPN12NTBR in Physio, Dev, & NeuroscP201-AUG-19 AM
BLPN121NTBR in BioSci (PDN): MPhilP201-AUG-21 AM
BLPN22Physiology, Dev and NeurosciP220-MAY-21 AM
BLPN42Physiology, Dev and NeurosciP209-APR-13 AM
BLPN52Physiology, Dev and NeurosciP220-MAY-21 AM
BLPNAS22Physiology, Dev &Neur (A*STAR)P201-OCT-16 AM
BLPNAS52Physiology, Dev &Neur (A*STAR)P201-JAN-16 AM
BLPNBB22Physio, Dev & Neurosci (BBSRC)P201-AUG-15 AM
BLPNBB224Physiology, Dev &Neuro (BBSRC)P201-AUG-13 AM
BLPNBB52Physio, Dev & Neurosci (BBSRC)P201-AUG-15 AM
BLPNBB524Physiology, Dev &Neuro (BBSRC)P201-AUG-13 AM
BLPNCR224NOTAF in PDN (CardioR 1+3)P220-MAY-21 AM
BLPNCR524PhD in PDN (MDMDR3 1+3)P220-MAY-21 AM
BLPNDV224Physiology, Dev and NeurosciP209-APR-13 AM
BLPNDV524Physiology, Dev and NeurosciP209-APR-13 AM
BLPNII224PDN (Infection & Immunity)P201-AUG-15 AM
BLPNII524PDN (infection & Immunity)P201-AUG-15 AM
BLPNIM224Physiology, Dev and NeurosciP209-APR-13 AM
BLPNIM524Physiology, Dev and NeurosciP209-APR-13 AM
BLPNIP224PDN (IntPhotonic&ElecSys)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLPNIP524PDN (IntPhotonic&ElecSys)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLPNM1MPhil in Bio Sciences (PDN)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLPNM2MPhil in Dev. Biology (1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLPNM3Basic & Translational NeurosciP201-AUG-21 AM
BLPNM4MPhil in Developmental BiologyP201-AUG-20 AM
BLPNMC524PhD in PDN (MDCBR1 1+3)P220-MAY-21 AM
BLPNNN224NOTAF in PDN (Nano 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLPNNN524PhD in PDN (Nano 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLPNNT224Physiology, Dev &Neurosci (NT)P209-APR-13 AM
BLPNNT524Physiology, Dev &Neurosci (NT)P209-APR-13 AM
BLPNOM224Physiology, Dev and NeurosciP209-APR-13 AM
BLPNOM524Physiology, Dev and NeurosciP209-APR-13 AM
BLPNPD224Physiollogy,D&N (Photonics SD)P201-AUG-14 AM
BLPNPD524Physiollogy,D&N (Photonics SD)P201-AUG-14 AM
BLPNST224NOTAF in PDN (SCBio 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLPNST524Physiology, Dev and NeurosciP209-APR-13 AM
BLPSPlant Sciences (VISI ProgrammeXX01-AUG-21 AM
BLPS12NTBR in Plant SciencesP201-AUG-20 AM
BLPS22NOTAF in Plant SciencesP201-AUG-18 AM
BLPS42MSc in Plant SciencesP201-AUG-18 AM
BLPS52PhD in Plant SciencesP201-AUG-18 AM
BLPSBB22NOTAF in PlantSciences (BBSRC)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLPSBB52PhD in Plant Sciences (BBSRC)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLPSBB524PhD in Plant Sciences (BBSRC)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLPSED22NOTAF in AI4ER (PlantSciences)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLPSED52PhD in AI4ER (Plant Sciences)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLPSM1MPhil in Bio Sci (Plant Sci)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLPSNN224NOTAF in Plant Sci (Nano 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLPSNN524PhD in Plant Sci (Nano 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLPSNT224Plant Sciences (NT)P201-AUG-14 AM
BLPSNT524Plant Sciences (NT)P201-AUG-14 AM
BLSTStem Cell Research (VISI)XX01-AUG-21 AM
BLST22NOTAF in Stem Cell BiologyP201-AUG-19 AM
BLST52PhD in Stem Cell BiologyP201-AUG-19 AM
BLSTM1MPhil in Bio.Sci (StemCellBio)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLSTNH224NOTAF in Stem Cell Bio. (NIH)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLSTNH524PhD in Stem Cell Biology (NIH)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLSTR1MRes in BioSci (SCBiology 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLSTR2MRes in BioSci (SCBiology 1+3)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLSTST224NOTAF in SCBiology (BLSTR 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLSTST524PhD in SCBiology (BLSTR 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLTO22MRC ToxicologyP201-MAR-18 AM
BLTO52MRC ToxicologyP201-MAR-18 AM
BLTOM1MPhil in BioSci (MRC Tox.Unit)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLZOZoology (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
BLZO12NTBR in ZoologyP201-AUG-18 AM
BLZO121NTBR in BioSci(Zoology): MPhilP201-AUG-20 AM
BLZO22NOTAF in ZoologyP201-AUG-18 AM
BLZO42MSc in ZoologyP201-AUG-18 AM
BLZO52PhD in ZoologyP201-AUG-18 AM
BLZOBB22NOTAF in Zoology (BBSRC)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLZOBB224NOTAF in Zoology (BBSRC)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLZOBB52PhD in Zoology (BBSRC)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLZOBB524PhD in Zoology (BBSRC)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLZODV224NOTAF in Zoology (1+3 BLPNM2)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLZODV524PhD in Zoology (1+3 BLPNM2)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLZOED22NOTAF in AI4ER (Zoology)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLZOED52PhD in AI4ER (Zoology)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLZOHH22Zoology (HHMI)P201-JAN-16 AM
BLZOHH52Zoology (HHMI)P201-JAN-16 AM
BLZOM1MPhil in Bio Sci (Zoology)P201-AUG-20 AM
BLZOMG224NOTAF in Zoology (1+3 MAAMR1)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLZOMG524PhD in Zoology (1+3 MAAMR1)P201-AUG-18 AM
BLZONH224NOTAF in Zoology (NIH)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLZONH524PhD in Zoology (NIH)P201-AUG-19 AM
BLZOSE224Zoology (STA)P201-AUG-17 AM
BLZOSE524PhD in Zoology (STA)P201-AUG-20 AM
CAIGonville and Caius IndependentCOS01-JAN-01 AM
CEC1CPGS in Chemical EngineeringP201-AUG-18 AM
CEC2CPGS in Chemical Eng (Taught)P201-AUG-20 AM
CETXChemical Engineering TriposU2B01-AUG-12 AM
CETXEChem Eng via EngineeringU2B01-AUG-12 AM
CETXNChem Eng via Nat SciencesU2B01-AUG-12 AM
CHC1CPGS NatSci- ChemistryP201-AUG-18 AM
CHC2Chemistry at Melville LabP209-APR-13 AM
CHCAS1Chemistry (A*STAR)P225-AUG-16 AM
CHCII1ChemistryP209-APR-13 AM
CHCNH1CPGS in Chemistry (NIH)P201-AUG-19 AM
CHEFCULP Award in FrenchXX01-OCT-12 AM
CHEGCULP Award in GermanXX01-OCT-12 AM
CHEICULP Award in ItalianXX01-OCT-14 AM
CHEKCULP Award in KoreanXX01-AUG-18 AM
CHEPCULP Award in PortugueseXX01-AUG-19 AM
CHERCULP Award in RussianXX01-OCT-15 AM
CHESCULP Award in SpanishXX01-OCT-12 AM
CHETCULP Award in TurkishXX01-AUG-18 AM
CHM1MPhil in Chemistry (by Thesis)P201-AUG-21 AM
CHRINDChrist's Independent StudentsCOS01-JAN-01 AM
CLClassics (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
CL11NTBR in ClassicsP101-AUG-18 AM
CL111NTBR in Classics: MPhilP101-AUG-18 AM
CL21NOTAF in ClassicsP101-AUG-18 AM
CL31MLitt in ClassicsP101-AUG-18 AM
CL51PhD in ClassicsP101-AUG-18 AM
CL64PhD (by Spec Regs) in ClassicsP101-AUG-19 AM
CLM1MPhil in ClassicsP101-AUG-18 AM
CLT4XClassical Tripos Four YearU101-AUG-07 AM
CLTXClassical TriposU101-AUG-07 AM
CMPGC601Clinical MedicineCOS01-AUG-19 AM
CMPGC602Clin Research, Edn & LeadrshpCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNAAC204Making of English LandscapeCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNAAD101Historic EnvironmentCOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNAAD301Historic Environment ICOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNAAD302Historic Environment IICOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNAAD303Historic Environment IIICOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNACP601Advanced Clinical PracticeCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNARC102ArchaeologyCOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNARC103Historic Building ConservationCOS01-AUG-09 AM
CNARC203Arch of Ancient BritainCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNARC204Cert in Arch of the Anct WrldCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNARC205Cert in Historic Building ConsCOS01-AUG-18 AM
CNARC601Prof Pract in ArchitectureCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNARD102ArchaeologyCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNARD304Archaeology: DeathCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNARD305Archaeology: ConflictCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNARD306Archaeology:Methods & PracticeCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNARD307Dip in Historic Building ConsCOS21-MAR-19 AM
CNBCC601PG Cert. in BiocurationCOS01-AUG-18 AM
CNBHC601Building HistoryCOS01-AUG-11 AM
CNBHD601Building HistoryCOS01-AUG-11 AM
CNBMS101CHE in Business and ManagementCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNBMS201Operationl Business & ManagmntCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNBMS202Strategic Business and MngmentCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNCAH201Classical StudiesCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNCOC201CoachingCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNCOD301CoachingCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNCPC201Cognitive PsychologyCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNCSC101Film StudiesCOS31-JUL-10 AM
CNCWC101Creative WritingCOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNCWC203Creative Writing: Fiction & WrCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNCWC204Creative Writing: Creative NonCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNCWC205Crt Wrtg: Fic, N-F & Wrtg PerfCOS01-AUG-19 AM
CNCWC601Creative WritingCOS01-AUG-13 AM
CNDEC103International DevelopmentCOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNDEC201International Development ICOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNDEC202International Development IICOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNDEC203International DevelopmentCOS01-AUG-12 AM
CNDED101International DevelopmentCOS01-AUG-15 AM
CNDED301International DevelopmentCOS30-JUL-17 AM
CNDED302International DevelopmentCOS01-AUG-15 AM
CNDWC303Creat Wrtng: Adv Fic & Non FicCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNDWC304Crtv Wrtng:Hist Fic, Crm WrtngCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNDWC305Dip Creat Wr:Adv fict & wr perCOS01-AUG-18 AM
CNDWC306Dip Cr Wr: Adv Non FictionCOS01-AUG-18 AM
CNEBC201Evolutionary BiologyCOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNEBD301Evolutionary BiologyCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNEMC101Medieval EnglandCOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNEMC201Early Medieval EnglandCOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNEMC202Medieval EnglandCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNENC101English LiteratureCOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNENC204Eng Lit: Texts and ContextCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNENC205Eng Lit:Apprchs to Lit StudyCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNEND102English LiteratureCOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNEND303D2English Literature ICOS01-AUG-15 AM
CNEND305English Literature:CriticismCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNEND306English Literature: PastCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNFSC201Cert in Film Studies: Form, GeCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNFSC202Cert in Film Studies: ApproachCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNGEC101Genetics and EvolutionCOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNGMC601Genomic Medicine ModuleCOS01-AUG-19 AM
CNHAC101History of ArtCOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNHAC202History of Art ICOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNHAC203History of Art IICOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNHAC203C2History of Art IICOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNHAC204Cert Hist of Art: Class to RenCOS01-AUG-18 AM
CNHAC205Cert His Art: Earl Mod to ContCOS01-AUG-18 AM
CNHAD101History of ArtCOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNHAD304Hist of Art:Brkn BoundariesCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNHAD305Hist of Art:Chng Cont frm 17COS01-AUG-17 AM
CNHAD306Dip Hist Art: Renaiss & BaroqCOS01-AUG-18 AM
CNHAD307Dip Hist Art:Brit Vis CultureCOS01-AUG-18 AM
CNHAD308Creativity Theory, Hist & PhilCOS01-AUG-18 AM
CNHOC101Practical Hrtcltr & PlntsmnshpCOS01-AUG-09 AM
CNHSC101Local HistoryCOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNHSC203Local HistoryCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNHSC204Local HistoryCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNHSC205Certificate in HistoryCOS01-AUG-18 AM
CNHSC601PGC in Britain & the HolocaustCOS01-AUG-18 AM
CNHSD101Local HistoryCOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNHSD301Local History ICOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNHSD302Local History IICOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNHSD601HistoryCOS01-AUG-12 AM
CNHSS001History Summer ProgrammeCOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNHSS003Medieval Studies Summer ProgCOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNIDC201Cert in Infectious DiseasesCOS01-AUG-18 AM
CNIFM101CHE in Infection and ImmunityCOS01-AUG-18 AM
CNIMC201Cert in ImmunologyCOS01-AUG-18 AM
CNIRC201International RelationsCOS01-AUG-16 AM
CNIRD301Dip in International RelationsCOS01-AUG-18 AM
CNIRD601International RelationsCOS01-AUG-12 AM
CNISS001Interdiscp Summer Prog Term ICOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNISS002Interdiscp Summer Prog Term IICOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNLWC601Applied Crim, Pen & ManagementCOS01-AUG-13 AM
CNLWC602Applied Crim & Police ManagCOS01-AUG-13 AM
CNLWD601App. Crim, Penology & MgmtCOS01-AUG-10 AM
CNLWD602App. Criminology & Police MgmtCOS01-AUG-11 AM
CNMDC601Medical EducationCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNMGC601Sustainability LeadershipCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNMGD602Entrepreneurship StudiesCOS01-AUG-16 AM
CNMMD602Medical EducationCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNMSN001Investment EducationCOS01-OCT-08 AM
CNNCN003General non-creditCOS01-OCT-00 AM
CNNCV001Non-Credit with VLE AccessCOS01-AUG-00 AM
CNPBP601Public PolicyCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNPGC601Clin Research, Ed and LdrshpCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNPGD602PG Dip in Clinical MedicineCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNPHC101PhilosophyCOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNPHC203PhilosophyCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNPHC204PhilosophyCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNPHC601PG Cert in PhilosophyCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNPLC201Certificate in PoliticsCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNPSC601Practical Sc CommCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNPSD601PG Dip Science CommunicationCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNPSD602PG Dip Science CommunicationCOS01-AUG-18 AM
CNRAR201Research in the ArtsCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNRED601Real EstateCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNRIL601Research&Innovation Ldrshp AptCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNRIL602Research & Innovation LeadrshpCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNRSC201Research in the SciencesCOS31-JUL-20 AM
CNRTP201Research Theory and PracticeCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNSCC212GeneticsCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNSCD301Diploma in GeneticsCOS31-JUL-20 AM
CNSCS001Science Summer Prog Term ICOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNSCS002Science Summer Prog Term IICOS01-AUG-14 AM
CNSID601PGD Social InnovationCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNSSC202Sociology, Politics and PsychoCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNTLC601Teaching and Learning in HECOS01-AUG-16 AM
CNTPA201Research T&P in the ArtsCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNTPE601Adv Dip in RT & P in Eng (BM)COS01-AUG-18 AM
CNTPE602Adv Dip in RT & P in Eng (Enr)COS01-AUG-18 AM
CNTPS201Research T&P in the SciencesCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNWCC601Teaching Creative WritingCOS01-AUG-20 AM
CNWCD102Creative WritingCOS01-AUG-17 AM
CNWCS001Creative Writing Summer ProgCOS01-AUG-14 AM
CO64PhD (SReg) in Computer ScienceXX01-AUG-19 AM
CO84Computer Science (Sc.D)XX07-NOV-06 AM
COCOComp Sci & Technology (VISI)XX01-AUG-20 AM
COCO12NTBR in Computer ScienceP201-AUG-20 AM
COCO22NOTAF in Computer ScienceP201-AUG-18 AM
COCO42MSc in Computer ScienceP201-AUG-18 AM
COCO52PhD in Computer ScienceP201-AUG-18 AM
COCODR52PhD in Comp. Science (DREAM)P201-AUG-20 AM
COCOED22NOTAF in AI4ER (Comp Science)P201-AUG-18 AM
COCOED52PhD in AI4ER (Comp Science)P201-AUG-18 AM
COCOSE524PhD in Computer Science (STA)P201-AUG-20 AM
COCOSY22NOTAF in SynTech (Comp Sci)P201-AUG-20 AM
COCOSY52PhD in SynTech (Comp Sci)P201-AUG-18 AM
CPIPCSBPGCert in Sustainable BusinessP101-AUG-20 AM
CPIPCSVPGCert in Sustainable Value ChP101-AUG-19 AM
CPIPDSBPG Dip in Sustainable BusinessP201-AUG-20 AM
CQCCECert of Continuing EducationXX01-AUG-09 AM
CQCHECSCert Higher Ed (Combined Subj)XX01-AUG-09 AM
CQCHEGNCert Higher Ed (General)XX01-AUG-09 AM
CQCHENSCert Higher Ed (Named Subj)XX01-AUG-09 AM
CQCNSCE Cert in named subjectXX01-AUG-09 AM
CQCPHEPostgrad Certificate Higher EdXX01-AUG-09 AM
CQCPIPGCert in Sustainable BusinessXX01-JAN-01 AM
CQDANSAdv Dip in named subjectXX01-AUG-09 AM
CQDHECSDip Higher Ed (Combined Subj)XX01-AUG-09 AM
CQDHENSDip Higher Ed (Named Subj)XX01-AUG-09 AM
CQDNSCE Diploma in named subjectXX01-AUG-09 AM
CQDPHEPostgrad Diploma Higher EdXX01-AUG-09 AM
CRM1MPhil in CriminologyP101-AUG-18 AM
CRM10App Crim and Pol Mngmnt Yr 2XX01-AUG-14 AM
CRM11Apprentshp Ap Crim & Pol ManXX31-JUL-21 AM
CRM2MPhil in Criminological RsrchP101-AUG-19 AM
CRM7Applied Crim. Penol. & MgtXX05-JAN-14 AM
CRM8Applied Crim. and Pol.MgtXX05-JAN-14 AM
CSC1CPGS in Computer ScienceP201-AUG-18 AM
CSCDR1CPGS in Comp. Science (DREAM)P201-AUG-20 AM
CSCMM1MSt in Genomic MedicineXX01-AUG-19 AM
CSCMM2Genomic Medicine PGProgressionXX01-AUG-17 AM
CSCMM3Clinical MedicineXX10-MAR-21 AM
CSCMM4Healthcare DataXX31-JUL-20 AM
CSCMM5Healthcare Data PG ProgressionXX01-AUG-19 AM
CSCMM6Medical EducationP301-AUG-18 AM
CSCMM7MSt in Genomic MedicineXX01-AUG-20 AM
CSCMM8MSt in Genomic MedicineXX01-AUG-20 AM
CSCSE224CPGS in Computer Science (STA)P201-AUG-20 AM
CSM3MPhil in Adv. Computer ScienceP201-AUG-20 AM
CSTXComputer Science TriposU2B01-AUG-12 AM
CTMCert in Theology for MinistryU101-AUG-09 AM
CWPGC601Creative WritingCOS01-AUG-13 AM
CWPGC602Crime and Thriller WritingCOS01-AUG-18 AM
CWPGC603Writing for PerformanceCOS01-AUG-19 AM
DDDoctor of DivinityXX01-JAN-01 AM
DENT1PG Diploma in EntrepreneurshipCOS01-AUG-20 AM
DTM1Dip in Theology for MinistryCOS01-AUG-20 AM
DVDivinity (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
DV11NTBR in DivinityP101-AUG-18 AM
DV111Jewish-Christian Relations:MStP109-APR-13 AM
DV21NOTAF in DivinityP101-AUG-21 AM
DV31MLitt in DivinityP101-AUG-18 AM
DV51PhD in DivinityP101-AUG-21 AM
DV64PhD (by SpecRegs.) in DivinityXX01-AUG-19 AM
DV74Litt.D in DivinityXX01-AUG-18 AM
DVC1CPGS in Theo. & Rel. StudiesP101-AUG-18 AM
DVD1AD in Theology, Rel, & PhilofRP101-AUG-18 AM
DVDIDD Degree by IncorporationXX01-JAN-01 AM
EA64PhD (S.Regs) in Earth SciencesXX01-AUG-19 AM
EA74Earth Sci & Geography (Litt.D)XX01-JAN-01 AM
EA84Earth Sci & Geography (Sc.D)XX01-JAN-01 AM
EAC1CPGS NatSci- Earth SciencesP201-AUG-18 AM
EAESEarth Sciences (VISI ProgrammeXX01-AUG-21 AM
EAES12NTBR in Earth SciencesP201-AUG-20 AM
EAES22NOTAF in Earth SciencesP201-AUG-19 AM
EAES42MSc in Earth SciencesP201-AUG-19 AM
EAES52PhD in Earth SciencesP201-AUG-19 AM
EAESED22NOTAF in AI4ER (EarthSciences)P201-AUG-18 AM
EAESED52PhD in AI4ER (EarthSciences)P201-AUG-18 AM
EAESNE224Earth Sci (EPSRC CDT Nuc En)P201-AUG-16 AM
EAESNE524Earth Sci (EPSRC CDT Nuc En)P201-AUG-16 AM
EAESNF224NOTAF in NuclearEnergyFuturesP201-AUG-19 AM
EAESNF524PhD in Nuclear Energy FuturesP201-AUG-19 AM
EAESR1MRes PhysSci:EnviroDataS (1+3)P201-AUG-18 AM
EAESSE224NOTAF in Earth Sciences (STA)P201-AUG-19 AM
EAESSE524PhD in Earth Sciences (STA)P201-AUG-19 AM
EAGGGeography (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
EAGG11NTBR in Geography (Arts)P101-AUG-20 AM
EAGG12NTBR in Geography (Science)P201-AUG-20 AM
EAGG21NOTAF in Geography (Arts)P101-AUG-18 AM
EAGG22NOTAF in Geography (Science)P201-AUG-18 AM
EAGG221NOTAF in Physical GeographyP201-AUG-18 AM
EAGG31MLitt in GeographyP101-AUG-18 AM
EAGG42MSc in Geography (Science)P201-AUG-18 AM
EAGG51PhD in Geography (Arts)P101-AUG-18 AM
EAGG52PhD in Geography (Science)P201-AUG-18 AM
EAGG521PhD in Physical GeographyP201-AUG-18 AM
EAGGDR22NOTAF in Geography (DREAM)P201-AUG-18 AM
EAGGDR52PhD in Geography (DREAM)P201-AUG-18 AM
EAGGED22NOTAF in AI4ER (Geography)P201-AUG-18 AM
EAGGED52PhD in AI4ER (Geography)P201-AUG-18 AM
EAGGM11MPhil in Geography (Arts)P101-AUG-18 AM
EAGGM12MPhil in Geography (Science)P201-AUG-18 AM
EAGGM2MPhil in Anthropocene StudiesP101-AUG-19 AM
EAGGM3MPhil in Holocene ClimatesP201-AUG-19 AM
EAM1MPhil in Earth SciencesP201-AUG-21 AM
EASP12NTBR in Polar StudiesP201-OCT-20 AM
EASP21NOTAF in Polar Studies (Arts)P101-AUG-18 AM
EASP22NOTAF in Polar Studies (Sci)P201-AUG-18 AM
EASP31MLitt in Polar Studies (Arts)P101-AUG-18 AM
EASP42MSc in Polar Studies (Science)P201-AUG-18 AM
EASP51PhD in Polar Studies (Arts)P101-AUG-18 AM
EASP52PhD in Polar Studies (Science)P201-AUG-18 AM
ECEconomics (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
EC11NTBR in EconomicsP101-AUG-18 AM
EC21NOTAF in EconomicsP101-AUG-18 AM
EC31MLitt in EconomicsP101-AUG-18 AM
EC41MSc in EconomicsP101-AUG-19 AM
EC51PhD in EconomicsP101-AUG-18 AM
EC61CPGS in EconomicsP101-AUG-18 AM
EC64PhD (by Spec. Regs.) EconomicsXX01-AUG-18 AM
EC84Doctor of Science in EconomicsXX01-AUG-18 AM
ECAD1Advanced Diploma in EconomicsP101-AUG-18 AM
ECD1Graduate Diploma in EconomicsP101-AUG-17 AM
ECD2Development EconomicsP130-SEP-68 AM
ECM10MPhil in Economic ResearchP101-AUG-19 AM
ECM11MPhil in Finance and EconomicsP101-AUG-18 AM
ECM9MPhil in EconomicsP101-AUG-21 AM
ECTXEconomics TriposU101-AUG-07 AM
ED64PhD (by SpecRegs) in EducationXX01-AUG-19 AM
ED71Doctor of EducationP101-AUG-21 AM
ED74Litt. D in EducationXX01-AUG-18 AM
EDCMEN02KS2/3 English (XQC3)U2A01-AUG-12 AM
EDCMMA02KS2/3 Mathematics (XGC1)U2A01-AUG-12 AM
EDCMSC02KS2/3 Science (XFCA)U2A01-AUG-12 AM
EDCPEY01Early Primary (X110)U2A01-AUG-19 AM
EDCPGE02General Primary (X100)U2A01-AUG-19 AM
EDCPGE02GGeneral Primary (X100)U2A01-AUG-12 AM
EDCPGE03GGeneral Primary (SD-LVC)U2A01-AUG-19 AM
EDCPGE04GGeneral Primary (SD-CVC)U2A01-AUG-13 AM
EDCPLO01Lower PrimaryU2A01-AUG-12 AM
EDCPUP01Upper PrimaryU2A01-AUG-12 AM
EDCSAR02Art and Design (W1X1)U2A01-AUG-19 AM
EDCSAR02GArt and Design (W1X1)U2A01-AUG-12 AM
EDCSAR03GArt and Design (SD-CVC)U2A01-AUG-13 AM
EDCSCL02Latin with Classics (Q8X1)U2A01-AUG-19 AM
EDCSDE03Design and Technology (W9X1)U2A01-AUG-19 AM
EDCSDE03GDesign and Technology (W9X1)U2A01-AUG-12 AM
EDCSDE04GDesign and Technology (SD-CVC)U2A01-AUG-13 AM
EDCSEN03English (Q3X1)U2A01-AUG-19 AM
EDCSEN03GEnglish (Q3X1)U2A01-AUG-12 AM
EDCSEN05English with Drama (QX31)U2A01-AUG-12 AM
EDCSEN07GEnglish (SD-LVC)U2A01-AUG-13 AM
EDCSEN08GEnglish (SD-BVC)U2A01-AUG-13 AM
EDCSGE02Geography (F8X1)U2A01-AUG-19 AM
EDCSGE03GPGCE: Geography (SD-BVC)U2A01-AUG-18 AM
EDCSGE06GPGCE in Geography (SD-LVC)U2A01-AUG-18 AM
EDCSHI02History (V1X1)U2A01-AUG-19 AM
EDCSHI02GHistory (V1X1)U2A01-AUG-12 AM
EDCSHI03GHistory (SD-BVC)U2A01-JAN-16 AM
EDCSMA03Mathematics (G1X1)U2A01-AUG-19 AM
EDCSMA03GMathematics (G1X1)U2A01-AUG-16 AM
EDCSMA10GMathematics (SD-LVC)U2A01-AUG-13 AM
EDCSMA11GMathematics (SD-CVC)U2A01-AUG-13 AM
EDCSMA12GMathematics (SD-BVC)U2A01-AUG-13 AM
EDCSMO01Modern Languages (R9X1)U2A01-AUG-19 AM
EDCSMO01GMod Foreign Languages (R9X1)U2A01-AUG-12 AM
EDCSMU02Music (W3X1)U2A01-AUG-19 AM
EDCSMU02GMusic (W3X1)U2A01-AUG-12 AM
EDCSRE01Religious StudiesU2A01-AUG-12 AM
EDCSRE04Religious Studies (V6X1)U2A01-AUG-19 AM
EDCSRE04GReligious Studies (V6X1)U2A01-AUG-12 AM
EDCSRE05GReligious Studies (SD-LVC)U2A01-AUG-13 AM
EDCSRE06GReligious Studies (SD-CVC)U2A01-AUG-13 AM
EDCSRE07GReligious Studies (SD-BVC)U2A01-AUG-14 AM
EDCSSC02Science with Biology (C1X1)U2A01-AUG-19 AM
EDCSSC02GScience with Biology (C1X1)U2A01-AUG-12 AM
EDCSSC05Science with Chemistry (F1X1)U2A01-AUG-19 AM
EDCSSC05GScience with Chemistry (F1X1)U2A01-AUG-12 AM
EDCSSC09Science with Physics (F3X1)U2A01-AUG-19 AM
EDCSSC09GScience with Physics (F3X1)U2A01-AUG-12 AM
EDCSSC13GChemistry (SD-LVC)U2A01-AUG-13 AM
EDCSSC14GPhysics (SD-LVC)U2A01-AUG-13 AM
EDCSSC15GBiology (SD-CVC)U2A01-AUG-13 AM
EDCSSC16GChemistry (SD-CVC)U2A01-AUG-13 AM
EDCSSC17GPhysics (SD-CVC)U2A01-AUG-13 AM
EDCSSC18GScience with Physics (SD-BVC)U2A01-AUG-14 AM
EDEDEducation (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
EDED11NTBR in EducationP101-AUG-18 AM
EDED21NOTAF in EducationP101-AUG-18 AM
EDED31MLitt in EducationP101-AUG-18 AM
EDED51PhD in EducationP101-AUG-18 AM
EDM10MATMEd (PGCE-MEd) in MathsED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM10PRIMEd (PGCE-MEd) in Primary EdED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM10RPRMEd (PGCE-MEd) Res PracticeED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM10SCIMEd (PGCE-MEd) in ScienceED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM10TR1Master of Education(PGCE-MEd)ED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM11PRIMEd (PDES - MEd) in Primary EdED18-APR-12 AM
EDM11RPRMEd (PDES-MEd) Res PracticeED18-APR-12 AM
EDM11TR1Master of Education (ACER)ED18-APR-12 AM
EDM13ACEMaster of Education in ACECP109-APR-13 AM
EDM13CACMaster of Education in CALCP109-APR-13 AM
EDM13COUMEd in CounsellingP109-APR-13 AM
EDM13EDRMaster of Education in Ed ResP109-APR-13 AM
EDM13ELSMaster of Education in ELIP101-AUG-21 AM
EDM13HERMaster of Education in HERTSP109-APR-13 AM
EDM13MATMaster of Education in MathsP109-APR-13 AM
EDM13PDDMaster of Education in PDDEP109-APR-13 AM
EDM13PISMaster of Education in PISEP109-APR-13 AM
EDM13PRIMEd in Primary EducationP109-APR-13 AM
EDM13PSYMEd in PsychologyP109-APR-13 AM
EDM13RPRMEd in Research PracticeP109-APR-13 AM
EDM13SUPMaster of Education in SUPERP109-APR-13 AM
EDM13TR1Master of EducationP109-APR-13 AM
EDM14MATMEd (PGCE-MEd) in MathsP101-AUG-12 AM
EDM14PRIMEd (PGCE-MEd) in Primary EdP101-AUG-12 AM
EDM14RPRMEd (PGCE-MEd) in Res PracticeP101-AUG-12 AM
EDM14SCIMEd (PGCE-MEd) in ScienceP101-AUG-12 AM
EDM14TR1Master of Educatn(PGCE-MEd)P101-AUG-12 AM
EDM15COUMEd (PACES) in CounsellingP101-AUG-12 AM
EDM15MATMEd (PACES) in MathsP101-AUG-12 AM
EDM15PRIMEd (PACES) in Primary EducP101-AUG-18 AM
EDM15RPRMEd (PACES) in Res PracticeP101-AUG-12 AM
EDM15SCIMEd (PACES) in ScienceP101-AUG-12 AM
EDM15TR1Master of Education (PACES)P101-AUG-12 AM
EDM16MSt Advanced Subject TeachingXX01-AUG-19 AM
EDM1TR1Master of EducationED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM2ACEMPhil in Education (ACE)P101-AUG-20 AM
EDM2CACMPhil in Education (CACL)P101-AUG-20 AM
EDM2COUMPhil in Education (COU)P101-AUG-20 AM
EDM2EDRMPhil in Education (EDR)P101-AUG-20 AM
EDM2EGIMPhil in Education (EGID)P101-OCT-20 AM
EDM2ELSMPhil in Education (ELI)P101-AUG-21 AM
EDM2KPPMPhil in Education (KPP)P101-AUG-20 AM
EDM2MATMPhil in Education (MAT)P101-AUG-20 AM
EDM2PDDMPhil in Education (PDD)P101-AUG-20 AM
EDM2PISMPhi in Education (PIS)P101-AUG-20 AM
EDM2PRIMPhil in Education (PRI)P101-AUG-20 AM
EDM2PSYMPhil in Education (PSY)P101-AUG-20 AM
EDM2RSLMPhil in Education (RSLE)P101-AUG-20 AM
EDM2TR1MPhil in Education (TR1)P101-AUG-20 AM
EDM3INRMPhil in Education (Research)P101-AUG-18 AM
EDM4Master of Education (Modular)ED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM4ACEMEd (Modular) in ACEED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM4CACMEd (Modular) in CALCED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM4COUMEd (Modular) in CounsellingED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM4EDRMEd (Modular) in Ed ResED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM4ELSMEd (Modular) in ELIED01-AUG-21 AM
EDM4MATMEd (Modular) in MathsED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM4PDDMEd (Modular) in PDDEED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM4PISMEd (Modular) in PISEED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM4PRIMEd (Modular) in Primary EdED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM4PSYMEd (Modular) in PsychologyED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM4RPRMEd (Modular)in 2 Yr Res PracED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM4RSLMEd (Modular) in RSLEED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM4SCIMEd (Modular) in ScienceED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM4TR1Master of Education (Modular)ED01-AUG-16 AM
EDM5TR1Master of Education(Research)ED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM6TR1Master of Education SupervisdED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM7HERMaster of Education (Herts)ED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM8ESSMaster of Education (Essex)ED01-AUG-16 AM
EDM9Master of Education (SUPER)ED01-JAN-11 AM
EDM9SUPMaster of Education (SUPER)ED01-JAN-11 AM
EDTXEducation TriposU101-AUG-15 AM
EDTXBSEducation Tripos w/Bio SciU101-AUG-07 AM
EDTXCLEducation Tripos with ClassicsU130-AUG-07 AM
EDTXDREducation Tripos w/ Eng/DramaU101-AUG-07 AM
EDTXELEducation Tripos with EnglishU101-AUG-07 AM
EDTXGEEducation Tripos w/ GeographyU101-AUG-07 AM
EDTXHSEducation Tripos with HistoryU101-AUG-07 AM
EDTXMAEducation Tripos w/MathematicsU101-AUG-17 AM
EDTXMLEducationTripos w/M. LangU101-AUG-07 AM
EDTXMUEducation Tripos with MusicU101-AUG-17 AM
EDTXPSEducation Tripos w/Phys SciU130-AUG-07 AM
EDTXTHEducation Tripos w/Relig StuU101-AUG-07 AM
EETXEd Studies TriposU101-AUG-11 AM
EETXBSEd Stud Tri (Rte 1 w/Bio Sci)U101-OCT-09 AM
EETXCLEd Stud Tri (Rte 1 w/Classics)U101-OCT-09 AM
EETXDREd Stud Tri (Rte 1 w/Eng & Dr)U101-OCT-09 AM
EETXELEd Stud Tri (Rte 1 w/English)U101-OCT-09 AM
EETXGEEd Stud Tri (Rte 1 w/Geog)U101-OCT-09 AM
EETXHSEd Stud Tri (Rte 1 w/History)U101-OCT-09 AM
EFCFPSCert. in Further Prof. StudyXX01-JAN-16 AM
EFCFPS2Cert. in Further Prof. StudyXX01-JAN-16 AM
EFCFPS3Cert. in Further Prof. StudyXX01-JAN-16 AM
EFPACESPG AdCert in Education StudiesCOS01-AUG-19 AM
EFPAESPG Award in Education StudiesCOS01-AUG-19 AM
EFPAESCEducation Studies: CounsellingCOS01-JAN-16 AM
EFPCEEPGCert in Educational EnquiryCOS01-JAN-16 AM
EFPCEE2PGCert in Educational EnquiryCOS01-JAN-16 AM
EFPCEE3PGCert in Educational EnquiryCOS01-JAN-16 AM
EFPCERPGCert in Educational ResearchCOS01-JAN-16 AM
EFPCER2PGCert in Educational ResearchCOS01-JAN-16 AM
EFPCER3PGCert in Educational ResearchCOS01-JAN-16 AM
EFPCESPG Cert in Education StudiesCOS01-AUG-19 AM
EFPCESNREducation StudiesCOS01-AUG-15 AM
EFPCPSPGCert of Professional StudyCOS01-JAN-16 AM
EFPCPS2PGCert of Professional StudyCOS01-JAN-16 AM
EFPCPS3PGCert of Professional StudyCOS01-JAN-16 AM
EFPCRCPGCert: Reflective CommentaryCOS02-AUG-10 AM
EFPCSDPGCert in Staff DevelopmentCOS01-JAN-16 AM
EFPCSD2PGCert in Staff DevelopmentCOS01-JAN-16 AM
EFPCSD3PGCert in Staff DevelopmentCOS01-JAN-16 AM
EFPDESPG Dip in Educational StudiesCOS01-AUG-19 AM
EFPDESCEducation Studies: CounsellingCOS01-JAN-16 AM
EFPDESCAEd. Studies:CAP CounsellingCOS01-AUG-18 AM
EFPRESCEducation Studies: CounsellingCOS01-AUG-12 AM
EG64PhD (by S.Regs) in EngineeringXX01-AUG-19 AM
EG84Engineering (Sc.D)XX01-JAN-01 AM
EGC4CPGS in EngineeringP201-AUG-18 AM
EGC6Engineering (taught)P201-AUG-14 AM
EGCAS5Chemical Engineering (A*STAR)P201-OCT-16 AM
EGCBChemEng & BioTech (VISI)XX01-AUG-21 AM
EGCB121NTBR in ChemEng&Biotech: MPhilP201-AUG-19 AM
EGCB122NTBR in Chemical EngineeringP201-AUG-20 AM
EGCB221NOTAF in BiotechnologyP220-MAY-21 AM
EGCB222NOTAF in Chemical EngineeringP201-AUG-20 AM
EGCB421MSc in BiotechnologyP201-AUG-18 AM
EGCB422MSc in Chemical EngineeringP201-AUG-20 AM
EGCB521PhD in BiotechnologyP220-MAY-21 AM
EGCB522PhD in Chemical EngineeringP201-AUG-19 AM
EGCBAS221NOTAF in Biotech. (A*STAR)P201-AUG-18 AM
EGCBAS222Chemical Engineering (A*STAR)P201-OCT-16 AM
EGCBAS521PhD in Biotechnology (A*STAR)P201-AUG-18 AM
EGCBAS522Chemical Engineering (A*STAR)P201-OCT-16 AM
EGCBBB221NOTAF in Biotechnology (BBSRC)P201-AUG-16 AM
EGCBBB521PhD in Biotechnology (BBSRC)P201-AUG-16 AM
EGCBCE224NOTAF in CE & PS (ChemEng&Bio)P201-AUG-20 AM
EGCBCE524PhD in CE & PS (ChemEng & Bio)P201-AUG-19 AM
EGCBEE224Chemical Engineering (CARES)P201-OCT-16 AM
EGCBEE524Chemical Engineering (CARES)P201-OCT-16 AM
EGCBGT224Chem Engineering (Graph Tech)P220-MAY-21 AM
EGCBGT524Chem Engineering (Graph Tech)P220-MAY-21 AM
EGCBIP224Chem Eng (IPhotonic&ElecSys)P201-OCT-16 AM
EGCBIP524Chem Eng (IPhotonic&ElecSys)P201-OCT-16 AM
EGCBM1MPhil in Bioscience EnterpriseP201-AUG-18 AM
EGCBM2MPhil in Chem Eng & BiotechP201-AUG-19 AM
EGCBM3MPhil in Advanced Chemical EngP201-AUG-19 AM
EGCBM4MPhil in BiotechnologyP201-AUG-19 AM
EGCBNH224NOTAF in Biotechnology (NIH)P201-AUG-18 AM
EGCBNH524PhD in Biotechnology (NIH)P201-AUG-18 AM
EGCBNN224NOTAF in Chem Eng (Nano 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
EGCBNN524PhD in Chem Eng (Nano 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
EGCBNT224Chemical Engineering (NT)P201-OCT-16 AM
EGCBNT524Chemical Engineering (NT)P201-OCT-16 AM
EGCBPD224Chemical Eng (Photonics SD)P201-OCT-16 AM
EGCBPD524Chemical Eng (Photonics SD)P201-OCT-16 AM
EGCBR1Sensor Technologies & ApplicatP201-OCT-16 AM
EGCBSE224Chem Engineering & Biotec(STA)P201-OCT-16 AM
EGCBSE524Chem Engineering & Biotec(STA)P201-OCT-16 AM
EGCBSY22NOTAF in SynTech (ChmEng)P201-AUG-20 AM
EGCBSY52PhD in SynTech (ChmEng)P201-AUG-20 AM
EGCBWC222Chemical Engineering (WTCliP)P201-AUG-21 AM
EGCBWC522Chemical Engineering (WTCliP)P201-OCT-16 AM
EGCNT5Chemical Engineering (NT)P201-OCT-16 AM
EGEGEngineering (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
EGEG12NTBR in EngineeringP201-AUG-19 AM
EGEG121Manufacturing: MStP209-APR-13 AM
EGEG122Engineering: MPhilP209-APR-13 AM
EGEG22NOTAF in EngineeringP201-AUG-21 AM
EGEG42EngineeringP209-APR-13 AM
EGEG52PhD in EngineeringP201-AUG-21 AM
EGEGAE224NOTAF in Aerosols ScienceP201-AUG-20 AM
EGEGAE524PhD in Aerosols ScienceP201-AUG-20 AM
EGEGAR224NOTAF in Agri-Food RoboticsP201-AUG-19 AM
EGEGAR524PhD in Agri-Food RoboticsP201-AUG-19 AM
EGEGAS22Engineering (A*STAR)P201-JAN-16 AM
EGEGAS52Engineering (A*STAR)P201-JAN-16 AM
EGEGBB22NOTAF in Engineering (BBSRC)P201-AUG-18 AM
EGEGBB52PhD in Engineering (BBSRC)P201-AUG-20 AM
EGEGCE224NOTAF in CE & PS (Engineering)P201-AUG-20 AM
EGEGCE524PhD in CE & PS (Engineering)P201-AUG-19 AM
EGEGCM224Engineering (SciComp EPSRCDTC)P201-AUG-15 AM
EGEGCM524Engineering (SciComp EPSRCDTC)P201-AUG-15 AM
EGEGED22NOTAF in AI4ER (Engineering)P201-AUG-18 AM
EGEGED52PhD in AI4ER (Engineering)P201-AUG-18 AM
EGEGFI224Engineering (CDT FIBE)P201-AUG-15 AM
EGEGFI524Engineering (Future I/st & BE)P201-AUG-15 AM
EGEGFP224NOTAF in F.Prop. & Power (Eng)P201-AUG-20 AM
EGEGFP524PhD in F.Prop. & Power (Eng)P201-AUG-19 AM
EGEGGT224Engineering (Graphene Tech)P220-MAY-21 AM
EGEGGT524Engineering (Graphene Tech)P220-MAY-21 AM
EGEGIP224Engineering (IPhotonc&EleSys)P201-OCT-15 AM
EGEGIP524Engineering (IPhotonc&EleSys)P201-AUG-15 AM
EGEGNE224Engineering (EPSRC CDT Nuc En)P201-AUG-15 AM
EGEGNE524Engineering (EPSRC CDT Nuc En)P201-AUG-15 AM
EGEGNF224NOTAF in NuclearEnergyFuturesP201-AUG-19 AM
EGEGNF524PhD in Nuclear Energy FuturesP201-AUG-19 AM
EGEGNH224NOTAF in Engineering (NIH)P201-AUG-20 AM
EGEGNH524PhD in Engineering (NIH)P201-AUG-20 AM
EGEGNN224NOTAF in Engineering (Nano1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
EGEGNN524PhD in Engineering (Nano 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
EGEGNT224Engineering (NT)P209-APR-13 AM
EGEGNT524Engineering (NT)P209-APR-13 AM
EGEGPD224Engineering (Photonics SD)P201-AUG-13 AM
EGEGPD524Engineering (Photonics SD)P201-AUG-14 AM
EGEGR10MRes in CE & PS (1yr course)P201-AUG-18 AM
EGEGR3MRes in FIBE (1+3 PhD)P201-AUG-21 AM
EGEGR4MRes in Graphene TechnologyP220-MAY-21 AM
EGEGR5Gas Turbine AerodynamicsP201-JAN-16 AM
EGEGR6Integr Photon & Elec SystemsP201-JAN-16 AM
EGEGR7Ultra Precision EngineeringP201-JAN-16 AM
EGEGR8MRes in Future Prop. & PowerP201-AUG-18 AM
EGEGR9MRes in CE & PS (1+3 PhD)P201-AUG-18 AM
EGEGSC224NOTAF in CM for MS (Engineeri)P201-AUG-18 AM
EGEGSC524PhD in CM for MS (Engineering)P201-AUG-18 AM
EGEGSE224Engineering (STA)P201-AUG-15 AM
EGEGSE524Engineering (STA)P201-AUG-15 AM
EGEGSY22NOTAF in SynTech (Engineering)P201-AUG-18 AM
EGEGSY52PhD in SynTech (Engineering)P201-AUG-20 AM
EGEGTA224Engineering (Gas Turb Aerody)P201-AUG-18 AM
EGEGTA524Engineering (Gas Turb Aerody)P201-AUG-18 AM
EGEGUE224Engineering (Ultra Precision)P201-AUG-18 AM
EGEGUE524Engineering (Ultra Precision)P201-AUG-15 AM
EGEGUP224Engineering (Ultra Precision)P201-JAN-16 AM
EGEGUP524Engineering (Ultra Precision)P201-JAN-16 AM
EGEGWC22NOTAF in Engineering (WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
EGEGWC52PhD in Engineering (WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
EGM10MPhil in Nuclear EnergyP201-AUG-20 AM
EGM13MSt Construction EngineeringXX01-AUG-19 AM
EGM14Machine Learning & Machine IntP201-AUG-19 AM
EGM2MPhil in Eng, for Sust.DevelopP201-AUG-19 AM
EGM5MPhil in Engineering (Thesis)P201-AUG-19 AM
EGM6MPhil in Ind.Systms, Manu&MngP201-AUG-20 AM
EGM9MPhil in Energy TechnologiesP201-AUG-20 AM
EGR12Photonics System Dev (UCL)P201-AUG-14 AM
EGR2Integr Photon & Elec Sys (1yr)P201-JAN-16 AM
EGTXEngineering TriposU2B01-AUG-07 AM
EL11NTBR in EnglishP101-AUG-19 AM
EL21NOTAF in EnglishP101-AUG-19 AM
EL31MLitt in EnglishP101-AUG-19 AM
EL51PhD in EnglishP101-AUG-19 AM
EL64PhD (by Spec Regs) in EnglishXX01-AUG-19 AM
EL74Litt.D in EnglishXX01-AUG-19 AM
ELASA.Saxon, Norse & Celtic (VISI)XX01-AUG-21 AM
ELAS11NTBR in Anglo-Saxon, N & CP101-AUG-19 AM
ELAS21NOTAF in Anglo-Saxon, N & CP101-AUG-20 AM
ELAS31MLitt in Anglo-Saxon, N & CP101-AUG-20 AM
ELAS51PhD in Anglo-Saxon, N & CP101-AUG-20 AM
ELC1CPGS in EnglishP101-AUG-18 AM
ELM1MPhil in Medieval & Ren. Lit.P101-AUG-20 AM
ELM10MPhil in Digital HumanitiesP101-AUG-21 AM
ELM2MPhil in English StudiesP101-AUG-19 AM
ELM2AEnglish Studies: 18th CenturyP101-AUG-11 AM
ELM2BEnglish Studies: CriticismP101-AUG-11 AM
ELM2CEnglish Studies: Modern LitP101-AUG-11 AM
ELM4MPhil in American LiteratureP101-AUG-20 AM
ELM6MPhil in English StudiesP101-AUG-20 AM
ELM7MSt in Creative WritingXX01-AUG-19 AM
ELM8Crime and Thriller WritingXX01-AUG-18 AM
ELM9MSt in Writing for PerformanceCOS01-AUG-19 AM
ELM9XMSt in Writing for PerformanceCOS01-AUG-19 AM
ELTXEnglish TriposU101-AUG-07 AM
ERAS-GRADErasmus Student ExchangeXX01-JAN-01 AM
FYC1Foundation Year in the AH&SSU101-AUG-21 AM
GEM10MPhil in Conservation LdershipP201-AUG-20 AM
GEM6MPhil in Geographical ResearchP101-AUG-19 AM
GEM7MPhil in Polar StudiesP101-AUG-18 AM
GETXGeographical TriposU2A01-AUG-07 AM
GGC1CPGS in Geography (Arts)P101-AUG-18 AM
GGC2CPGS in Geography (Science)P201-AUG-18 AM
GMPGC601Genomic MedicineCOS01-AUG-19 AM
GMPGD601Genomic MedicineCOS01-AUG-14 AM
GMPGD602Genomic MedicineCOS01-AUG-19 AM
HADXDip Consn Easel PaintingsP201-OCT-08 AM
HAPGC601PGC Hist of Art & Vis CulCOS01-AUG-20 AM
HATXHistory of Art TriposU101-AUG-07 AM
HDDDDoctor of Divinity Hon DegreeXX01-JAN-01 AM
HDLITTDDoctor of Letters Hon DegreeXX01-JAN-01 AM
HDLLDDoctor of Law Hon DegreeXX01-JAN-01 AM
HDMAMaster of Arts Hon DegreeXX01-JAN-01 AM
HDMEDSCDoctor of Medical Science HonDXX01-MAR-12 AM
HDMUSDDoctor of Music Hon DegreeXX01-JAN-01 AM
HDPGC601Healthcare DataCOS31-JUL-20 AM
HDPGD601Healthcare DataCOS01-AUG-20 AM
HDPGD602Healthcare DataCOS01-AUG-20 AM
HDSCDDoctor of Science Hon DegreeXX01-JAN-01 AM
HMLTXHistory and Mod Lang TriposU101-AUG-17 AM
HP64PhD (by SRegs) in H&PoScienceXX01-AUG-19 AM
HP74Hist and Phil of Sci (Litt.D)XX30-SEP-54 AM
HPHP11NTBR in History & PoScienceP101-AUG-20 AM
HPHP111NTBR in History & PoSci: MPhilP101-AUG-20 AM
HPHP21NOTAF in History & PoScienceP101-AUG-20 AM
HPHP31MLitt in History & PoScienceP101-AUG-20 AM
HPHP51PhD in History & PoScienceP101-AUG-20 AM
HPM3MPhil in History & PoSci & MedP101-AUG-20 AM
HPM4MPhil in Health, Med,& SocietyP101-AUG-20 AM
HPOTXHistory & Politics TriposU101-AUG-15 AM
HPTXHum, Soc & Pol Sciences TriposU101-OCT-18 AM
HSHistory (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
HS11NTBR in HistoryP101-AUG-19 AM
HS111NTBR Historical Studies: MPhilP101-AUG-19 AM
HS112NTBR Medieval History: MPhilP101-AUG-19 AM
HS113NTBR ModernEuropeanHist: MPhilP101-AUG-18 AM
HS21NOTAF in HistoryP101-AUG-19 AM
HS31MLitt in HistoryP101-AUG-19 AM
HS51PhD in HistoryP101-AUG-19 AM
HS64PhD (by Spec. Regs) in HistoryXX01-AUG-19 AM
HS74Litt.D in HistoryXX01-AUG-19 AM
HSC1CPGS in HistoryP101-AUG-18 AM
HSM1MPhil in Medieval HistoryP101-AUG-19 AM
HSM11MPhil in World HistoryP101-AUG-19 AM
HSM12MPhil in American HistoryP101-AUG-19 AM
HSM13MPhil Modern British HistoryP101-AUG-19 AM
HSM14MSt in HistoryXX01-AUG-19 AM
HSM3MPhil in Historical StudiesP101-AUG-19 AM
HSM4MPhil in Pol Thought & Int HisP101-AUG-20 AM
HSM5MPhil in Economic & SocHistoryP101-AUG-20 AM
HSM6MPhil in Mod. European HistoryP101-AUG-20 AM
HSM7MPhil in Early Modern HistoryP101-AUG-20 AM
HSPGD601HistoryCOS01-AUG-13 AM
HSTXHistorical TriposU101-AUG-07 AM
HUAA74Arch & Anth (Litt.D)XX01-AUG-11 AM
HUAA84Arch & Anth (Sc.D)XX01-AUG-11 AM
HUACArchaeology (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
HUAC11NTBR in ArchaeologyP101-AUG-19 AM
HUAC111NTBR in Archaeology: MPhilP101-AUG-19 AM
HUAC21NOTAF in ArchaeologyP101-AUG-19 AM
HUAC31MLitt in ArchaeologyP101-AUG-19 AM
HUAC51PhD in ArchaeologyP101-AUG-19 AM
HUAC64PhD (Spec Regs) in ArchaeologyXX01-AUG-19 AM
HUACED22NOTAF in AI4ER (Arch & Anth)P201-AUG-18 AM
HUACED52PhD in AI4ER (Arch & Anth)P201-AUG-18 AM
HUACM1MPhil in ArchaeologyP101-AUG-19 AM
HUACM2MPhil in Archaeologicl RsearchP101-AUG-20 AM
HUACM4MPhil in AssyriologyP101-AUG-19 AM
HUACM5MPhil in EgyptologyP101-AUG-18 AM
HUACM6Historic EnvironmentP101-AUG-19 AM
HUACM7MPhil in Heritage StudiesP101-AUG-18 AM
HUACM8MPhil in ArchaeologicalScienceP101-AUG-19 AM
HUASM1MPhil in African StudiesP101-AUG-19 AM
HUBA12NTBR in BiologicalAnthropologyP201-AUG-20 AM
HUBA22NOTAF Biological AnthropologyP201-AUG-20 AM
HUBA42MSc in Biological AnthropologyP201-AUG-20 AM
HUBA52PhD in Biological AnthropologyP201-AUG-20 AM
HUBAM2MPhil in Appld Bio. Anthro.P201-AUG-20 AM
HUBAM3MPhil in Bio. Anthro. ScienceP201-AUG-20 AM
HUBAM4MPhil in Human Evolu. StudiesP201-AUG-20 AM
HUCAM1MPhil in Mod. S.Asian StudiesP101-AUG-20 AM
HUDEDevelopment Studies (VISI)XX01-AUG-21 AM
HUDE11NTBR in Development StudiesP101-AUG-20 AM
HUDE21NOTAF in Development StudiesP101-AUG-20 AM
HUDE31MLitt in Development StudiesP101-AUG-20 AM
HUDE51PhD in Development StudiesP101-AUG-20 AM
HUDE64PhD (SRegs) in D'ment StudiesXX01-AUG-19 AM
HUDEM1MPhil in Development StudiesP101-AUG-20 AM
HULA11NTBR in Latin American StudiesP101-AUG-18 AM
HULA21NOTAF Latin American StudiesP101-AUG-18 AM
HULA31MLitt Latin American StudiesP101-AUG-18 AM
HULA51PhD in Latin American StudiesP101-AUG-18 AM
HULA64PhD (SR) in L-AmericanStudiesXX01-AUG-19 AM
HULAM1MPhil Latin American StudiesP101-AUG-18 AM
HULAM2Latin American Studies (by T)P101-AUG-19 AM
HUPI21NOTAF in Politics & IntStudiesP101-AUG-19 AM
HUPI212NOTAF in M-D Gender StudiesP101-AUG-19 AM
HUPI31MLitt in Politics & In.StudiesP101-AUG-17 AM
HUPI51PhD in Politics & Int. StudiesP101-AUG-19 AM
HUPI512PhD in M-D Gender StudiesP101-AUG-19 AM
HUPI64PhD (by SpecRegs) in POLISXX01-AUG-19 AM
HUPIC1CPGS International RelationsP101-AUG-17 AM
HUPIM1International Relations (A)P101-AUG-16 AM
HUPIM10MPhil Politics & Int. StudiesP101-AUG-19 AM
HUPIM3International Relations & PolsP101-AUG-18 AM
HUPIM7MPhil in Public PolicyP101-AUG-18 AM
HUPIM8MPhil in M-D Gender StudiesP101-AUG-19 AM
HUPIM9MSt in International RelationsXX01-AUG-19 AM
HUPY21Social & Developmental PsycholP109-APR-13 AM
HUPY51Social & Developmental PsycholP109-APR-13 AM
HUSASocial Anthropology (VISI)XX01-AUG-21 AM
HUSA11NTBR in Social AnthropologyP101-AUG-19 AM
HUSA21NOTAF in Social AnthropologyP101-AUG-19 AM
HUSA31MLitt in Social AnthropologyP101-AUG-19 AM
HUSA51PhD in Social AnthropologyP101-AUG-19 AM
HUSAM2MPhil in Social AnthropologyP101-AUG-19 AM
HUSAM3MPhil in SocialAnthro ResearchP101-AUG-19 AM
HUSAR1MRes in Social AnthropologyP101-AUG-19 AM
HUSCSociology (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
HUSC11NTBR in SociologyP101-AUG-18 AM
HUSC21NOTAF in SociologyP101-AUG-21 AM
HUSC31MLitt in SociologyP101-AUG-18 AM
HUSC51PhD in SociologyP101-AUG-21 AM
HUSC64PhD (by SpecRegs) in SociologyXX01-AUG-19 AM
HUSCM1Modern Society & Global TransfP109-APR-13 AM
HUSCM2MPhil in SociologyP101-AUG-18 AM
IRPGC601International RelationsCOS01-AUG-13 AM
IRPGD601International RelationsCOS01-AUG-13 AM
LE64PhD (SpecRegs) in Land EconomyXX01-AUG-19 AM
LE74Land Economy (Litt.D)XX01-JAN-01 AM
LEGCPGSCert of Postgraduate StudyXX01-AUG-09 AM
LEGMSCMaster of ScienceXX01-JAN-01 AM
LEGNOTAFNot at First Registered RsrchXX01-OCT-05 AM
LELELand Economy (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
LELE11NTBR in Land EconomyP101-AUG-20 AM
LELE21NOTAF in Land EconomyP101-AUG-18 AM
LELE31MLitt in Land EconomyP101-AUG-18 AM
LELE51PhD in Land EconomyP101-AUG-18 AM
LELEED22NOTAF in AI4ER (Land Economy)P201-AUG-18 AM
LELEED52PhD iin AI4ER (Land Economy)P201-AUG-18 AM
LEM2MPhil in Environmental PolicyP101-AUG-18 AM
LEM3MPhil in Planning Growth & RegP101-AUG-20 AM
LEM4MPhil in Real Estate FinanceP201-AUG-18 AM
LEM5MPhil in Land EconomyP101-AUG-18 AM
LEM6MPhil in Land Economy ResearchP101-AUG-20 AM
LEM7MSt in Real EstateXX01-AUG-19 AM
LEPGD601Real EstateCOS01-AUG-20 AM
LETXLand Economy TriposU101-AUG-07 AM
LLDDoctor of LawXX01-JAN-01 AM
LLDILittD Degree by IncorporationXX01-JAN-01 AM
LLMRMaster of LawXX01-JAN-01 AM
LNTXLinguistics TriposU101-AUG-18 AM
LWLaw (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
LW11NTBR in LawP101-AUG-20 AM
LW21NOTAF in LawP101-AUG-18 AM
LW31MLitt in LawP101-AUG-18 AM
LW51PhD in LawP101-AUG-18 AM
LW64PhD (by Special Regs.) in LawXX01-AUG-18 AM
LW74Law (Litt.D)XX01-JAN-01 AM
LWC1CPGS in Legal StudiesP101-AUG-18 AM
LWCR11NTBR in CriminologyP101-AUG-20 AM
LWCR21NOTAF in CriminologyP101-AUG-18 AM
LWCR31MLitt in CriminologyP101-AUG-18 AM
LWCR51PhD in CriminologyP101-AUG-18 AM
LWD4PG Diploma in Legal StudiesP101-AUG-19 AM
LWD5PG Dip in International LawP101-AUG-19 AM
LWDILLD Degree by IncorporationXX01-JAN-01 AM
LWM1Master of LawP101-AUG-16 AM
LWM2Master of Corporate LawP101-AUG-16 AM
LWPGC601Applied Crim, Pen & ManagementCOS01-AUG-20 AM
LWPGC602Applied Crim & Police ManagCOS01-AUG-13 AM
LWPGD601App. Crim, Penology & MgmtCOS01-AUG-13 AM
LWPGD602App. Criminology & Police MgmtCOS01-AUG-13 AM
LWTXLaw TriposU101-AUG-07 AM
LWTXPLaw Double MaitriseU121-MAR-14 AM
LWTXPELaw DM - 2nd yr ErasmusU121-MAR-14 AM
MA64PhD (SpecRegs) in MathematicsXX01-AUG-19 AM
MA74Mathematics (Litt.D)XX01-JAN-01 AM
MA84Mathematics (Sc.D)XX01-JAN-01 AM
MAAMApplied Maths & TheoPhy (VISI)XX01-AUG-21 AM
MAAM11NTBR in Applied Maths and TPP101-AUG-19 AM
MAAM21NOTAF in Applied Maths & TPP101-AUG-19 AM
MAAM211Applied Mathematics at CCAP101-AUG-13 AM
MAAM212Maths of Info. (CDT; DAMTP)P101-AUG-18 AM
MAAM214Applied Mathematics at CCAP130-JUN-14 AM
MAAM31MLitt in Applied Maths & TPP101-AUG-19 AM
MAAM41MSc in Mathematics at CCAP101-AUG-19 AM
MAAM42MSc in Applied Maths & TPP101-AUG-19 AM
MAAM51PhD in Applied Maths & TPP101-AUG-19 AM
MAAM511Applied Mathematics at CCAP101-AUG-13 AM
MAAM512Maths of Info. (CDT; DAMTP)P101-AUG-18 AM
MAAM514Applied Mathematics at CCAP130-JUN-14 AM
MAAMBB21Applied Maths and TP (BBSRC)P101-AUG-17 AM
MAAMBB51Applied Maths and TP (BBSRC)P101-AUG-15 AM
MAAMED22NOTAF in AI4ER (AM & TPhysics)P201-AUG-20 AM
MAAMM1MPhil in Mathematics @ DAMTPP101-AUG-19 AM
MAAMMG224NOTAF in App. Maths & TP (1+3)P201-AUG-19 AM
MAAMMG524PhD in App. Maths & TP (1+3)P201-AUG-18 AM
MAAMR1MRes in Math.Genomics & MedP201-AUG-19 AM
MAAMR2MRes Informed Design SM (1+3)P201-AUG-18 AM
MAAMST224NOTAF in App. Maths & TP (1+3)P201-AUG-19 AM
MAAMST524PhD in App. Maths & TP (1+3)P201-AUG-19 AM
MAAMXX224Mathematical Genomics and MedP209-APR-13 AM
MAAMXX524Mathematical Genomics and MedP201-AUG-14 AM
MAM2MPhil in Computational BiologyP201-AUG-20 AM
MAPMPure Maths & Math Stats (VISI)XX01-AUG-21 AM
MAPM11NTBR in Pure Maths & MathStatsP101-AUG-19 AM
MAPM21NOTAF in PureMaths & MathStatsP101-AUG-19 AM
MAPM211NOTAF in Pure Maths @ CCAP101-AUG-19 AM
MAPM212Maths of Info. (CDT; DPMMS)P101-AUG-18 AM
MAPM214NOTAF in Pure Maths @ CCAP101-AUG-19 AM
MAPM31MLitt in PureMaths & MathStatsP101-AUG-19 AM
MAPM41MSc in Mathematics @ CCAP101-AUG-19 AM
MAPM42MSc in Pure Maths & Math StatsP101-AUG-19 AM
MAPM51PhD in Pure Maths & Math StatsP101-AUG-19 AM
MAPM511PhD in Pure Mathematics @ CCAP101-AUG-19 AM
MAPM512Maths of Info. (CDT; DPMMS)P101-AUG-18 AM
MAPM514PhD in Pure Mathematics @ CCAP101-AUG-19 AM
MAPMED22NOTAF in AI4ER (Pure Maths)P201-AUG-20 AM
MAPMED52PhD in AI4ER (Pure Maths)P201-AUG-18 AM
MAPMM1MPhil in Maths @ DPMMSP101-AUG-19 AM
MAPMMG224NOTAF in Pure Maths & MS (1+3)P201-AUG-19 AM
MAPMMG524PhD in Pure Maths & MS (1+3)P201-AUG-19 AM
MASAMAST in Applied MathematicsU2M01-AUG-16 AM
MASASMAST in AstrophysicsU2B01-AUG-16 AM
MASESMASt in Earth SciencesP201-AUG-18 AM
MASMMMAST in Materials ScienceU2B20-MAY-21 AM
MASPMAST in Pure MathematicsU2M01-AUG-16 AM
MASSMAST in Mathematical StatisticU2M01-AUG-16 AM
MASTPMAST in PhysicsU2B01-AUG-16 AM
MASTRMaster of Advanced Study in MaXX01-AUG-09 AM
MATXMathematical TriposU2M01-AUG-07 AM
MD64PhD (by Spec.Regs) in MedicineXX01-AUG-19 AM
MD641Doctor of Medicine (spec regs)XX01-AUG-12 AM
MD642Doctor of Medicine (Outside)XX01-AUG-14 AM
MD72Doctor of MedicineP201-AUG-19 AM
MD84Clin Med & Clin Vet Med (Sc.D)XX01-JAN-01 AM
MD841Doctor of Med Sc (Med.Sc.D)XX15-FEB-12 AM
MDAP12NTBR Med. Science @ MRC CBSUP201-AUG-17 AM
MDAP22NOTAF Med. Science @ MRC CBSUP220-MAY-21 AM
MDAP42MSc Medical Science @ MRC CBSUP201-AUG-17 AM
MDAP52PhD Medical Science @ MRC CBSUP220-MAY-21 AM
MDAPM1MPhil Med. Science @ MRC CBSUP220-MAY-21 AM
MDAPWC22MedScience @ MRC CBSU (WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDAPWC52MedScience @ MRC CBSU (WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDBI22Biostatistics @ MRC BiostatsP201-DEC-16 AM
MDBI41Biostatistics @ Pure MathsP101-DEC-16 AM
MDBI52Biostatistics @ MRC BiostatsP201-DEC-16 AM
MDBIM1MPhil in MedSci @ MRC BiostatsP220-MAY-21 AM
MDBIMA12Pure Mathematics @MRC BiostatsP201-DEC-16 AM
MDBIMA21Pure Mathematics @MRC BiostatsP101-DEC-16 AM
MDBIMA22Pure Mathematics @MRC BiostatsP201-DEC-16 AM
MDBIMA51Pure Mathematics @MRC BiostatsP101-DEC-16 AM
MDBIMA52Pure Mathematics @MRC BiostatsP201-DEC-16 AM
MDBIMAM1Mathematics @ MRC BSUP101-DEC-16 AM
MDBIMD22Medical Science @ MRC BiostatsP220-MAY-21 AM
MDBIMD52Medical Science @ MRC BiostatsP220-MAY-21 AM
MDBIXX224Biostatistics @ MRC BSU (MGM)P201-DEC-16 AM
MDBIXX524Biostatistics @ MRC BSU (MGM)P201-DEC-16 AM
MDBXFinal MB ExamU301-AUG-13 AM
MDCBClinical Biochemistry (VISI)XX01-AUG-21 AM
MDCB12Clinical BiochemistryP209-APR-13 AM
MDCB121Med Sci (Clin Biochem): MPhilP209-APR-13 AM
MDCB13Clinical BiochemistryP309-APR-13 AM
MDCB22Clinical BiochemistryP201-AUG-18 AM
MDCB23Clinical BiochemistryP309-APR-13 AM
MDCB42Clinical BiochemistryP209-APR-13 AM
MDCB43Clinical BiochemistryP309-APR-13 AM
MDCB52Clinical BiochemistryP201-AUG-18 AM
MDCB53Clinical BiochemistryP309-APR-13 AM
MDCBBB22NOTAF Clinical Biochem (BBSRC)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDCBBB52PhD in ClinicalBiochem (BBSRC)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDCBCR224NOTAF in Clin. Biochem (1+3)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDCBCR524Clinical BiochemistryP220-MAY-21 AM
MDCBII224Clinical BiochemistryP209-APR-13 AM
MDCBII524Clinical BiochemistryP209-APR-13 AM
MDCBM1Medical Science (Clin Biochem)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDCBMC224Clinical BiochemistryP220-MAY-21 AM
MDCBMC524Clinical BiochemistryP220-MAY-21 AM
MDCBMI22MedImmune @ Clinical BiochemisP220-MAY-21 AM
MDCBMI52MedImmune @ Clinical BiochemisP220-MAY-21 AM
MDCBMR22Clinical Biochemistry (CIMR)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDCBMR224Clinical BiochemistryP220-MAY-21 AM
MDCBMR52Clinical Biochemistry (CIMR)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDCBMR524Clinical BiochemistryP220-MAY-21 AM
MDCBMRM1Medical Sc (Clin Biochem,CIMR)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDCBNH224NOTAF in ClinicalBiochem (NIH)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDCBNH524PhD in Clinical Biochem (NIH)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDCBOM224Clinical BiochemistryP209-APR-13 AM
MDCBOM524Clinical BiochemistryP209-APR-13 AM
MDCBR1Med Sci (Metabolic and Cardio)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDCBR2Med Sci (Obesity & Metabolic)P201-AUG-14 AM
MDCBWC22NOTAF in Clin Biochem (WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDCBWC52PhD in Clin Biochem (WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDCI22CRUKCI PhD ProgrammeP220-MAY-21 AM
MDCI52Medical Science @ CRUKCIP220-MAY-21 AM
MDCIM1CRUKCI MPhil ProgrammeP220-MAY-21 AM
MDCIMG224NOTAF in Medical Science@ CRUKP201-AUG-18 AM
MDCIMG524PhD in Medical Science at CRUKP201-AUG-18 AM
MDCINH224Medical Science @ CRUKCI (NIH)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDCINH524Medical Science @ CRUKCI (NIH)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDCIST224Medical Sc @ CRUKCI (StemC)P201-AUG-16 AM
MDCIST524Medical Sc @ CRUKCI (StemC)P201-AUG-16 AM
MDCIWC22Med Science @ CRUKCI (WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDCIWC52Med Science @ CRUKCI (WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDCIXX224Medical Science @ CRUKCI (MGM)P201-AUG-13 AM
MDCIXX524Medical Science @ CRUKCI (MGM)P201-AUG-13 AM
MDCIXXM1Medical Science @ CRUKCI (MGM)P201-AUG-13 AM
MDCU22NOTAF in Med Science @ MRC CUP220-MAY-21 AM
MDCU52PhD in Med Science @ MRC CUP220-MAY-21 AM
MDCUM1MPhil in Med Science @ MRC CUP220-MAY-21 AM
MDCUNH524PhD in MedSci @ MRC CU (NIH)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDCUSE224NOTAF in Medical Science (STA)P201-AUG-18 AM
MDCUSE524PhD in Medical Science (STA)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDCUST224Medical Sc @ MRC CU (StemC)P201-OCT-13 AM
MDCUST524Medical Sc @ MRC CU (StemC)P201-OCT-13 AM
MDDIMD Degree by IncorporationXX01-JAN-01 AM
MDDN12NTBR MedicalSciences @ MRC MBUP201-AUG-20 AM
MDDN22NOTAF MedicalSciences @MRC MBUP220-MAY-21 AM
MDDN42MSc Medical Sciences @ MRC MBUP201-AUG-17 AM
MDDN52PhD Medical Sciences @ MRC MBUP220-MAY-21 AM
MDDNAG524PhD Medical Sciences @ MRC MBUP201-AUG-17 AM
MDDNM1MPhil MedicalSciences @MRC MBUP220-MAY-21 AM
MDDNMC224NOTAF MedicalSciences @MRC MBUP220-MAY-21 AM
MDDNMC524PhD Medical Sciences @ MRC MBUP220-MAY-21 AM
MDDNNH224Medical Sci @ MRC MBU (NIH)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDDNNH524PhD MedicalSci @ MRC MBU (NIH)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDDQDoctor of Medicine (MD)XX01-JAN-01 AM
MDEU22Medical Science @ MRC EpidemP220-MAY-21 AM
MDEU52Medical Science @ MRC EpidemP220-MAY-21 AM
MDEUM1Medical Science @ MRC EpidemP220-MAY-21 AM
MDEUMC224Med Sci @MRC Epid (Met&Cardio)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDEUMC524Med Sci @MRC Epid (Met&Cardio)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDEUWC22Med Sc @ MRC Epidem (WTCliP)P201-AUG-21 AM
MDEUWC52Med Sc @ MRC Epidem (WTCliP)P201-AUG-15 AM
MDGXGraduate Medical CourseU301-AUG-13 AM
MDHM12NTBR in Haematology (Science)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDHM13NTBR in Haematology (Clinical)P301-AUG-20 AM
MDHM22NOTAF in Haematology (Science)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDHM23NOTAF in Haematology (Clin.)P301-AUG-18 AM
MDHM42MSc in Haematology (Science)P201-AUG-18 AM
MDHM43MSc in Haematology (Clinical)P301-AUG-18 AM
MDHM52PhD in Haematology (Science)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDHM53PhD in Haematology (Clinical)P301-AUG-18 AM
MDHMCB224NOTAF in Cancer Biology (Haem)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDHMCB524PhD in Cancer Biology (Haem)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDHMCR224NOTAF in Haematology (CR 1+3)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDHMCR524PhD in Haematology (Cardio.)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDHMII224NOTAF in Haematology (1+3)P201-AUG-18 AM
MDHMII524PhD in Haematology (1+3)P201-AUG-18 AM
MDHMM1Medical Science (Haematology)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDHMMR22NOTAF in Haematology (CIMR)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDHMMR224NOTAF in Haematology (1+3)P201-AUG-18 AM
MDHMMR52PhD in Haematology (CIMR)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDHMMR524PhD in Haematology (1+3)P201-AUG-18 AM
MDHMMRM1Medical Sc (Haematology,CIMR)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDHMNH224NOTAF in Haematology (NIH)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDHMNH524PhD in Haematology (NIH)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDHMST224NOTAF in Haematology (1+3)P201-AUG-18 AM
MDHMST524PhD in Haematology (1+3)P201-AUG-18 AM
MDHMWC22NOTAF in Haematology (WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDHMWC52PhD in Haematology (WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMB22Clinical School MBPhD ProgrameP201-AUG-18 AM
MDMDMedicine (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
MDMD12NTBR in Medicine (Science)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDMD13NTBR in Medicine (Clinical)P301-AUG-20 AM
MDMD22NOTAF in Medicine (Science)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMD220NOTAF in Infection & ImmunityP201-AUG-19 AM
MDMD23NOTAF in Medicine (Clinical)P320-MAY-21 AM
MDMD42MSc in Medicine (Science)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDMD43MSc in Medicine (Clinical)P301-AUG-19 AM
MDMD52PhD in Medicine (Science)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMD520PhD in Infection & ImmunityP201-AUG-19 AM
MDMD53PhD in Medicine (Clinical)P320-MAY-21 AM
MDMDCR224NOTAF in Medicine (Cardio 1+3)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMDCR524PhD in Medicine (Cardio 1+3)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMDII224MedicineP218-APR-13 AM
MDMDII524MedicineP218-APR-13 AM
MDMDM1MPhil in Med Sci (Medicine)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMDM6MPhil in Transl. Biomed RschP201-AUG-20 AM
MDMDMC224NOTAF in Medicine (MDCBR1 1+3)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMDMC524PhD in Medicine (MDCBR1 1+3)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMDMG224NOTAF in Medicine (1+3 MAAMR1)P201-AUG-18 AM
MDMDMG524PhD in Medicine (1+3 MAAMR1)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDMDMI22NOTAF in Medicine (MedImmune)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMDMI52PhD in Medicine (MedImmune)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMDMR22NOTAF in Medicine (CIMR; 1+3)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMDMR224NOTAF in Medicine (MDMRR2 1+3)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMDMR52PhD in Medicine (CIMR; 1+3)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMDMR524PhD in Medicine (MDMRR2 1+3)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMDMRM1Medical Sc (Medicine,CIMR)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMDNH224NOTAF in Medicine (NIH)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMDNH524PhD in Medicine (NIH)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMDR3MRes in Med Sci (Cardio. Res)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMDST224NOTAF in Medicine (SCBio 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDMDST524PhD in Medicine (SCBio 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDMDWC22NOTAF in Medicine (WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMDWC52PhD in Medicine (WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMG12NTBR in Medical Genetics (Sci)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDMG13NTBR in Medical Genetics(Clin)P301-AUG-20 AM
MDMG22NOTAF in Medical Genetics(Sci)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDMG23NOTAF in Medical Genetics(ClinP301-AUG-18 AM
MDMG42MSc in Medical Genetics (Sci)P201-AUG-18 AM
MDMG43MSc in Medical Genetics (Clin)P301-AUG-18 AM
MDMG52PhD in Medical Genetics (Sci)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDMG53PhD in Medical Genetics (Clin)P301-AUG-18 AM
MDMGII224NOTAF in Medical Genetics(Sci)P201-AUG-18 AM
MDMGII524PhD in Medical Genetics (1+3)P201-AUG-18 AM
MDMGM1MPhil in MedSci (Med.Genetics)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMGM2MPhil in Genomic MedicineP201-AUG-19 AM
MDMGMR22Medical Genetics (CIMR)P209-APR-13 AM
MDMGMR224NOTAF in Medical Genetics(1+3)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMGMR52Medical Genetics (CIMR)P209-APR-13 AM
MDMGMR524PhD in Medical Genetics (1+3)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMGMRM1Medical Sc (Med Genetics,CIMR)P209-APR-13 AM
MDMGMRWC22Med. Genetics @ CIMR (WTCLiP)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMGMRWC52Med. Genetics @ CIMR (WTCLiP)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMGNH224NOTAF in Med. Genetics (NIH)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDMGNH524PhD in Medical Genetics (NIH)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDMR22NOTAF in Medical Sci. @ CIMRP220-MAY-21 AM
MDMR52PhD in Medical Sci. @ CIMRP220-MAY-21 AM
MDMRII224Medical Science @ CIMRP201-AUG-13 AM
MDMRII524Medical Science @ CIMRP201-AUG-13 AM
MDMRM2MPhil in Medical Sci. @ CIMRP220-MAY-21 AM
MDMRMR224Med Sci (CIMR 4yrs Programme)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMRMR524Med Sci (CIMR 4yrs Programme)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMRNH224NOTAF in Med Sci @ CIMR (NIH)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMRNH524PhD in Med Sci @ CIMR (NIH)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMRR1Med Sci (Infection + Immunity)P201-AUG-14 AM
MDMRR2MRes in MedSci (CIMR 1+3 PhD)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMRR3Med Sci (Infec+Immun+Inflam)P201-AUG-14 AM
MDMRWC22Med Research @CIMR (WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMRWC52Med Research @CIMR (WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDMRXX224Medical Science @ CIMR (MGM)P201-AUG-13 AM
MDMRXX524Medical Science @ CIMR (MGM)P201-AUG-13 AM
MDNH224NIH-Cambridge Scholars ProgramP201-AUG-12 AM
MDNSNeuroscience (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
MDNS12NTBR in Clinical NeurosciencesP201-AUG-19 AM
MDNS22NOTAF in ClinicalNeurosciencesP220-MAY-21 AM
MDNS23NOTAF in ClinicalNeurosciencesP301-AUG-19 AM
MDNS42MSc in Clinical NeurosciencesP201-AUG-17 AM
MDNS52PhD in Clinical NeurosciencesP220-MAY-21 AM
MDNS53PhD in Clinical NeurosciencesP301-AUG-19 AM
MDNSBB22NOTAF in C. Neurosci (BBSRC)P201-AUG-18 AM
MDNSBB52PhD in C. Neurosci (BBSRC)P201-AUG-18 AM
MDNSM2Medical Science (ClinNeurSci)P209-APR-13 AM
MDNSMI22Clinical Neurosci (Medimmune)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDNSMI52Clinical Neurosci (MedImmune)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDNSMR22Clinical Neurosciences (CIMR)P209-APR-13 AM
MDNSMR224Clinical NeurosciencesP220-MAY-21 AM
MDNSMR52Clinical Neurosciences (CIMR)P209-APR-13 AM
MDNSMR524Clinical NeurosciencesP209-APR-13 AM
MDNSMRM1Medical Sc (ClinNeurSci,CIMR)P209-APR-13 AM
MDNSNH224Clinical Neurosciences (NIH)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDNSNH524Clinical Neurosciences (NIH)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDNSST224Clinical Neurosciences (StemC)P201-AUG-13 AM
MDNSST524Clinical Neurosciences (StemC)P201-AUG-13 AM
MDNSWC22Clinical Neurosciences(WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDNSWC52Clinical Neurosciences(WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDOG12Obstetrics and GynaecologyP209-APR-13 AM
MDOG13Obstetrics and GynaecologyP309-APR-13 AM
MDOG22NOTAF in Obs & GynaecologyP201-AUG-21 AM
MDOG23Obstetrics and GynaecologyP309-APR-13 AM
MDOG42Obstetrics and GynaecologyP209-APR-13 AM
MDOG43Obstetrics and GynaecologyP309-APR-13 AM
MDOG52PhD in Obs & GynaecologyP201-AUG-21 AM
MDOG53Obstetrics and GynaecologyP309-APR-13 AM
MDOGII224Obstetrics and GynaecologyP209-APR-13 AM
MDOGII524Obstetrics and GynaecologyP209-APR-13 AM
MDOGM1MPhil in Med Sci (Obstetrics)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDOGMC224Obstetrics & GynaecologyP201-AUG-14 AM
MDOGMC524Obstetrics and GynaecologyP201-AUG-14 AM
MDOGMI22NOTAF in Obst & Gyn(Medimmune)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDOGMI52PhD in Obst & Gyn(Medimmune)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDOGMR22Obstetrics & Gynaecology CIMRP209-APR-13 AM
MDOGMR52Obstetrics & Gynaecology CIMRP209-APR-13 AM
MDOGNH224NOTAF in Obs & Gynae (NIH)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDOGNH524PhD in Obs & Gynae (NIH)P201-JAN-16 AM
MDOGOM224Obstetrics and GynaecologyP209-APR-13 AM
MDOGOM524Obstetrics and GynaecologyP209-APR-13 AM
MDOGWC22NOTAF in Obst & Gyn (WTCLiP)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDOGWC52PhD in Obst & Gyn (WTCLiP)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDOROncology (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
MDOR12NTBR in OncologyP201-AUG-19 AM
MDOR13NTBR in Oncology (Clin)P301-AUG-20 AM
MDOR22NOTAF in Oncology (Sci)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDOR23NOTAF in Oncology (Clin)P301-AUG-20 AM
MDOR42OncologyP209-APR-13 AM
MDOR43OncologyP309-APR-13 AM
MDOR52OncologyP209-APR-13 AM
MDOR53PhD in Oncology (Clin)P301-AUG-20 AM
MDORAS22Oncology (A*STAR)P201-JAN-16 AM
MDORAS52Oncology (A*STAR)P201-JAN-16 AM
MDORCB224NOTAF in Cancer Biology (Onco)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDORCB524PhD in Cancer Biology (Onco)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDORM1MPhil in Med Sci (Oncology)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDORNH224NOTAF in Oncology (NIH)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDORNH524PhD in Oncology (NIH)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDORR1MRes in Cancer BiologyP201-AUG-17 AM
MDORR2MRes in Cancer Biology (PT)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDORST224NOTAF in Oncology (SCBio 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDORST524OncologyP209-APR-13 AM
MDORXX224Oncology (MGM)P209-APR-13 AM
MDORXX524Oncology (MGM)P209-APR-13 AM
MDPD12NTBR in Paediatrics (Sci)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDPD13NTBR in Paediatrics (Clin)P301-AUG-20 AM
MDPD22NOTAF in Paediatrics (Sci)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDPD23NOTAF in Paediatrics (Clin)P301-AUG-20 AM
MDPD42MSc in Paediatrics (Sci)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDPD43MSc in Paediatrics (Clin)P301-AUG-20 AM
MDPD52PhD in Paediatrics (Sci)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDPD53PhD in Paediatrics (Clin)P301-AUG-20 AM
MDPDCE224NOTAF in CE & PS (Paediatrics)P201-AUG-21 AM
MDPDCE524PhD in CE & PS (Paediatrics)P201-AUG-21 AM
MDPDM1MPhil in Med Sci (Paediatrics)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDPDST224NOTAF in Paeds. (SCBio 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDPDST524PhD in Paeds. (SCBio 1+3)P201-AUG-21 AM
MDPSPsychiatry (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
MDPS12NTBR in PsychiatryP201-AUG-19 AM
MDPS13NTBR in Psychiatry (Clin)P301-AUG-20 AM
MDPS22NOTAF in Psychiatry (Sci)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDPS23NOTAF in Psychiatry (Clin)P301-AUG-20 AM
MDPS42MSc in Psychiatry (Sci)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDPS43MSc in Psychiatry (Clin)P301-AUG-20 AM
MDPS52PhD in Psychiatry (Sci)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDPS53PhD in Psychiatry (Clin)P301-AUG-20 AM
MDPSM1MPhil in Med Sci (Psychiatry)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDPSMC224PsychiatryP209-APR-13 AM
MDPSMC524PsychiatryP209-APR-13 AM
MDPSNH224NOTAF in Psychiatry (NIH)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDPSNH524PhD in Psychiatry (NIH)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDPSWC22NOTAF in Psychiatry (WTCliP)P201-AUG-21 AM
MDPSWC52PhD in Psychiatry (WTCliP)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDPUP.Health & Primary Care (VISI)XX01-AUG-21 AM
MDPU12Public Health and Primary CareP209-APR-13 AM
MDPU13Public Health and Primary CareP309-APR-13 AM
MDPU22Public Health and Primary CareP209-APR-13 AM
MDPU23Public Health and Primary CareP309-APR-13 AM
MDPU42Public Health and Primary CareP209-APR-13 AM
MDPU43Public Health and Primary CareP309-APR-13 AM
MDPU52Public Health and Primary CareP209-APR-13 AM
MDPU53Public Health and Primary CareP309-APR-13 AM
MDPUCR224NOTAF in P.Health & P.Care 1+3P220-MAY-21 AM
MDPUCR524Public Health & Primary CareP220-MAY-21 AM
MDPUM1MPhil in Public HealthP201-AUG-20 AM
MDPUM2MPhil in EpidemiologyP201-AUG-20 AM
MDPUM24MPhil in Epidemiology (Cardio)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDPUM2QEpidemiology (Cardio Research)P201-AUG-13 AM
MDPUM3MPhil in Med. Science (PHPC)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDPUM5MPhil in Primary Care ResearchP201-AUG-20 AM
MDPUM6MSt in Population Health ScP201-AUG-19 AM
MDPUM7MPhil in Population Health SciP201-AUG-19 AM
MDPUNH224Public Health & Prim Care(NIH)P201-JAN-16 AM
MDPUNH524Public Health & Prim Care(NIH)P201-JAN-16 AM
MDPUWC22Pub Health&Prim Care (WTCliP)P201-AUG-21 AM
MDPUWC52Pub Health&Prim Care (WTCliP)P201-AUG-15 AM
MDQ1Second MB ExaminationU2B01-OCT-00 AM
MDQQRPreclinical medical ResitsU2B02-OCT-01 AM
MDQQRRPreclinical Medical ResitsU2B02-OCT-01 AM
MDRA12NTBR in Radiology (Science)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDRA13NTBR in Radiology (Clinical)P301-AUG-20 AM
MDRA22NOTAF in Radiology (Science)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDRA23NOTAF in Radiology (Clinical)P301-AUG-19 AM
MDRA42MSc in Radiology (Science)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDRA43MSc in Radiology (Clinical)P301-AUG-19 AM
MDRA52PhD in Radiology (Science)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDRA53PhD in Radiology (Clinical)P301-AUG-19 AM
MDRAM1MPhil in Med Sci (Radiology)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDRAMR224NOTAF in Radiology (MDMRR2 1+3P201-AUG-19 AM
MDRAMR524PhD in Radiology (MDMRR2 1+3)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDSM22School of Clinical Med PhDP201-AUG-21 AM
MDST22NOTAF in Stem Cell BiologyP201-AUG-19 AM
MDST52PhD in Stem Cell BiologyP201-AUG-19 AM
MDSTCB224NOTAF in Cancer Bio (StemCBio)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDSTCB524PhD in Cancer Bio (StemCBio)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDSTCR224NOTAF in Stem Cell Bio (1+3)P201-AUG-21 AM
MDSTCR524PhD in Stem Cell Bio (1+3)P201-AUG-21 AM
MDSTM1MPhil in Med Sci (StemCellBio)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDSTNH224NOTAF in Stem Cell Bio. (NIH)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDSTNH524PhD in Stem Cell Biology (NIH)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDSTST224NOTAF in SCBiology (BLSTR 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDSTST524PhD in SCBiology (BLSTR 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDSTWC22NOTAF in S. C.Biology (WTCliP)P201-AUG-21 AM
MDSTWC52PhD in S. C.Biology (WTCliP)P201-AUG-21 AM
MDSUSurgery (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
MDSU12NTBR in Surgery (Science)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDSU13NTBR in Surgery (Clinical)P301-AUG-20 AM
MDSU22NOTAF in Surgery (Science)P201-AUG-21 AM
MDSU23NOTAF in Surgery (Clinical)P301-AUG-19 AM
MDSU42MSc in Surgery (Science)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDSU43MSc in Surgery (Clinical)P301-AUG-19 AM
MDSU52PhD in Surgery (Science)P201-AUG-21 AM
MDSU53PhD in Surgery (Clinical)P301-AUG-19 AM
MDSUAS22NOTAF in Surgery (A*STAR)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDSUAS52PhD in Surgery (A*STAR)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDSUCR224NOTAF in Surgery (CardioR 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDSUCR524PhD in Surgery (CardioR 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDSUM2MPhil in Med Science (Surgery)P220-MAY-21 AM
MDSUM4Master of Surgery (MChir)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDSUNH224NOTAF in Surgery (NIH)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDSUNH524PhD in Surgery (NIH)P201-AUG-19 AM
MDSUST224NOTAF in Surgery (SCBio 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDSUST524PhD in Surgery (SCBio 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
MDSUWC22NOTAF in Surgery (WTCliP)P320-MAY-21 AM
MDSUWC52PhD in Surgery (WTCliP)P320-MAY-21 AM
MDTXMed and Vet Sci TriposU2B01-AUG-07 AM
MDTXMMed and Vet Sci Tripos (Med)U2B01-AUG-07 AM
MDTXVMed and Vet Sci Tripos (Vet)U2B01-AUG-07 AM
MDTYMedical Sciences TriposU2B19-JUN-99 AM
MDWC22Wellcome Trust Clinical ProgP220-MAY-21 AM
MDWC23Wellcome Trust Clinical ProgP301-OCT-14 AM
MEC1CPGS NatSci- Materials ScienceP201-AUG-18 AM
MEC2CPGS NatSci- MatSci&Met: HPSMP201-AUG-18 AM
MECAS1Materials Science (A*STAR)P201-JAN-16 AM
MECNT1Materials ScienceP209-APR-13 AM
MEDTXMedical Sciences TriposU2B01-AUG-17 AM
METXMfg Engineering TriposU2B01-AUG-12 AM
MGM11MPhil in Innovtn, Strat. & OrgP201-AUG-20 AM
MGM14Master of FinanceBU601-AUG-16 AM
MGM15Executive MBABU001-AUG-20 AM
MGM19MPhil in Strat, Marketing & OpP201-AUG-20 AM
MGM20MSt Sustainability LeadershipXX01-AUG-19 AM
MGM21MSt in Social InnovationXX01-AUG-19 AM
MGM22MSt in EntrepreneurshipXX01-AUG-19 AM
MGM23Master of AccountingP101-AUG-17 AM
MGM25Executive MBA (Global)BU001-AUG-20 AM
MGM3MPhil in FinanceP201-AUG-21 AM
MGM5MPhil in Technology PolicyP201-AUG-20 AM
MGM7MPhil in ManagementP201-AUG-20 AM
MGM8MPhil in Management Sci & OpsP201-AUG-20 AM
MGM9MPhil in Financial ResearchP201-AUG-19 AM
MGMTMBA (Standard 1 year program)BU301-AUG-16 AM
MGPGC601Sustainability LeadershipCOS01-AUG-13 AM
MGPGD601Social InnovationCOS01-AUG-14 AM
MGPGD602Entrepreneurship StudiesCOS01-AUG-20 AM
MGTXManagement Studies TriposU2B01-AUG-07 AM
ML112Eur,LatAm&CompLit& Cult: MPhilP101-AUG-16 AM
ML21NOTAF in Film & Screen StudiesP101-AUG-19 AM
ML51PhD in Film & Screen StudiesP101-AUG-19 AM
MLALTheo & Appl Linguistics (VISI)XX01-AUG-21 AM
MLAL11NTBR in Theo. & App. LinguistP101-AUG-18 AM
MLAL111NTBR in Theo & App Ling: MPhilP101-AUG-19 AM
MLAL211Computation,Cognition+LanguageP109-APR-13 AM
MLAL212Theoretical & Appl LinguisticsP101-AUG-18 AM
MLAL511Computation,Cognition+LanguageP109-APR-13 AM
MLAL512Theoretical & Appl LinguisticsP101-AUG-18 AM
MLALDR21Theoretical & App Ling (DREAM)P101-JAN-16 AM
MLALDR51Theoretical & App Ling (DREAM)P101-JAN-16 AM
MLC1DUCertificate in Mod Lang DutchU101-AUG-07 AM
MLC1GRCertificate in Mod Lang GreekU101-AUG-07 AM
MLC1RUCertificate in Mod Lan RussianU101-AUG-07 AM
MLD1-L2RUCert in Mod Lang 2 RussianU101-AUG-17 AM
MLD1-L3GEDip in Mod Lang 3 GermanU101-AUG-17 AM
MLD1DUDiploma in Mod Lang DutchU101-AUG-07 AM
MLD1GEDiploma in Mod Lang GermanU101-AUG-07 AM
MLD1GRDiploma in Mod Lang GreekU101-AUG-07 AM
MLD1SPDiploma in Mod Lang SpanishU101-AUG-07 AM
MLFR11NTBR in FrenchP101-AUG-19 AM
MLFR21NOTAF in FrenchP101-AUG-19 AM
MLFR31MLitt in FrenchP101-AUG-19 AM
MLFR51PhD in FrenchP101-AUG-19 AM
MLFRL11NTBR in Neo LatinP101-AUG-20 AM
MLFRL21NOTAF in Neo LatinP101-AUG-18 AM
MLFRL31MLitt in Neo LatinP101-AUG-18 AM
MLFRL51PhD in Neo LatinP101-AUG-18 AM
MLGEGerman & Dutch (VISI ProgrammeXX01-AUG-21 AM
MLGE11NTBR in GermanP101-AUG-18 AM
MLGE21NOTAF in GermanP101-AUG-18 AM
MLGE31MLitt in GermanP101-AUG-18 AM
MLGE51PhD in GermanP101-AUG-18 AM
MLGED11NTBR in DutchP101-AUG-20 AM
MLGED21NOTAF in DutchP101-AUG-19 AM
MLGED31MLitt in DutchP101-AUG-19 AM
MLGED51PhD in DutchP101-AUG-19 AM
MLGS11NTBR in Modern GreekP101-AUG-20 AM
MLGS21NOTAF in Modern GreekP101-AUG-19 AM
MLGS31MLitt in Modern GreekP101-AUG-19 AM
MLGS51PhD in Modern GreekP101-AUG-19 AM
MLIT11NTBR in ItalianP101-AUG-19 AM
MLIT21NOTAF in ItalianP101-AUG-19 AM
MLIT31MLitt in ItalianP101-AUG-19 AM
MLIT51PhD in ItalianP101-AUG-19 AM
MLITTIMLitt degree by IncorporationXX01-JAN-01 AM
MLM1European LiteratureP109-APR-13 AM
MLM10MPhil in ELAC (by Thesis)P101-AUG-19 AM
MLM11Film & Screen Studies (Thesis)P101-AUG-19 AM
MLM12MSt in English Language AssmntXX01-AUG-20 AM
MLM3MPhil in ScreenMedia& CulturesP101-AUG-19 AM
MLM5MPhil in Theo. & App. LinguistP101-AUG-20 AM
MLM6European & Comp Lit & CultP101-AUG-13 AM
MLM7Eur, Lat Am & Comp Lit & CultP101-AUG-18 AM
MLM8MPhil in Film & Screen StudiesP101-AUG-18 AM
MLM9MPhil in Theo. & App.Ling. (T)P101-AUG-19 AM
MLME64PhD (SR) in Medieval LanguagesXX01-AUG-19 AM
MLME74Modern & Med Lang (Litt.D)XX01-JAN-01 AM
MLMO64PhD (SR) in Modern LanguagesXX01-AUG-19 AM
MLSLSlavonic Studies (VISI)XX01-AUG-21 AM
MLSL11NTBR in Slavonic StudiesP101-AUG-20 AM
MLSL21NOTAF in Slavonic StudiesP101-AUG-21 AM
MLSL31MLitt in Slavonic StudiesP101-AUG-19 AM
MLSL51PhD in Slavonic StudiesP101-AUG-21 AM
MLSPP11NTBR in Spanish & PortugueseP101-AUG-19 AM
MLSPP21NOTAF in Spanish & PortugueseP101-AUG-21 AM
MLSPP31MLitt in Spanish & PortugueseP101-AUG-19 AM
MLSPP51PhD in Spanish & PortugueseP101-AUG-21 AM
MLSPS11NTBR in Spanish & PortugueseP101-AUG-19 AM
MLSPS21NOTAF in Spanish & PortugueseP101-AUG-21 AM
MLSPS31MLitt in Spanish & PortugueseP101-AUG-19 AM
MLSPS51PhD in Spanish & PortugueseP101-AUG-21 AM
MLTXMod & Med Langs TriposU101-AUG-08 AM
MMATHRMaster of MathematicsXX01-AUG-09 AM
MS64PhD (S.Regs) in M'ment StudiesXX01-AUG-19 AM
MS74Management Studies (Litt.D)XX01-AUG-05 AM
MS84Management Studies (Sc.D)XX01-AUG-05 AM
MSC1CPGS in ManagementXX01-AUG-18 AM
MSCINCMSci Degree by IncorporationXX01-JAN-01 AM
MSMSManagement Studies (VISI)XX01-AUG-21 AM
MSMS12NTBR in Management StudiesP201-AUG-20 AM
MSMS22NOTAF in Management StudiesP201-AUG-19 AM
MSMS42MSc in Management StudiesP201-AUG-19 AM
MSMS52PhD in Management StudiesP201-AUG-19 AM
MSMS84Doctor of BusinessXX01-AUG-16 AM
MSMSMS224NOTAF Management Studies (1+3)P201-AUG-19 AM
MSMSMS524PhD Management Studies (1+3)P201-AUG-19 AM
MSMSR1MRes Management Studies (1+3)P201-AUG-19 AM
MSTXMoral Sciences TriposU101-OCT-69 AM
MU11NTBR in MusicP101-AUG-19 AM
MU112NTBR in Music Studies: MPhilP101-AUG-19 AM
MU21NOTAF in MusicP101-AUG-19 AM
MU31MLitt in MusicP101-AUG-19 AM
MU51PhD in MusicP101-AUG-19 AM
MU64PhD (by Spec. Regs.) in MusicXX01-AUG-19 AM
MU74Litt.D in MusicXX01-AUG-19 AM
MUB2MusB ExamU2A30-SEP-47 AM
MUBXBachelor of MusicU2A01-AUG-07 AM
MUC1CPGS in MusicP101-AUG-18 AM
MUDIMusD Degree by IncorporationXX01-JAN-01 AM
MUM4MPhil in Music StudiesP101-AUG-19 AM
MUM4FMusic StudiesP109-APR-13 AM
MUM5MPhil in MusicP101-AUG-18 AM
MUMUMusic (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
MUSDDoctor of MusicXX01-JAN-01 AM
MUSMMaster of MusicP101-AUG-16 AM
MUTXMusic TriposU2A01-AUG-07 AM
MVVM64PhD (SRegs) in Clinical VetMedXX01-AUG-19 AM
MVVS64PhD (by SRegs) in Vet. ScienceXX01-AUG-19 AM
NODEPNo DepartmentXX01-AUG-09 AM
NSTXNatural Sciences TriposU2B01-AUG-07 AM
NUAN12Biological Science @ BabrahamP209-APR-13 AM
NUAN22Biological Science @ BabrahamP201-JAN-16 AM
NUAN42Biological Science @ BabrahamP201-JAN-16 AM
NUAN52Biological Science @ BabrahamP201-JAN-16 AM
NUANBB22Bio Science @ Babraham (BBSRC)P201-AUG-15 AM
NUANBB52Bio Science @ Babraham (BBSRC)P201-AUG-15 AM
NUANBB524Biologic Sc @ Babraham (BBSRC)P201-JAN-16 AM
NUANM1MPhil in Bio Sci (Babraham)P201-AUG-20 AM
NUANMC224NOTAF in BioScience @ BabrahamP220-MAY-21 AM
NUANMC524PhD in BioScience @ BabrahamP220-MAY-21 AM
NUANNH224Biological Sc @ Babraham (NIH)P201-JAN-16 AM
NUANNH524Biological Sc @ Babraham (NIH)P201-JAN-16 AM
NUANST224Stem Cell Biology @ BabrahamP201-AUG-16 AM
NUANST524Stem Cell Biology @ BabrahamP201-AUG-16 AM
NUANWC22BioScience @ Babraham (WTCliP)P201-AUG-21 AM
NUANWC52BioScience @ Babraham (WTCliP)P201-JAN-16 AM
NUAP52Biological Science @ MRC CBSUP231-JUL-18 AM
NUBI41Biostatistics @ Pure MathsP101-AUG-15 AM
NUBIMA12Pure Mathematics @MRC BiostatsP201-OCT-13 AM
NUBIMA21Pure Mathematics @MRC BiostatsP101-JAN-16 AM
NUBIMA22Pure Mathematics @MRC BiostatsP201-OCT-13 AM
NUBIMA51Pure Mathematics @MRC BiostatsP101-JAN-16 AM
NUBIMA52Pure Mathematics @MRC BiostatsP201-OCT-13 AM
NUBIMAM1Mathematics @ MRC BSUP101-AUG-14 AM
NUBIMD22Medical Science @ MRC BiostatsP201-JAN-16 AM
NUBIMD52Medical Science @ MRC BiostatsP201-JAN-16 AM
NUBS22NOTAF in Antarctic Studies@BASP201-AUG-19 AM
NUBSAC21NOTAF in Archaeology @ BASP101-AUG-17 AM
NUBSAC51PhD in Archaeology @ BASP101-AUG-17 AM
NUBSAM22NOTAF in Applied Maths @ BASP201-AUG-19 AM
NUBSAM52PhD in Applied Maths @ BASP201-AUG-19 AM
NUBSBA22Biological Anthropology @ BASP201-AUG-16 AM
NUBSBA52Biological Anthropology @ BASP201-AUG-16 AM
NUBSCH22NOTAF in Chemistry @ BASP201-AUG-19 AM
NUBSCH52PhD in Chemistry @ BASP201-AUG-19 AM
NUBSCOED52PhD in AI4ER (CompSci @ BAS)P201-AUG-19 AM
NUBSEGED22NOTAF in AI4ER (Engring @ BAS)P201-AUG-19 AM
NUBSEGED52PhD in AI4ER (Engring @ BAS)P201-AUG-19 AM
NUBSES12NTBR in Earth Sciences @ BASP201-AUG-19 AM
NUBSES22NOTAF in Earth Sciences @ BASP201-AUG-19 AM
NUBSES42MSc in Earth Sciences @ BASP201-AUG-19 AM
NUBSES52PhD in Earth Sciences @ BASP201-AUG-19 AM
NUBSGG22NOTAF in Geography @ BASP201-AUG-18 AM
NUBSGG52PhD in Geography @ BASP201-AUG-18 AM
NUBSLE21NOTAF in Land Economy @ BASP101-AUG-19 AM
NUBSLE51PhD in Land Economy @ BASP101-AUG-19 AM
NUBSPS22NOTAF in Plant Sciences @ BASP201-AUG-19 AM
NUBSPS52PhD in Plant Sciences @ BASP201-AUG-19 AM
NUBSSP22NOTAF in Polar Studies @ BASP201-AUG-18 AM
NUBSSP52PhD in Polar Studies @ BASP201-AUG-18 AM
NUBSZO22NOTAF in Zoology @ BASP201-AUG-19 AM
NUBSZO52PhD in Zoology @ BASP201-AUG-19 AM
NUCCBI22Biochemistry @ CCDCP201-JAN-16 AM
NUCCBI52Biochemistry @ CCDCP201-JAN-16 AM
NUCCCH22Chemistry @ CCDCP201-JAN-16 AM
NUCCCH52Chemistry @ CCDCP201-JAN-16 AM
NUDN12Biological Science @ MRC MBUP209-APR-13 AM
NUDN42Biological Science @ MRC MBUP201-JAN-16 AM
NUDN52Biological Science @ MRC MBUP201-JAN-16 AM
NUDNNH224Biological Sc @ MRC MBU (NIH)P201-JAN-16 AM
NUDNNH524Biological Sc @ MRC MBU (NIH)P201-JAN-16 AM
NUEB12Biological Science @ EBIP209-APR-13 AM
NUEB22Biological Science @ EBIP201-JAN-16 AM
NUEB42Biological Science @ EBIP201-JAN-16 AM
NUEB52Biological Science @ EBIP201-JAN-16 AM
NUEBNH224Biological Science @ EBI (NIH)P201-JAN-16 AM
NUEBNH524Biological Science @ EBI (NIH)P201-JAN-16 AM
NUER12Veterinary Science @ AHTP209-APR-13 AM
NUER22Veterinary Science @ AHTP201-JAN-16 AM
NUER23Veterinary Science @ AHTP301-JAN-16 AM
NUER42Veterinary Science @ AHTP201-JAN-16 AM
NUER52Veterinary Science @ AHTP201-JAN-16 AM
NUER53Veterinary Science @ AHTP301-JAN-16 AM
NUERM1Veterinary Science @ AHTP209-APR-13 AM
NUHN12Biological Sci @ MRC NutritionP209-APR-13 AM
NUHN22Biological Sci @ MRC NutritionP201-JAN-16 AM
NUHN42Biological Sci @ MRC NutritionP201-JAN-16 AM
NUHN52Biological Sci @ MRC NutritionP201-JAN-16 AM
NUHNM1MPhil in BioSci@ MRC NutritionP201-AUG-20 AM
NUMB12Biological Science @ MRC LMBCOS09-APR-13 AM
NUMB22Biological Science @ MRC LMBP201-AUG-21 AM
NUMB42Biological Science @ MRC LMBP201-JAN-16 AM
NUMB52Biological Science @ MRC LMBP201-AUG-21 AM
NUMBHH22Biological Sc @ MRC LMB (HHMI)P201-JAN-16 AM
NUMBHH52Biological Sc @ MRC LMB (HHMI)P201-JAN-16 AM
NUMBM1MPhil in Bio Sci @ MRC LMBP201-AUG-20 AM
NUMBNH224Biological Sc @ MRC LMB (NIH)P201-JAN-16 AM
NUMBNH524Biological Sc @ MRC LMB (NIH)P201-JAN-16 AM
NUMBNT224Biological Sci @ MRC LMB (NT)P201-JAN-16 AM
NUMBNT524Biological Sci @MRC LMB (NT)P201-JAN-16 AM
NUMBWC22Biol Sci @ MRC LMB (WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
NUMBWC52Biol Sci @ MRC LMB (WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
NUNI22Biological Science @ NIABP201-JAN-16 AM
NUNI52Biological Science @ NIABP201-JAN-16 AM
NUNIBB22Biological Sci @ NIAB (BBSRC)P201-AUG-15 AM
NUNIBB224Biological Sc @ NIAB (BBSRC)P201-JAN-16 AM
NUNIBB52Biological Sci @ NIAB (BBSRC)P201-AUG-17 AM
NUNIBB524Biological Sc @ NIAB (BBSRC)P201-JAN-16 AM
NUSC12NTBR in Bio. Science @ SangerP201-AUG-20 AM
NUSC22NOTAF in Bio. Science @ SangerP201-AUG-20 AM
NUSC42MSc in Bio. Science @ SangerP201-AUG-20 AM
NUSC52PhD in Bio. Science @ SangerP201-AUG-20 AM
NUSCAS22Biological Sc@ Sanger (A*STAR)P201-JAN-16 AM
NUSCAS52Biological Sc@ Sanger (A*STAR)P201-JAN-16 AM
NUSCBB22Biological Sc @ Sanger (BBSRC)P201-AUG-15 AM
NUSCBB52Biological Sc @ Sanger (BBSRC)P201-AUG-15 AM
NUSCM1MPhil in Bio Sci (@ Sanger)P201-AUG-20 AM
NUSCMG224NOTAF in BioSci @ Sanger (1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
NUSCMG524PhD in BioSci @ Sanger (1+3)P201-AUG-19 AM
NUSCNH224Biological Sc @ Sanger (NIH)P201-JAN-16 AM
NUSCNH524Biological Sc @ Sanger (NIH)P201-JAN-16 AM
NUSCWC22Bio Science @ Sanger (WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
NUSCWC52Bio Science @ Sanger (WTCliP)P220-MAY-21 AM
NUSCXX224NOTAF in BioSci @ Sanger (MGM)P201-AUG-20 AM
NUSCXX524PhD in BioSci @ Sanger (MGM)P201-AUG-20 AM
OOMC12Medicinal ChemistryP209-APR-13 AM
OOMC13Medicinal ChemistryP309-APR-13 AM
OOMC43Medicinal ChemistryP301-AUG-18 AM
OOSC12SuperconductivityP209-APR-13 AM
OOSC22SuperconductivityP209-APR-13 AM
OOSC42SuperconductivityP209-APR-13 AM
OOSC52SuperconductivityP209-APR-13 AM
OOWEGurdon InstituteXX01-AUG-09 AM
OSAMES (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
OS111NTBR in AMES: MPhilP101-AUG-19 AM
OS31MLitt in AMESP101-AUG-19 AM
OS51PhD in AMESP101-AUG-19 AM
OS61PhD (by SpecRegs) in AMESP101-AUG-18 AM
OSAD1AdDip. in Hebrew StudiesP101-AUG-18 AM
OSDXOriental StudiesP101-OCT-62 AM
OSEAEast Asian Studies (VISI)XX01-AUG-21 AM
OSM1MPhil in AMESP101-AUG-19 AM
OSM3MPhil in AMES (by thesis)P101-AUG-19 AM
PBTXPsych & Behav Sciences TriposU2B01-AUG-12 AM
PC84Physics and Chemistry (Sc.D)XX01-JAN-01 AM
PCAYAstronomy (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-18 AM
PCAY12NTBR in AstronomyP201-AUG-20 AM
PCAY22NOTAF in AstronomyP201-AUG-19 AM
PCAY42MSc in AstronomyP201-AUG-19 AM
PCAY52PhD in AstronomyP201-AUG-19 AM
PCAYM2MPhil in AstronomyP201-AUG-21 AM
PCCHChemistry (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
PCCH12NTBR in Chemistry (PhD)P201-AUG-18 AM
PCCH121NTBR in Chemistry: MPhilP201-AUG-19 AM
PCCH22NOTAF in ChemistryP201-AUG-18 AM
PCCH23Chemistry at Melville LabP209-APR-13 AM
PCCH42MSc in ChemistryP201-AUG-18 AM
PCCH43Chemistry at Melville LabP209-APR-13 AM
PCCH52PhD in ChemistryP201-AUG-18 AM
PCCH53Chemistry at Melville LabP209-APR-13 AM
PCCH64PhD (by SpecRegs) in ChemistryXX01-AUG-19 AM
PCCHAE224NOTAF in Aerosols ScienceP201-AUG-20 AM
PCCHAE524PhD in Aerosols ScienceP201-AUG-20 AM
PCCHAS22NOTAF in Chemistry (A*STAR)P201-AUG-20 AM
PCCHAS52PhD in Chemistry (A*STAR)P201-AUG-20 AM
PCCHBB22NOTAF in Chemistry (BBSRC)P201-AUG-19 AM
PCCHBB224NOTAF in Chemistry (BBSRC)P201-AUG-20 AM
PCCHBB52PhD in Chemistry (BBSRC)P201-AUG-19 AM
PCCHBB524PhD in Chemistry (BBSRC)P201-AUG-20 AM
PCCHCM224Chemistry (Sci Comp EPSRC DTC)P201-AUG-15 AM
PCCHCM524Chemistry (Sci Comp EPSRC DTC)P201-AUG-15 AM
PCCHED22NOTAF in AI4ER (Chemistry)P201-AUG-18 AM
PCCHED52PhD in AI4ER (Chemistry)P201-AUG-18 AM
PCCHGT224Chemistry (Graphene Tech)P220-MAY-21 AM
PCCHGT524Chemistry (Graphene Tech)P220-MAY-21 AM
PCCHII224ChemistryP201-AUG-14 AM
PCCHII524ChemistryP201-AUG-14 AM
PCCHIP224Chemistry (IntPhotonic&ElecSy)P201-AUG-19 AM
PCCHIP524Chemistry (IntPhotonic&ElecSy)P201-AUG-19 AM
PCCHMI22Chemistry (MedImmune)P201-AUG-16 AM
PCCHMI52Chemistry (MedImmune)P201-AUG-16 AM
PCCHMR22Chemistry (CIMR)P209-APR-13 AM
PCCHMR52Chemistry (CIMR)P209-APR-13 AM
PCCHNH224NOTAF in Chemistry (NIH)P201-AUG-19 AM
PCCHNH524PhD in Chemistry (NIH)P201-AUG-19 AM
PCCHNN224NOTAF in Chemistry (Nano 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
PCCHNN524PhD in Chemistry (Nano 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
PCCHNT224NOTAF in Chemistry (NT)P201-AUG-20 AM
PCCHNT524PhD in Chemistry (NT)P201-AUG-20 AM
PCCHSC224NOTAF in CM for MS (Chemistry)P201-AUG-20 AM
PCCHSC524PhD in CM for MS (Chemistry)P201-AUG-18 AM
PCCHSE224NOTAF in Chemistry (STA)P201-AUG-20 AM
PCCHSE524PhD in Chemistry (STA)P201-AUG-20 AM
PCCHSY22NOTAF in SynTech (Chemistry)P201-AUG-18 AM
PCCHSY52PhD in SynTech (Chemistry)P201-AUG-20 AM
PCMEMaterials Science (VISI)XX01-AUG-21 AM
PCME12NTBR in Materials ScienceP220-MAY-21 AM
PCME121NanoscienceP209-APR-13 AM
PCME122Materials Science: MPhilP209-APR-13 AM
PCME22NOTAF in Materials ScienceP220-MAY-21 AM
PCME221NanotechnologyP209-APR-13 AM
PCME224Materials Science - HPSMP220-MAY-21 AM
PCME42Materials ScienceP209-APR-13 AM
PCME421NanoscienceP209-APR-13 AM
PCME52PhD in Materials ScienceP220-MAY-21 AM
PCME524Materials Science - HPSMP220-MAY-21 AM
PCME72Materials ScienceP220-MAY-21 AM
PCMEAS22Materials Science (A*STAR)P220-MAY-21 AM
PCMEAS52Materials Science (A*STAR)P220-MAY-21 AM
PCMECM224Mat Sci (Sci Comp EPSRC DTC)P201-AUG-15 AM
PCMECM524Mat Sci (Sci Comp, EPSRC DTC)P201-AUG-15 AM
PCMEGT224Materials Sci (Graphene Tech)P220-MAY-21 AM
PCMEGT524Materials Sci (Graphene Tech)P220-MAY-21 AM
PCMEIP224Materials Sci (IPhoton&ElSys)P201-AUG-16 AM
PCMEIP524Materials Sci (IPhoton&ElSys)P201-AUG-16 AM
PCMEM2MPhil in Mat Sci & MetallurgyP201-AUG-21 AM
PCMEM3MPhil in Micro- & Nanotech EntP220-MAY-21 AM
PCMENF224NOTAF in NuclearEnergyFuturesP201-AUG-19 AM
PCMENF524PhD in Nuclear Energy FuturesP201-AUG-19 AM
PCMENN224NOTAF in MatSci (Nano 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
PCMENN524PhD in MatSci (Nano 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
PCMENT224Materials Science (NT)P201-AUG-13 AM
PCMENT524Materials Science (NT)P209-APR-13 AM
PCMEPV224Photovoltaics (@ Materials Sc)P201-AUG-13 AM
PCMEPV524Photovoltaics (@ Materials Sc)P201-AUG-13 AM
PCMESC224NOTAF in CM for MS (MatSci&Me)P201-AUG-20 AM
PCMESC524PhD in CM for MS (MatSci & Me)P201-AUG-18 AM
PCMESE224Materials Sci (STA)P201-AUG-15 AM
PCMESE524Materials Sci (STA)P201-AUG-15 AM
PCPHPhysics (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
PCPH12NTBR in PhysicsP201-AUG-18 AM
PCPH121NTBR in Physics (MPhil)P201-AUG-18 AM
PCPH22NOTAF in PhysicsP201-AUG-18 AM
PCPH224Nanotechnology DTCP209-APR-13 AM
PCPH42MSc in PhysicsP201-AUG-18 AM
PCPH52PhD in PhysicsP201-AUG-18 AM
PCPH64PhD (by Spec Regs.) in PhysicsXX01-AUG-19 AM
PCPHAS22Physics (A*STAR)P201-JAN-16 AM
PCPHAS52Physics (A*STAR)P201-JAN-16 AM
PCPHBB22NOTAF in Physics (BBSRC)P201-AUG-18 AM
PCPHBB52PhD in Physics (BBSRC)P201-AUG-18 AM
PCPHCE224NOTAF in CE & PS (Physics)P201-AUG-20 AM
PCPHCE524PhD in CE & PS (Physics)P201-AUG-19 AM
PCPHCM224Physics (Sci Comp EPSRC DTC)P201-AUG-15 AM
PCPHCM524Physics (Sci Comp EPSRC DTC)P201-AUG-15 AM
PCPHGT224Physics (Graphene Technology)P220-MAY-21 AM
PCPHGT524Physics (Graphene Technology)P220-MAY-21 AM
PCPHIP224Physics (IntPhotonic&ElecSys)P201-AUG-15 AM
PCPHIP524Physics (IntPhotonic&ElecSys)P201-AUG-15 AM
PCPHM24MPhil in Sci. Computing (1+3)P201-AUG-18 AM
PCPHNH224NOTAF in Physics (NIH)P201-AUG-19 AM
PCPHNH524PhD in Physics (NIH)P201-AUG-19 AM
PCPHNN224NOTAF in Physics (Nano 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
PCPHNN524PhD in Physics (Nano 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
PCPHNT224Physics (NT)P201-AUG-13 AM
PCPHNT524Physics (NT)P209-APR-13 AM
PCPHPV224Photovoltaics (@ Physics)P201-AUG-13 AM
PCPHPV524Photovoltaics (@ Physics)P201-AUG-13 AM
PCPHR1Physical Sciences: NanoP201-AUG-14 AM
PCPHSC224NOTAF in CM for MS (Physics)P201-AUG-20 AM
PCPHSC524PhD in CM for MS (Physics)P201-AUG-18 AM
PCPHSE224Physics (STA)P201-AUG-15 AM
PCPHSE524Physics (STA)P201-AUG-15 AM
PCPHST224NOTAF in Physics (SCBio 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
PCPHST524Physics (Stem Cell Biology)P201-AUG-17 AM
PCPHSY22NOTAF in SynTech (Physics)P201-AUG-18 AM
PCPHSY52PhD in SynTech (Physics)P201-AUG-19 AM
PCPHUE224Physics (Ultra Precision)P201-AUG-17 AM
PCPHUE524Physics (Ultra Precision)P201-AUG-17 AM
PCPHXX224NOTAF in Physics (MGM)P201-AUG-19 AM
PCPHXX524PhD in Physics (MGM)P201-AUG-19 AM
PEMPembroke Independent StudentsCOS01-JAN-01 AM
PHPhilosophy (VISI Programme)XX01-AUG-21 AM
PH11NTBR in PhilosophyP101-AUG-19 AM
PH21NOTAF in PhilosophyP101-AUG-20 AM
PH31MLitt in PhilosophyP101-AUG-19 AM
PH51PhD in PhilosophyP101-AUG-20 AM
PH64PhD (bySpecRegs) in PhilosophyXX01-AUG-19 AM
PH74Philosophy (Litt.D)XX01-JAN-01 AM
PHDIPhD Degree by IncorporationXX01-JAN-01 AM
PHM1MPhil in PhilosophyP101-AUG-20 AM
PHM2AI Ethics and SocietyCOS01-AUG-19 AM
PHTXPhilosophy TriposU101-AUG-07 AM
PIDEDO NOT USE Develop StudiesXX01-AUG-16 AM
PIDE11DO NOT USE Develop StudiesP101-AUG-16 AM
PIDE64DO NOT USE Develop StudiesXX01-AUG-16 AM
PIPIDO NOT USE Political & IntStudXX01-AUG-16 AM
PIPI11DO NOT USE Political & IntStudP101-AUG-16 AM
PIPI64DO NOT USE Politics&InternStudXX01-AUG-16 AM
PIPIM6DO NOT USE International RelatXX01-AUG-15 AM
PIPIM7DO NOT USE Public PolicyP101-AUG-16 AM
PIPIM9DO NOT USE International ReXX01-AUG-15 AM
PSC1CPGS NatSci- PhysicsP201-AUG-18 AM
PSCNT1Physics (NT)P209-APR-13 AM
PSM1MPhil in PhysicsP201-AUG-21 AM
PSM2MPhil in Scientific ComputingP201-AUG-18 AM
PSM24Scientific Comput (EPSRC CDT)P201-AUG-14 AM
SBPGCert in Sustainable BusinessXX01-AUG-11 AM
SCDIScD Degree by IncorporationXX01-JAN-01 AM
SUMIMChir Degree by IncorporationXX01-JAN-01 AM
SUMQMaster of Surgery (Old regs)XX01-AUG-20 AM
TTrinity Independent StudentsCOS01-JAN-01 AM
THCXChristian Theology (Cert Prof)XX01-OCT-63 AM
THTXTheological TriposU101-OCT-77 AM
TMEXTheol for Ministry ExamU101-AUG-09 AM
TRM4MPhil in Theo,Rel & PoReligionP101-AUG-19 AM
TRPTXTheo,Relig,&Philo of Re TriposU101-AUG-16 AM
TRTXTheol & Rel Stud TriposU101-AUG-07 AM
UANXNon-standard UG (Arts)U101-JAN-02 AM
USNXNon-standard UG (Science)U2B01-JAN-02 AM
VETXVeterinary Sciences TriposU2B01-AUG-17 AM
VMDDoctor of Veterinary MedicineXX01-JAN-01 AM
VMD71Doctor of Veterinary Med(Arts)P101-AUG-15 AM
VMD72Doctor of Veterinary Med (Sci)P201-AUG-15 AM
VMDQDoctor of Veterinary MedicineXX01-AUG-15 AM
VTDIVetMD Degree by IncorporationXX01-OCT-00 AM
VTEXFinal Veterinary ExamU301-AUG-10 AM
VTQ1Second Vet MB ExamU2B01-OCT-00 AM
VTQQRPreclinical Veterinary ResitsU2B02-OCT-01 AM
VTQQRRRetake only, CamSIS requestXX01-AUG-10 AM
VTVTVeterinary Science (VISI)XX01-AUG-21 AM
VTVT12NTBR in Vet Medicine (Sci)P201-AUG-19 AM
VTVT13NTBR in Vet Medicine (Clin)P301-AUG-20 AM
VTVT22NOTAF in Veterinary MedicineP201-AUG-21 AM
VTVT221NOTAF Bio. Sciences @ Vet MedP201-AUG-19 AM
VTVT42MSc in Vet. Medicine (Sci)P201-AUG-19 AM
VTVT43MSc in Vet. Medicine (Clin)P309-APR-13 AM
VTVT52PhD in Veterinary MedicineP201-AUG-21 AM
VTVT521PhD in Bio Sciences @ Vet MedP201-AUG-21 AM
VTVTBB22NOTAF in Vet. Medicine (BBSRC)P201-AUG-19 AM
VTVTBB221NOTAF in BioSci @VetMed(BBSRC)P201-AUG-14 AM
VTVTBB224NOTAF in Vet. Medicine (BBSRC)P201-AUG-20 AM
VTVTBB52PhD in Vet. Medicine (BBSRC)P201-AUG-19 AM
VTVTBB521PhD in BioSci @ VetMed (BBSRC)P201-AUG-14 AM
VTVTBB524PhD in Vet. Medicine (BBSRC)P201-AUG-20 AM
VTVTII224Veterinary MedicineP209-APR-13 AM
VTVTII524Veterinary MedicineP209-APR-13 AM
VTVTM1MPhil in Vet. Science (by T)P201-AUG-19 AM
VTVTM2MPhil in Bio Sci (Vet Med)P201-AUG-20 AM
VTVTMG224NOTAF in Vet. Sci (1+3 MAAMR1)P201-AUG-20 AM
VTVTMG524PhD in Vet. Sci (1+3 MAAMR1)P201-AUG-19 AM
VTVTMI22NOTAF in Vet Med (MedImmune)P220-MAY-21 AM
VTVTMI52PhD in Vet Med (MedImmune)P220-MAY-21 AM
VTVTMR22Veterinary Medicine (CIMR)P209-APR-13 AM
VTVTMR52Veterinary Medicine (CIMR)P209-APR-13 AM
VTVTNH224NOTAF in Vet. Medicine (NIH)P201-AUG-20 AM
VTVTNH524PhD in Vet. Medicine (NIH)P201-AUG-20 AM
VTVTST224NOTAF in Vet Med. (SCBio 1+3)P201-AUG-20 AM
VTVTST524Veterinary MedicineP209-APR-13 AM
XXTXUnspecified SubjectXX01-AUG-75 AM
ZZZZDummy for UCAS/GTTR ErrorsXX02-JAN-01 AM