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What is CamSIS Connect?

CamSIS Connect is a software utility which is provided free of charge to Colleges and Departments. The utility is designed to maintain a copy of the CamSIS Outbound Interface (OBI) data in a local database within the College or Department.

The first time that CamSIS Connect runs, it will copy all information for the particular College and Department into the local database. Subsequently, the utility will download only the incremental changes.

Supporting Operating Systems

CamSIS Connect is written in Java, and is able to run on any Windows, Linux, Apple or Solaris operating system that supports Java.

For more details see or

Supported databases

At present, CamSIS Connect has been developed and tested on SQL Server 2014, SQL Server Express 2014, Oracle9i, Oracle 12c, Oracle 11g and MySQL 5.7 databases.

However, the Connect utility has been written using the Hibernate persistence framework ( and therefore there is the potential to support the other database platforms detailed at

If you have a requirement to use a database which is supported by Hibernate, but for which CamSIS Connect has yet to be tested please contact the CamSIS Helpdesk ( with your request.

Requesting installation

The CamSIS project offers two methods of installation. If required, a member of the CamSIS project team can visit your College or Department to install CamSIS Connect.

Alternatively, the College or Department can opt to install the utility themselves by downloading the program from our servers and following the associated documentation.

Whichever option is chosen, you will need to follow the Pre-Installation instructions detailed below.

Pre-installation instructions
Downloading CamSIS Connect

The current version of Connect is 2.05 using java 1.8.

Connect 2.05 (current stable version) ZIP
Connect 2.05 installation script TXT
Connect 2.04  ZIP
Connect 2.04 installation script TXT
Connect 2.03  ZIP
Connect 2.03 installation script TXT
Connect 2.02  ZIP
Connect 2.02 installation script TXT
Connect 2.00 ZIP
Initial Setup Files ZIP

Upgrade instructions

  • Download the ZIP file for the current version of Connect and rename the zip to csconnect.jar, replacing your previous version.
  • If there is an installation script for the current version, download the TXT file and rename it with a .bat extension (on Windows) or a .sh extension (on UNIX). Run the script from the command line, or by double-clicking on it.
  • To receive updates to new tables when running Connect in future, make sure that the tables are added to your csconnect_params.txt file. (Alternatively, download the Initial setup files, and extract the latest version of the parameters file. However, you will need to re-enter your connection credentials and local database details.)

Please note that our old download page is no longer available. You should download the latest version of Connect from this page from now on.

Installation instructions

If you are undertaking the installation of CamSIS Connect, or wish to refer to the installation instructions, they can be obtained from:

Installation instructions PDF


Using CamSIS Connect

On the command line, navigate to the directory where Connect is installed, then type one of the following commands:

  • csconnect setup ( This will create all the tables )
  • csconnect flush ( This will delete all existing data and reload )
  • csconnect immediate ( This loads changes since the last update )
  • csconnect prompts ( This loads all the prompt tables )
  • csconnect inbound ( This loads DORM addresses into PS_UC_CLG_INBND_RM ready for the Inbound Interface Program )

Extension Codes

Immediate mode send emails. To turn this off you will need to modify the csconnect.bat file by adding -Q to the end. e.g. -Mimmediate –Q

A debug switch can be set when running in any mode, to provide better error logging. Modify the csconnect.bat file by adding -D to the end e.g. -Mimmediate –D

Local Tables

CURRENT_STUDENTS – single row for all active students and academic details

CONTACT_DETAILS – single row for student phone and email details


MySQL users may see a warning message regarding SSL. This can be resolved by adding ?useSSL=false to the end of your local URL connection string within the parameters file, e.g.



Release versions

CamSIS Connect is still being developed and tested. If you uncover any issues, or have suggestions for improvements, please sent these to the CamSIS Helpdesk:

Release history

Version Release Date Status Enhancements made / Issues resolved
2.05 10 September 2019 Current Changed length of UC_EBLRESULT column in UIEX table from 10 characters to 20 characters.
2.04 04 June 2019 Previous Added fields to ACAD to show the Term and Year for the 4 Sub plans.
2.03 26 September 2018 Previous

Updated Java library to work with Oracle database 12.2

Additional fields in OBI version 12g

2.02 11 January 2018 Previous

Version can be used with CS_PROD and CSASOBI
Added fields to PROG_P
Added the table STAT for student attributes to help identify medical students

2.01 16 November 2017 Previous Connection security improved; AS_CPP_P mapping table altered; incompatible driver issue resolved
2.00 16 November 2017 Previous Connection security improved; AS_CPP_P mapping table altered
1.19 18 July 2017 Previous Added Academic Group to PROG_P
1.18 28 March 2017 Previous Added AS_CPP_P for academic structure mapping
1.17 2 January 2017 Previous Support for MYSQL version 5.7, Record UIEX – Field UC_EBLRESULT value altered, New Contact Details table
1.16 15 December 2016 Previous Altered table: PERS
1.15 September 2015 Previous Source of Fee alterations to FIN,STFE and MST_CD_P
1.14 March 2015 Previous Student Financial table changes
1.13 8th December 2014 Previous

Issues resolved: Attribute record altered in OBI

1.12 3rd July 2013 Previous

Record UIEX – fields UC_EBLRESULT and UC_EBLAMENED changed to 10 characters

Record UCDIS_P - field UC_DISTEXT value removed, field SAD_UC_DISTEXT added

Record RESCAT_P - field UC_RESCATTEXT_LONG added

1.11 20th Jan 2012 Previous

Field LINE_AMT on STFE table changed to Decimal


Field OVERALL_RATING on AEVL table changed to Decimal

Field SCORE on STTC table changed to Decimal

Field UC_SCORE_PCT on UISB table changed to Decimal

Field ACCOUNT_BALANCE on table ACSF changed to Decimal

1.10 1st Nov 2011 Previous

Corrected table ACCOM_VW to resolve refresh errors

1.09 14th Jun 2011 Previous

Altered tables: STFE

New Table: ACSF, XREF

Altered Prompts: FEECD_P


1.08 15th Mar 2011 Previous

Altered tables: ACAD

New Table: CLIS, ICEP


1.06 08th Dec 2010 Previous


Altered prompt table SESN_P

New Current Students table

1.05 20th Sept 2010 Previous

New accommodation table

New student financials table

New inbound rooms feed table

Altered properties file to remove debugging information shown on screen

Altered UIRF table

1.04 16th Aug 2010 Previous

New accommodation table

New student financials table

New inbound rooms feed table

Altered properties file to remove debugging information shown on screen

1.03 16th Mar 2009 Previous



Additional table DEGREE_P

1.02 16th Mar 2009 Previous

Additional tables ATTR, ATGRP_P, ATTRIB_P

1.01 5 Nov 2009 Previous

Missing tables added to silent mode

Unique row issues for ENRACT_P and SAQOPT_P resolved

Additional columns added to PLAN_P

1.00 5 Jun 2009 Previous

Environment variable added to configuration file that determines the database from which the Connect utility obtains data

UISB table download issues resolved

New tables added for Institute of Continuing Education (CLMP and CLRS), together with additional columns for tables CLAS and CRCT

0.22   Archive  
Connect Flattened Tables

Current Students (CURRENT_STUDENTS) - provides one row of data for student course filtered from ACAD table

Field Data Description
ACAD_CAREER VARCHAR(4) Academic Career
ACAD_PROG VARCHAR(5) Academic Program
ACAD_PLAN VARCHAR(10) Primary Academic Plan
ACAD_PLAN_EXTRA VARCHAR(10) Secondary Academic Plan
MATRIC_TERM VARCHAR(4) Matriculation Term

Contact details (CONTACT_DETAILS) - provides one row of data relating to student contact details from EMAL and PHN tables

Field Data Description
PREF_EMAL VARCHAR(70) Preferred Email Address
CRS_EMAL VARCHAR(70) CRS Id Email Address
EXTL_EMAL VARCHAR(70) External Email Address
OTHR_EMAL VARCHAR(70) Other Email Address
PREF_PHN VARCHAR(24) Preferred Phone Number
HOME_PHN VARCHAR(24) Home Phone Number
CELL_PHN VARCHAR(24) Mobile Phne Number
MAIN_PHN VARCHAR(24) Main Phone Number

CamSIS releases

The next CamSIS release is on 5th October 2021

Regular vulnerable periods

CamSIS can be unavailable on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 6-9am.

This is known as our vulnerable period - a time when we apply various patches and fixes to keep the system up-to-date and secure.