D01: Current UCAS Courses (Alphabetic ordering)

Course CodeDescriptionProcess Date
QQ59Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic17-OCT-20 AM
V400Archaeology17-OCT-20 AM
K100Architecture17-OCT-20 AM
TT46Asian and Middle Eastern Studies17-OCT-20 AM
H810Chemical Engineering (via Engineering)17-OCT-20 AM
H813Chemical Engineering (via Natural Sciences)17-OCT-20 AM
Q800Classics17-OCT-20 AM
Q801Classics (4 years)17-OCT-20 AM
G400Computer Science17-OCT-20 AM
L100Economics17-OCT-20 AM
X300Education17-OCT-20 AM
H100Engineering17-OCT-20 AM
Q300English17-OCT-20 AM
L700Geography17-OCT-20 AM
V100History17-OCT-20 AM
VR18History and Modern Languages17-OCT-20 AM
VL12History and Politics17-OCT-20 AM
V350History of Art17-OCT-20 AM
L000Human, Social, and Political Sciences17-OCT-20 AM
KL41Land Economy17-OCT-20 AM
M100Law17-OCT-20 AM
Q100Linguistics17-OCT-20 AM
G100Mathematics17-OCT-20 AM
A100Medicine17-OCT-20 AM
A101Medicine (Cambridge Graduate Course)17-OCT-20 AM
R800Modern and Medieval Languages17-OCT-20 AM
W300Music17-OCT-20 AM
BCF0Natural Sciences17-OCT-20 AM
V500Philosophy17-OCT-20 AM
C800Psychological and Behavioural Sciences17-OCT-20 AM
V600Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion17-OCT-20 AM
D100Veterinary Medicine17-OCT-20 AM