D06: Academic Programs

Acad ProgramDescriptionAcad CareerProcess Date
ADL6Advanced Diploma at Level 6PGRD01-AUG-18 AM
BAAH2BA Degree (Hons Affil 2yrs)UGRD01-OCT-17 AM
BAAH3BA Degree (Hons Affil 3yrs)UGRD01-OCT-17 AM
BAAMEMEng & BAAH2 degreesUGRD01-AUG-07 AM
BAAO2BA Degree (Ord Affil 2yrs)UGRD01-OCT-17 AM
BAAO3BA Degree (Ord Affil 3yrs)UGRD01-OCT-17 AM
BACMTCMath & BA DegreesUGRD01-OCT-17 AM
BAH3BA Degree (Hons 3yrs)UGRD01-OCT-17 AM
BAH4BA Degree (Hons 4yrs)UGRD01-OCT-17 AM
BAMMTMMath & BA DegreesUGRD01-OCT-17 AM
BAMNGMEng & BA DegreesUGRD01-OCT-17 AM
BAMSCMSci & BA DegreesUGRD01-OCT-17 AM
BAO3BA Degree (Ord 3yrs)UGRD01-OCT-17 AM
BAO4BA Degree (Ord 4yrs)UGRD01-OCT-17 AM
BEDBachelor of EducationUGRD01-OCT-17 AM
BMUSBachelor of MusicUGRD01-OCT-17 AM
BTHBachelor of Theo. for MinistryUGRD01-OCT-17 AM
BUSDDoctor of BusinessPGRD01-OCT-17 AM
CASCertificate of Advanced StudyUGRD01-OCT-17 AM
CCKCertificate of Comp. KnowledgeOTHR01-OCT-17 AM
CEEDPG Certificate or DiplomaCNED01-JAN-01 AM
CEICECont Ed (Inst of Cont Educ)CNED01-JAN-01 AM
CEPGOPG other (Non Uni Award) FOECNED01-JAN-01 AM
CHCLCert in Hum Comp for Mod LangOTHR01-OCT-17 AM
CHECertificate of Higher EdOTHR01-JAN-01 AM
CMLCertificate in Modern LanguageOTHR01-OCT-17 AM
CNADAdvanced Diploma Level 6CNED01-JAN-01 AM
CNCCertificate (60 credits)CNED01-JAN-01 AM
CNCCECert of Cont Ed Level 4CNED01-JAN-01 AM
CNCHECert of Higher Ed Level 4CNED01-JAN-01 AM
CNDDiploma (60 credits)CNED01-JAN-01 AM
CNDHEDiploma of Higher Ed Level 5CNED01-JAN-01 AM
CNNCNon-Credit Bearing CoursesCNED01-JAN-01 AM
CNPCAPG Cert Level 7 - App'shipCNED01-AUG-20 AM
CNPGCPostgraduate Cert Level 7CNED01-JAN-01 AM
CNPGDPostgraduate Diploma Level 7CNED01-JAN-01 AM
CNXContinuing Education NCCNED01-JAN-01 AM
COLLCollege Independent StudentsOTHR01-OCT-17 AM
CPCertificate of ProficiencyUGRD01-OCT-17 AM
CPGSCert of Postgraduate StudyPGRD01-OCT-17 AM
CPICambridge Prog for IndustryCNED01-JAN-01 AM
CPSBPG Dip in Sustainable BusinessCNED01-JAN-01 AM
CPSLPGCert in Sustainable BusinessCNED01-JAN-01 AM
CPSVPGCert in Sustainable Value ChCNED01-JAN-01 AM
CTMCert in Theology for MinistryOTHR01-JAN-01 AM
DIPDiplomaUGRD01-OCT-17 AM
DMLDiploma in Modern LanguagesOTHR01-OCT-17 AM
DTMDip in Theology for MinistryCNED01-JAN-01 AM
DTRPRAdvanced Diploma in T, R & PoRPGRD01-AUG-16 AM
DTRSDiploma in Theo. & Rel StudiesPGRD01-OCT-17 AM
EDCRTCertificate in EducationUGRD01-OCT-17 AM
EDDDoctor of EducationPGRD01-OCT-17 AM
EFPAPostgraduate AwardCNED01-AUG-12 AM
EFPACPostgraduate Advanced CertCNED01-AUG-12 AM
EFPCPostgraduate CertificateCNED01-AUG-12 AM
EFPDPostgraduate DiplomaCNED01-AUG-12 AM
EFPRProfessional ReflectionCNED01-AUG-12 AM
ENGDDoctor of EngineeringPGRD01-OCT-17 AM
FYCHEFoundation Year (Cert. of HE)UGRD01-AUG-21 AM
GPGCPostgraduate Cert Level 7PGRD01-JAN-01 AM
GPGDPostgraduate Dip Level 7PGRD01-JAN-01 AM
GRDIPGraduate DiplomaPGRD01-OCT-17 AM
HDOCHigher Degree (BGS)AWRD01-OCT-17 AM
HIGHHigher Degree (non-BGS)AWRD01-OCT-17 AM
JYAJYA / Visiting StudentUGRD01-AUG-18 AM
JYAOJYA / Visiting StudentOTHR01-OCT-17 AM
LLBMaster of LawPGRD01-OCT-17 AM
LLMMaster of LawPGRD01-OCT-17 AM
LLMRLLM RedesignatedAWRD01-OCT-17 AM
MACCMaster of AccountingPGRD01-AUG-17 AM
MARCHMaster of ArchitecturePGRD01-AUG-20 AM
MASTMaster of Advanced StudyPGRD01-OCT-17 AM
MASTRMASt RedesignatedAWRD01-OCT-17 AM
MATHRMMath RedesignatedAWRD01-OCT-17 AM
MBBCHBachelor of Medicine & SurgeryUGRD01-OCT-17 AM
MCHIRMaster of SurgeryPGRD01-JAN-01 AM
MCLMaster of Corporate LawPGRD01-OCT-17 AM
MDDoctor of MedicinePGRD01-OCT-17 AM
MEDMaster of EducationPGRD01-OCT-17 AM
MEDPMaster of EducationPGRD01-OCT-17 AM
MENGMaster of EngineeringUGRD01-OCT-17 AM
MFINMaster of FinancePGRD01-OCT-17 AM
MITMIT Incoming Student ExchangeUGRD01-AUG-18 AM
MLITTMaster of LettersPGRD01-OCT-17 AM
MMUSMaster of MusicPGRD01-OCT-17 AM
MPHILMaster of PhilosophyPGRD01-OCT-18 AM
MRESMaster of ResearchPGRD07-MAY-20 AM
MSCMaster of SciencePGRD01-OCT-17 AM
MSCIMaster of Natural SciencesUGRD01-OCT-17 AM
MSREGMD by Special RegulationsAWRD01-OCT-17 AM
MSTMaster of StudiesPGRD01-OCT-17 AM
MSTAMaster of Studies- App'shipPGRD01-AUG-18 AM
NOTAFPhD (Probationary)PGRD01-OCT-17 AM
NTBRNot to be RegisteredPGRD01-OCT-17 AM
NUSNat Uni of Singapore ExchangeUGRD01-AUG-18 AM
PDENTPG Diploma in EntrepreneurshipCNED01-JAN-01 AM
PGCEPostgraduate Cert in EducationPGRD01-OCT-17 AM
PGDIPPostgraduate DiplomaPGRD01-OCT-17 AM
PHDDoctor of PhilosophyPGRD01-OCT-17 AM
SPREGPhD by Special RegulationsAWRD01-OCT-17 AM
UGERErasmus Student ExchangeUGRD01-AUG-18 AM
UGNQNo QualificationUGRD01-OCT-17 AM
UGNQ2No Qualification- 2 yearsUGRD01-OCT-17 AM
UGNQ3No Qualification- 3 yearsUGRD01-AUG-18 AM
VETMBBachelor of Vet. MedicineUGRD01-OCT-17 AM
VISIVisiting StudentOTHR01-OCT-17 AM
VMDDoctor of Veterinary MedicinePGRD01-OCT-17 AM